Season 2 Episode 27

Episode 91


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 1st December 1998


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Jerry, Biloo



Leon, Clayton



Billy, Kelly, Julie



Helen, Ian, Des



Sean, Natalie

GS: Biloo Kapur (Hari Dhillon)  Adi Coleman (Roger Davies)


Warren and Julie have spent the night together in his room at the hostel. When Des nearly catches them, Warren shocks Julie by demanding she get up and go. Jerry is recuperating in bed, fast losing his patience with his nurse. He thanks Natalie for looking after him and is desperate to find Lynda. Natalie agrees to help him, but reminds Jerry she is moving out today. Des sees Helen just getting back with her suitcases and takes her to the canteen for a Welcome Home breakfast. The youth team boys and Kelly are happy to see Helen back. Biloo arrives to see Jerry, but isn't best pleased to hear he will be running around after him now Natalie has left. Helen tells Julie she was hoping to see Warren, but is taken aback when Julie tells her she doesn't care about him.


Des suggests he and Helen review the boys' progress while Frank is away, but can see Helen has other things on her mind. Helen says Ian called her several times while she was away but she didn't respond. Jerry gets his results from the doctor, and to Biloo's surprise he jumps out of bed and yells at the nurse to leave. Jerry tells Biloo last night was stress related and he has the heart of a 20-year-old. Ian has the first team in Helen's classroom for Formation, and tells Sean with Luis probably not back in time for the match he will be relying on him. Sean is ecstatic and tells Coates he won't let him down. Helen comes in and Ian is stunned she is back, while Helen feels totally awkward. Warren hobbles into the canteen on his crutches, and referring to last night, bluntly tells Julie he feels it was a mistake all round and best to forget it. Julie tries to pretend she is not hurt in front of Kelly.


Adi goes to Leon in the Rec Room and says Clare is here to see him. Leon says he can't be seeing her right now and asks Adi to get rid of her. Alex overhears and asks an unimpressed Leon whether Clare is the cause of his money problems. Natalie arrives at Sean's and is put out to find the place is still a messy bachelor’s pad. Fletch arrives home to find Natalie hoovering, and is irked his plans for more beer-time with Sean have been scuppered, especially when Natalie hands him his boxers which were lying around! Adi tells Leon Clare went, but Billy was angry and wouldn't let him in when he knocked his door. Adi mentions it sounded like Billy was talking to himself. Natalie assures Fletch she doesn't plan on coming between he and Sean, and that she's pregnant not sick.


Leon gets a surprise when he goes up to he and Billy’s room - Clayton is inside. Billy says he's hurt Leon never told him he had a son, and being his best mate he would never grass him up. Leon says they should get Clayton some food, and tells Billy to go to the canteen and whip up anything he can find. Jerry speaks to the resort confirming Lynda is staying with them, but he doesn't need to worry she isn't with Luis, but her Tennis Coach! Julie is telling Kelly how Warren has made her feel a right slapper when Billy comes in, and explains away his desire for mashed together sprouts and potato as his new diet before taking it back to Clayton. Natalie takes Fletch and Sean out for dinner, while Sean is concerned about Natalie drinking while she is pregnant.


Whilst now trying to cope with Clayton having a dirty nappy, Leon and Billy hide from Julie while Warren avoids her. Julie is getting more upset at Warren’s cold behaviour. Des wants to keep Helen company, and they make plans to have a takeaway tonight. Biloo gets through to Lynda, on Jerry's request informing her of his "medical emergency". After explaining to Lynda that he hasn't had a stroke, he asks her to come home because he loves her and needs her. Natalie has got dressed up to go out, and Sean is shocked that she wants to go dancing in Studs. He mentions they should go and buy a cot, which Natalie wants to put in the attic because she's superstitious about having it in the bedroom before the baby is born. Natalie thinks Sean is being too possessive, and reminds him he isn't her husband and maybe she shouldn't have moved in after all.


Kelly isn't best pleased to see Warren, and when he has something to show her Kelly has no patience. In an attempt to get Clayton to settle, Leon and Billy take him to the gym where his buggy sits on the moving treadmill as if he is going for a long walk! When Warren asks Kelly’s mute co-worker Tracey to try on the necklace he has bought Julie, Julie herself catches them and believes Warren is romancing another woman! Leon and Billy are rumbled when Des walks into the gym and wants to know where Clayton came from!




·          The Best: Leon and Billy’s attempts at looking after Clayton. The first team noticing the moment between Ian and Helen when they come face-to-face again in her classroom. Natalie and Fletch having a whale of a time out together at dinner and getting on for probably the first time ever. Julie snatching the necklace Warren has bought and throwing it into the cooking pot of tomato puree.


Additional Info: A credit card statement faxed through reveals Lynda is staying at the Whispering Palms Beach & Tennis Resort in Bermuda. Biloo reads a letter to Jerry from his solicitor, informing him that Lynda has made a formal application for divorce, on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. Ian tells the team Luis spoke to him from Buenos Aires saying he would be returning shortly.


·          Soundtrack: Manic Street Preachers: “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”


Behind The Scenes: Lynda, Luis and Frank are all away separately at the same time. Anyone would think it was Panto season if this episode wasn’t airing at the beginning of December!


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