Season 2 Episode 19

Episode 83


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 3rd November 1998


Written By

Olly Dennis, Jane Hewland


Directed By

Perry Miller


Jerry, Fraser, reporters



Terry, Frank



Lynda, Natalie



Warren, Julie



Adi, Alex

GS: Fraser (Sean O’Kane)  Eric Hardwick (Jonathan Magnanti)  Adi Coleman (Roger Davies)  Photographer (Simon Fielder)


Frank sits in his office anguished at the racism story being front page news, and Alex comes in wanting to know where he stands after impressing Coates at the youth team game yesterday. He is the last person Frank wants to see, and Alex takes it as Frank will be pinning the racism stuff on him before Frank orders him out. Jerry is surprised to find Eric Hardwick waiting in the boardroom, who informs him the FA consider Councillor Lal’s allegations to be very serious. Jerry says Lal is a bitter man whose son was on trial but didn't make the grade. At training, Adi reminds a stressed Frank of his 'Footballer's for the Millennium' photoshoot. Frank is less than happy and tells Adi he hoped his agent would give it a rest.


Des informs Helen about the investigation, and she believes Frank and "that bully Ian Coates" have sent him to make sure she knows not to say anything. Helen adds she and Des both know bullying and probably racism occurred, so shouldn't they stop it now before it happens again? Helen talks to Julie about how she and Ian’s visit to see Warren didn't go too well, and thinks he could do with a friend popping round. Julie is all too eager to take his address. Des tells Frank if anyone should suffer for this business it should be Alex Wilkinson. Frank defends Alex, saying both himself and Des were responsible for the boys at the end of the day. Des susses that Frank might have known more than he was letting on, but is confused as to why he couldn't stop it.


Hardwick speaks to Des, who puts it forward that he liked Hari but at the end of the day he wasn't up to scratch, and doesn't believe there was racism in what happened to him. Hardwick puts it to Des that given Frank's hands-on involvement, surely the coach would know if there was any trouble between the boys, and Des is stumped. Natalie comes across Lynda spreading out bunches of red roses, and thinks they are from the party last night. Lynda says they are from Luis, and Fletch's Orchid then arrives. Lynda and Natalie have a good laugh at how he and Luis are seemingly in competition to write the most vomit-inducingly cringey notes. Alex asks Adi whether he thinks he is racist, and Adi replies he's only known him five minutes. Alex explains it wasn't because Hari was Asian, it was because he was crap. Adi remarks he doesn't want Alex to leave as they work well together on the pitch, and invites him to his photoshoot this afternoon so he can avoid the FA, which Alex appreciates.


Before she goes in to see Hardwick, Frank explains to Helen that as far as the FA and press are concerned, the racism and bullying go hand in hand. If she says he didn't do enough to stop the bullying, he will be judged as a racist, and he'll never be able to work in the Football League again. Julie wakes Warren from a deep sleep, before ordering him up and outside of the flat. When Helen says she didn’t spend much time with Hari, Hardwick reminds her he lived in the hostel for three weeks, and she sometimes supervised in the evenings. Helen says the penalty shootout with the teddy bear was a game that got out of hand and the naked park running was a totally separate incident.


Jerry makes a request of Ian, that with all this negativity in the press and with he being black that it could do a lot of good if he'd speak to the press. Coates reminds Jerry how all of the racism allegations occurred in the youth team only, so there's only one man who would know about it i.e. Frank. At the close of her interview with Hardwick, Helen defends Frank, saying he doesn't deserve to be blamed for this and she doesn't know what the club would do without him. At Adi's photoshoot, Alex listens intently as the photographer drops questions about the Hari story. Adi replies he only got here a week ago so didn't see it. Frank is penning his resignation letter in his office when Des comes in, and consoles his old friend that everyone knows he's no racist. Frank says he wishes it was that simple, and Des knows what he's writing.


Soon Alex has been coaxed into joining Adi in his shoot, and the photographer gets the boys to pose together holding a ball showing both races side by side. Julie and Warren sit by the canal, and sensing he is depressed, Julie asks how long until his operation. Warren says a fortnight, and how the club will pay his medical bills until May but then will cut him loose. Warren tells Julie he threw his England Cap in the canal, and Julie offers to look for it. In the first team dressing room, Jerry and Lynda enter to wish Coates and the boys well tonight, and Lynda takes the opportunity to thank Fletch and Luis for their gifts, but Jerry will be getting suspicious so they need to stop now. Helen is surprised to find Frank sitting in his office, as the match has kicked off. She reassures him she never would have done anything to get him the sack. Frank tells her it is his fault, as he should have protected Hari but let the boys loose on him. He hands her the resignation letter asking her to give it to Jerry.




·          The Best: Luis and Fletch continuing their rivalry for "Mrs Block's" affections, Luis ordering red roses - common according to Fletch, who himself is sending the rare Orchid Patagonia. Des, and his persistence to Frank that if he'd get rid of Alex all the FA trouble would be sorted. Julie wheeling Warren to the park, and their subsequent heart-to-heart.


Quotes: Frank and Terry Skiverton, thinking the lads need cheering up following the Lal business, suggest piggy-back five-a-side. Frank: "Who wants me on their back?"  Alex [to Gary]: "Not me he's on my back most of the time as it is!".


·          Foreshadowing: Interestingly, Warren doesn't mention Mica to Julie in regards to his family [#2.34 / #98].


Continuity: Coates explaining to Helen that he has a good understanding of what Warren's going through, having had his career ended early by injury. Warren says he hasn't done anything but play football since he was nine. Julie asks about his family, and Warren explains his mother is a junkie and his dad, who is in prison, is going to kill him when he gets out [#1.40].


·          Additional Info: Helen explains to Hardwick that she didn't really know Hari as he wasn't in her classes and was doing A-Level's at sixth form college.


What Was The Score?: Harchester face Wimbledon at home at the episode’s close, result left unknown.


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