Associate Producer Rod Brown  Producers Jonathan Campbell, Hester Davies

Executive Producers Jane Hewland, Hilary Goldman, Dina Tsentides  Series Producer Cameron McAllister


(OPEN) 1.1 (#1)

Tuesday 14th October 1997

It's a day for debuts at Harchester United Football Club; for Dean it's the first team, for Lucy it's covering the big game, and for Conor it's a whole new country. Dean’s relationship with Lucy is threatened by a new admirer, and a boardroom encounter may be one they both live to regret!

(OPEN) 1.2 (#2)

Wednesday 15th October 1997

Conor, the latest recruit to Harchester United’s youth team, finds his arrival has sparked family arguments at his lodgings. Dean is juggling both Lucy and Georgina. Zoe is given a reason to make Conor feel unwelcome, again. And Harchester are without a manager when Big Ron resigns.

1.3 (#3)

Tuesday 21st October 1997

Sean is determined to show Frank he is just as good as his brother, but a night out with Vincent and Warren threatens to jeopardise that. Dean realises forgetting Georgina will be harder than he thought, and Lucy is getting suspicious. The Bakers are at war over Conor.

1.4 (#4)

Wednesday 22nd October 1997

Sean gets through the West Ham match, while Conor's debut turns into a nightmare. Dean is in for a shock when he discovers Georgina's identity... and how old she is.

1.5 (#5)

Tuesday 28th October 1997

Dean ends things with Georgina, and feels uncomfortable when Frank offers to help he and Lucy. Conor shows Sean and Vincent how good a player he is - on the golf course.

1.6 (#6)

Wednesday 29th October 1997

Lucy fears that Dean may be seeing someone else. Conor is set an initiation challenge by the lads, but instead of Zoe's underwear he ends up with Georgina's bra thanks to Dean. Warren is having woman troubles.

1.7 (#7)

Tuesday 4th November 1997

Georgina pursues Dean. Lucy believes she has found a friend in Georgina, to Dean's anguish. Warren loses his cool with Doug, the man he assaulted, and is later locked in the boardroom when completing Conor's initiation.

(OPEN) 1.8 (#8)

Wednesday 5th November 1997

Conor’s dejection takes a new turn. Feeling the wrath of Zoe over his initiation, and Frank over his playing, Conor quietly leaves for home. Warren escapes a prison sentence but gets 70 hours community service. Lynette is suspicious of Dean's secretive behaviour.

(OPEN) 1.9 (#9)

Tuesday 11th November 1997

Des is offered an exciting new role at Harchester United. While he takes the job of Harchester's club mascot, the Baker's learn of Conor's departure. Warren has the last laugh as the youth team take on the reserves.

1.10 (#10)

Wednesday 12th November 1997

Zoe, Sean and Des try to persuade Conor not to give up on his career. They fail to persuade Conor to return, but Michael forces Frank to travel to Northern Ireland and bring him back. Lucy remains oblivious that Georgina's mystery boyfriend is Dean.

1.11 (#11)

Tuesday 18th November 1997

Frank goes to Ireland in a bid to persuade Conor to return. Will Frank succeed in bringing Conor back?

1.12 (#12)

Wednesday 19th November 1997

Lucy has her first real taste of investigative journalism.

1.13 (#13)

Tuesday 25th November 1997

Lucy causes conflict at the club.

(OPEN) 1.14 (#14)

Wednesday 26th November 1997

Zoe’s love life takes a turn for the better. Des accompanies two fans to the Blackburn game, and receives an interesting offer at the end of the night! Zoe enjoys Noah's attention, while Sean is less than impressed. And Georgina is in her father's bad books following recent events.

1.15 (#15)

Tuesday 2nd December 1997

A new managerial appointment spells humiliation for Lucy and reconciliation for Frank.

1.16 (#16)

Wednesday 3rd December 1997

The arrival of Harchester’s new manager heralds a time of change.

1.17 (#17)

Tuesday 9th December 1997

Lynette receives a tempting offer from Jacobs.

1.18 (#18)

Wednesday 10th December 1997

Will the youth team impress their new manager when they play an important cup tie?

(OPEN) 1.19 (#19)

Tuesday 16th December 1997

Des prepares for the Supporters’ Club Christmas party. Dean may live to regret employing Biloo as his agent. Zoe longs for some time alone with Noah, but the house keeps getting in the way. Sean gets a shock when he sees who the new physio is, and what she has in store for him!

(OPEN) 1.20 (#20)

Wednesday 17th December 1997

Chaos reigns at the Supporters’ Club Christmas party. Georgina's games and choice of partner to the party do not leave Jacobs impressed. Dean has a certain proposal for Lucy. Warren and Mandy give in to their feelings. And there is a surprise return awaiting Frank on his doorstep.

1.21 (#21)

Tuesday 23rd December 1997


1.22 (#22)

Wednesday 24th December 1997


1.23 (#23)

Tuesday 30th December 1997


1.24 (#24)

Wednesday 31st December 1997


(OPEN) 1.25 (#25)

Tuesday 6th January 1998

Des and the lads have a disastrous day. Dean signs a five-year deal with Harchester, and scores at the FA Cup 3rd round against Leicester. However his day to remember soon becomes one to forget when Jacobs plays the boardroom tape... and sees Dean with his daughter!

(OPEN) 1.26 (#26)

Wednesday 7th January 1998

Sean's physio gives him more than he bargained for. Michael and Georgina reach breaking point, while the revelation of her sex tape with Dean leads to an explosive showdown with Lucy! Sean finds a way to combine learning to drive and seeing Trudi!

1.27 (#27)

Tuesday 13th January 1998

Lynette discovers Georgina's secret and so jeopardises her marriage.

1.28 (#28)

Wednesday 14th January 1998

Lucy and Jacobs take revenge on Dean. Dean's punishment at Jacobs' hands continues, as he joins Sean in a reserve team game. Lucy's anger at Dean pushes her into an encounter with Michael she may well regret.

(OPEN) 1.29 (#29)

Tuesday 20th January 1998

Des' suspicions over Michael and Lynette lead to him punching the chairman. Frank learns from Dean what Lucy did with Jacobs. After collapsing at the fashion show, Georgina decides to tell her dad she is pregnant... but fate gets in the way first.

1.30 (#30)

Wednesday 21st January 1998

Stephanie is back for Georgina in the wake of Michael's death. Georgina vows to be the best mother to her baby, letting her pregnancy slip to her mother. Sean sees Noah kissing another woman.

(OPEN) 1.31 (#31)

Tuesday 27th January 1998

Harchester says goodbye to Jacobs. Conor and Warren go flat hunting. Lucy and Georgina's secrets are exposed at Michael's funeral, leading to another furious showdown. Sean enlists Vincent's help in proving to Zoe that Noah is cheating on her.

1.32 (#32)

Wednesday 28th January 1998

Stephanie hears exciting news.

1.33 (#33)

Tuesday 3rd February 1998


1.34 (#34)

Wednesday 4th February 1998


1.35 (#35)

Tuesday 10th February 1998


1.36 (#36)

Wednesday 11th February 1998


1.37 (#37)

Tuesday 17th February 1998

It’s Valentine’s Day and Warren and Conor have a plan. Warren and Mandy sleep together, while Sean and Zoe have another near kiss, though he is soon distracted by Trudi again!

(OPEN) 1.38 (#38)

Wednesday 18th February 1998

A member of the youth team is in the first-team squad for an FA Cup tie. Will Sean forgive Vincent? Mandy goes to Frank when Warren vanishes. Dean makes his move on loan to Italy, while Vincent makes a permanent one out of the youth team, and Harchester.

1.39 (#39)

Tuesday 24th February 1998

Is the end in sight for Conor's hairdressing exploits?

1.40 (#40)

Wednesday 25th February 1998

Kenny is determined to catch Frank.

1.41 (#41)

Tuesday 3rd March 1998


1.42 (#42)

Wednesday 4th March 1998

Trudi makes a shock announcement. Zoe celebrates her eighteenth birthday with a big party, but Des is soon suspicious when Stephanie presents a gift Michael organised. Conor is roped into Warren's escort agency dilemma.

(OPEN) 1.43 (#43)

Tuesday 10th March 1998

Will the lads succeed when they take on West Ham in the fifth round? Des' mind goes into overdrive fearing Zoe may not be his daughter. Ian fears Stephanie's drugs campaign has damaged the club, and he may be right. While Conor has an interesting date with "Aunt" Marjorie!

1.44 (#44)

Wednesday 11th March 1998

Des confronts Lynette. Meanwhile, will Georgina keep their secret?

1.45 (#45)

Tuesday 17th March 1998

Lucy makes a discovery.

1.46 (#46)

Wednesday 18th March 1998

Zoe tries to get the truth out of Lynette, and Conor finds comfort in Trudi's arms.

(OPEN) 1.47 (#47)

Tuesday 24th March 1998

Trudi and Georgina learn they have outstayed their respective welcomes. Sean and Conor are at war, again. Warren plans to show Des a good night out. Zoe is off the rails following the discovery that Des may not be her dad. Sean and Des try to get through to her but seem unable to help.

(OPEN) 1.48 (#48)

Wednesday 25th March 1998

Dean returns from Italy and commits his future to Harchester, while Ian signs Dean Sturridge. Sean is taken by newcomer Natalie... until he learns she is his brother's fiancée! Des and Zoe both return home, hoping to patch things up. And Lucy leaves for her new job in London.

1.49 (#49)

Tuesday 31st March 1998

The new players inspire Coates with hope for the future, and Lynette and Des try to repair their marriage.

1.50 (#50)

Wednesday 1st April 1998

Warren offers Conor another solution to their financial problems.

1.51 (#51)

Tuesday 7th April 1998

Warren and Conor think they are onto a good thing when they supply burgers to the guests at Natalie's party. When they later learn the burgers are more than a year out of date, they fear they have poisoned Harchester United!

(OPEN) 1.52 (#52)

Wednesday 8th April 1998

Fletch is struggling being left out of the team, and is tempted by drugs again. Conor has a messy encounter when Warren's old enemy Doug rocks up. There is romance for Des and Lynette, possibly for Conor and Zoe, while Sean fights his feelings for Natalie.

1.53 (#53)

Tuesday 14th April 1998

The first and youth teams are sent on a team-building exercise.

1.54 (#54)

Wednesday 15th April 1998

Conor tries it on with Zoe and Sean has something to confess.

(OPEN) 1.55 (#55)

Tuesday 21st April 1998

Warren plots the ultimate revenge on Doug, while Conor has the double dilemma of his father's visit and the fear he has missed his chance with Zoe. Sean's dangerous passion for Natalie is wreaking havoc with his life, while Coates pushes Frank into a tough action.

(OPEN) 1.56 (#56)

Wednesday 22nd April 1998

Fletch continues to take revenge on Stephanie through Georgina. Natalie reveals the secret she has been hiding, and gets different reactions from the Hocknell brothers. Conor turns to the bottle in the wake of his broken heart from Zoe, and could be getting himself into a lot of trouble.

1.57 (#57)

Tuesday 28th April 1998


1.58 (#58)

Wednesday 29th April 1998


1.59 (#59)

Tuesday 5th May 1998


1.60 (#60)

Wednesday 6th May 1998


1.61 (#61)

Tuesday 12th May 1998

Georgina overhears the truth of what her mother has been up to with Karl. And is Natalie coming round to Sean's feelings for her?

(OPEN) 1.62 (#62)

Wednesday 13th May 1998

Natalie puts her doubts aside to marry Dean, and Sean comes through for them both. Warren is bitter at Frank for his problems, and Stephanie finds time away from her meetings with Clive to see Georgina - but has she left it too late?

(OPEN) 1.63 (#63)

Tuesday 19th May 1998

Harchester face a return to the First Division if they don't beat Chelsea. Des wants to run the new youth team hostel, but Lynette isn't so keen. Georgina wakes up, and accuses Stephanie of not loving her, but they have a more serious problem to face...

(OPEN) 1.64 (#64)

Wednesday 20th May 1998

The youth team boys learn their futures; while the Baker's bid Conor farewell, Sean and Warren have a lot to celebrate. Though there is a nasty surprise waiting for Warren on his return home. Stephanie faces losing the most important thing in her life, and it's not the club.