Season 2 Episode 34

Episode 98


Sky One Transmission Date:

Thursday 24th December 1998


Written By

Helen Eatock


Directed By

Neil Adams


Coates, Alex



Fletch, Sean, Des



Warren, Julie, Kelly



Ingrid, Ian



Frank, Helen



Mica, Julie

GS: Ingrid Coates (Minna Aaltonen)  Peter Coates (Aiden Crawford)  Leah Coates (Leigha Samuels)


Coates is not happy at having to bail Fletch and Sean out of jail on Christmas morning, or that they went on a bender two days before a game. He warns them if they drink again he will put them in the hostel with the youth team, and they are fined a week's wages. Helen is uncomfortable when she wakes up next to Des, and he knows she regrets what happened last night. Julie and Kelly show up at Warren's with all the food, and Julie tells him off when Warren makes it clear he didn't want Kelly joining them. Alex walks into the first team dressing room, and is taken under the wing by Luis, and guides him away from taking Fletch's peg. When Fletch calls Alex "Jailbird", Luis informs Alex Fletch himself spent last night in a police cell.


Helen and Des both come to the agreement that last night was a mistake as they were both feeling unwanted, and they exchange Christmas presents. Des is concerned when Helen tells him she has to see Ian to know how he feels about her, even on Christmas Day. Sean struggles through training and Coates deliberately makes him work hard, while Alex thrives. Coates praises Alex for running rings around Fletch, and Alex promises not to let him down tomorrow. At the hostel, Des is cooking a full Christmas dinner, seemingly without anyone to share it with. When Warren excuses himself from helping prepare dinner with Kelly and Julie, the girls sneak out a bottle of vodka and begin drinking as they work.


Sean and Fletch skewer their cupboards for something to eat, and Fletch remarks he thought Natalie was supposed to be getting the Christmas food in. At a loss, Sean has a brainwave and announces he knows exactly who will have lots of food to share. As they have lunch at The Grange, Denise and Alex give Frank his present - "The Handbook of Soccer". Julie and Kelly have now moved onto the Tequila Slammers and are already a little tipsy, which Warren fails to notice as he moans about how long the dinner is taking. Coates is also having lunch at The Grange with Ingrid and the children, and sends champagne over to Frank's table. This prompts Frank to go over to say thanks, and Coates uses this to inform Frank how Matt Dennis is fit for tomorrow so could he tell Alex he isn't needed after all? Frank dryly thanks Ian for ruining his Christmas.


Des is delighted when Sean and Fletch rock up at his door. As expected, Alex doesn't take the news that he is being dropped for tomorrow well, and storms off. Peter and Leah open their presents as Helen arrives and catches sight of both them and Ian looking cosy with Ingrid. In her shock, Helen dashes out, knocking baubles off the Christmas tree which smash on the floor. Frank leaves The Grange alone after Denise goes after Alex, and hears Helen crying loudly against the wall outside. She tells him Ian never told her he had children. Alex is the next to turn up at Des's, where he informs them Frank has dropped him so it doesn't matter if he drinks any alcohol.


Ian is looking to go after Helen, and tells Ingrid he has to go to the club and make some calls. Warren has had enough when Julie and Kelly pass out next to him on the sofa, and he goes off in search of a meal. Frank has taken Helen back to the club where he tells her he's there for her to talk to as a friend other than a boss if she needs it. Just then, Coates comes in. Warren is the latest to find his way to Des's, and as he looks on at the full table of Fletch, Sean, Warren and Alex, Des doesn't feel lonely without his family. The dinner at Warren's flat has gone from being uncooked to almost cremated, and as Julie deals with her kitchen disaster, Kelly opens the door to a woman looking for Warren. She introduces herself as Mica, Warren's sister.


Helen calls Ian out in Frank's office, on how he thought he had it all - Ingrid in Holland and she in Harchester. Helen tells Ian to go back to his wife, but Ian holds Helen and asks her to tell him that she doesn't love him. Before Helen can complete her answer she and Ian are locking lips again, and about to make out on Frank's desk! The whole of Harchester is now at Des's when Julie and Kelly bring Mica to find Warren, who reacts by flipping and unassumingly pointing a bread knife at his sister. Warren yells at Mica to get back to where she's been, he doesn't want to see her and she knows exactly why.




First appearance of Mica Masters (Katisha Kenyon)


·          Best Known For: Katisha Kenyon, the real life sibling of Clinton, began with appearances in children’s television “Gruey” and “Children’s Ward”, and made further guest appearances in “Dinnerladies”, “The Bill”, “Doctors” and “Family Affairs”. She was another DT-alumni who appeared in Hewland’s “Daylight Robbery”, had a regular role in “Clocking Off” and appeared in the movies “Lost For Words”, “Maybe Baby” and “Gifted”.


The Best: Kelly and Julie getting well and truly sloshed, and Warren can't believe his ears when Julie calls from the kitchen that she only forgot to switch the oven on at the wall! Sean going to change channels to see if there is a good film on, and Fletch is offended that he wants to turn the Queen's speech off! The “Love Actually” moment five years before the film when Ian picks up Leah and she pulls the present he was planning on giving Helen out of his pocket. Ingrid thinks it's his special gift for her, and is delighted with the white gold necklace, as Coates looks on uncomfortably.


·          Quotes: Fletch (outside Des’s door): "Mate, are you sure about this?"  Sean: "Course I am and he'll be fine"  Fletch: "No I mean spending Christmas at Des's - it ain't exactly the Playboy Mansions is it?!".


Continuity: With all the food he's set out, Sean asks Des if he's expecting family later, and Des replies Zoe is still in India and Steven (lol) is "Off to see his mom".


·          Additional Info: As Sean and Warren mull over how women have driven bulldozers through their lives, Des adds that Lynette has met someone else and didn't have the guts to tell him in person - she wrote it in a Christmas card.


Soundtrack: Elton John: "Step Into Christmas",  Mud: "Lonely This Christmas",  Shakin' Stevens: "Merry Christmas Everyone",  Mel (Smith) and Kim (Wilde): "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree".


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