Season 2 Episode 33

Episode 97


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 22nd December 1998


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Sean, Fletch



Coates, Ingrid



(L-R) Adi, Alex, Billy, Leon, Dion






Des, Helen

GS: Adi Coleman (Roger Davies)  Ingrid Coates (Minna Aaltonen)  Peter Coates (Aiden Crawford)  Leah Coates (Leigha Samuels)


A severely hung-over Sean comes in on Fletch and a woman he pulled at the Christmas party last night. Fletch learns Natalie has gone back to Turkey, and to get Sean ready for training (and Coates), puts his head under the cold tap. Des finds Coates outside Helen's door and tells his rival she's already left looking for him. Helen has an uncomfortable introduction to Ingrid when she turns up at Ian’s door, but Ingrid invites her in. Fletch and Luis, with the help of the first team, wrap cling-film around Sean's torso in order for him to sweat the booze out, but Coates can smell it a mile off.


Denise and Frank are discussing Alex in the first team squad for Boxing Day, as more of the youth team bring cups of tea over to Frank. Frank tells Denise it’s the lads half-yearly assessments today, and they think if they offer to do anything and everything for him he won't sack them. Billy is certain nobody will be getting sacked as its Christmas Eve, but Alex informs them the last time he was here Frank apparently sacked someone on their eighteenth birthday. Ian is rattled when Helen brings Ingrid to the training ground, and questioning Ingrid on what Helen was saying to her, Coates pretends he doesn’t know Helen. Ingrid tells Ian she needs to borrow his car to go to the airport.


As Fletch removes the last of the cling-film, Sean is still determined to go to Studs for their Christmas Carol drinks. Helen appears in the dressing room ready to confront Ian over Ingrid, and yells that Coates doesn't deserve either of them as he's lied and cheated, in front of Fletch, Sean and several of the first team! The assessments are about to begin when Helen discovers Ian will also be present alongside her and Frank. Frank has to remind Coates on how its FA rules if a player isn't performing in the classroom they are out, and the academy is still under review. Leon sits before the trio of Frank, Coates and Helen, convinced Frank is going to sack him. Frank assures Leon his football is OK, he's mature and sensible but he wishes Leon could have come to them and told them what was going on re Clayton. Frank says they are going to help Leon, and he is relieved to learn Frank and Coates want him to stay.


Sean meanwhile has been joined by the first team in Studs and has bought the "biggest bottle of champagne in Harchester", ready to drink away his sorrows all over again. Ingrid is waiting at the airport when a flight attendant brings Peter and Leah, she and Coates's children off the flight, and they give their mom a big hug. The assessments with the youth team continue, and Frank snaps at Alex that he doesn't want to hear him blaming other players for his own performance, though Coates softens things by telling Alex he wouldn't be bringing him into the squad next week if he didn't rate him. A player called Danny gets the worst news when he is told he is being let go, and Coates will be faxing his details to the lower league clubs first thing in the new year. After that tough call, Frank leaves the room and Helen tells Coates how betrayed she feels that he didn't tell her he was still with his wife.


Sean is now having booze poured down his throat in Studs, and Luis tries to persuade Fletch to take him home as they have training tomorrow and a match in two days. Ian makes it clear he doesn't want to lose Helen, admitting he has never felt like this about someone else. When Ingrid phones Ian on Peter and Leah's behalf, Ian capitulates and tells his wife he will be home soon, and Helen has her answer. A drunken Fletch and Sean, accompanied by yet more random women they've picked up, arrive to cause havoc outside the Grange. Fletch knocks over the hotel's sign before Sean pulls down the outside Christmas tree, in an attempt to get hold of the angel on top.


Des sees Billy and Leon off home for Christmas, saying he's hoping for two weeks of peace and quiet. He goes back inside and hears Helen crying in her room. Helen tells Des she believes Ian still wants to be with his wife for how they spoke on the phone, and feels there is something wrong with her. Des gently explains to Helen it was just Ian met his wife first, and she is a brilliant girl. Helen and Des kiss, while Des believes this could be something they will regret, Helen and he continue kissing. After Fletch sprays something "disgusting" about Coates being something beginning with a 'T' on the side of a wall, the police arrive and take he and Sean into the cells where they will wake up on Christmas morning.




The Best: Fletch's caring nature for Sean is evident here, as he applies various hangover cures to keep his friend out of trouble, only to then join Sean in the Christmas spirit as soon as training was done. Their antics outside The Grange are classic Fletcher/Hocknell. Billy asking Helen if Frank and Coates are going to sack her too. Ingrid… wow. Just lovely. Though I thought that about her in “London’s Burning” too!


·          Quotes: Sean yelling "Fletcher! I'm flashing!" when wrapped in the Christmas tree lights.


Additional Info: The assessments for the other youth team lads include Adi told he doesn't work hard enough, Simon Coggan has to be more confident when crosses are coming up, and Dion is over a month late with his coursework.



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