Season 2 Episode 28

Episode 92


Sky One Transmission Date:

Thursday 3rd December 1998


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Luis, Coates






Coates, Sean, Adi



Jerry, Lynda




GS: Adi Coleman (Roger Davies)


Coates has Helen on his mind as Luis makes his return, and Ian grudgingly wants to put the past behind them and gets Luis down to Brian to check him over to play tonight. Fletch tells Sean he should be excited as with Luis supposedly gone they will be up front scoring goals again. Before leaving for the club, Natalie and Sean discuss the situation between them, and Sean says now she's away from Dean there should be nothing stopping them being together, but there is. Natalie suggests she should move out if it's hurting him only being a friend. Sean says if he gets back from the game tonight and she's gone, he'll know the answer. Julie shows Warren she appreciates the necklace she fished out of the cooking pot, but is taken aback once again when he says he's going away and they should think about where they are at during that time.


Billy shows Leon a cardboard stand of Fletch he "robbed from the pizza place" with a pad of tickets to win a Christmas date with Karl Fletcher. Leon isn't enthused and is down about what Frank will say when Des tells him about Clayton. Jerry gets a surprise when Lynda's taxi pulls up outside, and makes a hurried move back in his pyjamas and into bed to be the first sight she sees. Lynda says she spoke to Jerry's doctor and knows his heart is fine and this was stress related. Jerry is taken aback when Lynda won't confirm she is back to look after him and simply says they'll talk later. Billy goes into the Rec Room and smugly tells Adi he has just seen nobody but Luis coming out of the physio room, and questions who will Coates be playing - referring to Adi as "The Arsenal reject from the youth team".


Sean saunters up to the team sheet pinned to the wall and seeing Luis is back and he is pushed out, goes storming to Coates's office. Adi sits in front of Coates disillusioned that other players have been put in front of him again just like at Arsenal. Sean bursts in and demands an explanation, and Adi has to sheepishly leave. Ian defends Luis, saying unlike Sean he is a world class player and contrary to rumours, Luis isn't ill at all. Sean is having none of it when Luis walks into the dressing room and outright accuses him of taking his place. Luis stays calm and manages to talk Sean round, reminding him that he himself is the best for the team right now, and if Sean had been the manager he would have made the same decision as Coates.


Lynda tells Jerry they are to have a serious discussion about what changes there'll be: that she is a person not a possession, no more other women or "takeaway's" as Fraser used to call them, and it's time they were a proper family. Lynda wants a baby with JJ. Harchester have kicked off against Everton at Addison Road. Jerry comes downstairs to see Lynda and Maria the maid decorating the Christmas tree. It is now Jerry's turn to have a serious talk with Lynda. He asks Lynda if she likes being married to him, and it's not how important the money and lifestyle is? Lynda says the money is only there because of the person he is, and that's what she cares about. Lynda tells Jerry he's a difficult man to live with but it's exciting being with him. Jerry tells her these last three weeks he has missed her so much, and then says he wants Lynda to come to Addison Road with him as there's something he needs to do.


When Fletch damages a hamstring, Coates is forced into a substitution, with Sean coming on. Natalie is watching him on TV at home, and Sean scores whilst she is ordering a taxi. Has it convinced Natalie to stay? Helen finds Leon, after he stormed off from the game, angrily throwing his clothes into a travel bag and asks him to stop, as Frank will be back Friday and will sort this. Leon sits on the bed and cries, whilst Helen comforts him. The full time whistle goes and Lynda is startled when she hears Jerry on the phone saying he won't give away what he is going to stay, but prepare to be shocked! As the players and staff gather in the boardroom for Jerry's announcement, Helen approaches Ian about the situation with Leon, without naming him, asking could they help him financially. Ian uses it to get Helen to have dinner with him as it would be a more appropriate place to discuss.


Jerry takes to the podium and there is silence as he speaks in front of the cameras. He tells them how the future of football is the big clubs, and how he was prepared to bring in the best players and build the most equipped stadium in the Midlands for Harchester. But he hasn't been able to and they all know why - the council (i.e Councillor Lal) have Block(!)ed him. Jerry says if he can't propell the Dragon's into the European Football League, then maybe it is time for someone else to have a go. And from this moment, Harchester United is up for sale! There are stunned mutterings from the crowd as Coates looks on alarmed, Lynda worried, and the press bulbs frantically flash. Sean returns to the house and calls for Natalie. He looks upstairs and finds her waiting in bed. Sean tells Natalie he loves her and they kiss but he pulls away saying she shouldn't if she doesn't want to. Natalie stops Sean and kisses him back.




·          The Best: Sean barging in on Coates's meeting with Adi, to be polite enough to say "Hello" to Adi before he starts berating Coates. Julie tearily telling Kelly that she believes Warren has dumped her, and Billy comes along and puts his foot in it when he tries to sell his tickets for a date with a footballer! Luis flirting with Helen, commenting on how he wished all teachers were like her as he'd learn more!


Quotes: Sean, fuming to see he's been substituted for Luis: "I don't believe this - I've lost me place. I thought he was having brain surgery in Buenos Aires!".  Jerry (at the game): "Well... 1-0 my darling. Looks like your Latin Lover scored!"  Lynda (annoyed): "JJ!"  Jerry: "I'm sorry it was a joke"  Lynda: "It's not a joke".


·          Additional Info: Warren is away for a week to have a fitness assessment. Fletch tells Luis and Sean he has a thigh strain and will be out for a couple of weeks.


What Was The Score?: A pass from Phil Dunning to Jamie Brown sees a long shot to Rodriguez who scores. A pass from Franco Rossi sees Sean score and Harchester have gained their three points, winning 2-0.



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