Season 2 Episode 43

Episode 107


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 26th January 1999


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Fletch, Sean, Mica






Des, Sean



Luis, Lynda




GS: Biloo Kapur (Hari Dhillon)  Councillor Lal (Madhav Sharma)


Mica and Sean arrive back at the house, with Mica wanting Sean to carry her inside. Fletch comes out and annoyed, asks them where they've been. Mica tells him Las Vegas, describing how generous Sean is before showing Fletch a ring on her finger. Sean looks on in anguish as Fletch presumes he and Mica have gotten engaged, until Mica corrects him and states they are married! Des gets back to the club with Leon, whose face is swollen and bruised. He tells Frank there is nothing broken, and Frank mentions how he's got Helen trying to find Ian before the press do. Jerry comes along and drags "Councillor Baker” away for his final day of canvassing. When Mica is out of the way, Sean dwells on his terrible mistake to Fletch, explaining he'd just won a thousand quid on Blackjack and was smashed.


Frank tells the youth team there is no excuse for what Ian did but they should remember pressure makes people do peculiar things, and not to discuss this outside the club. Sean is mulling over what to do, and Fletch suggests he go to Biloo as that's what he pays him for. Jerry stops Fletch and Sean and, as part of their commitments to the club, wants them to ferry some elderly fans to the polling station this afternoon. Mica goes into the canteen to give Kelly and Julie her news and show off her ring. Julie asks what does Warren make of her marrying Sean, and Mica adds she hasn't seen him yet, as she went to the flat and got no answer. Julie remarks how nobody has seen Warren for three days and it is getting beyond a joke, but Kelly assures her Warren will turn up like he always does.


As the girls go through Mica’s pictures of Vegas and the wedding, Alex picks up a bottle of Lucozade and takes it into his room to spike with drugs. Alex takes the drink to Leon lying in his bed, and Leon makes it clear he hasn't forgotten Alex's behaviour after they lost the Tottenham game. Alex is miffed when Leon won't start drinking before he leaves. Billy goes to check on Leon and finds him unconscious after drinking the bottle. Leon is taken to hospital, with Frank fearing concussion, while Alex is quick to remove the bottle out of sight. Julie and Kelly are outside Warren's flat, with no answer, again. Julie says there's no way Warren would have taken off with his test results coming.


Jerry and Des are on the campaign trail with Fletch and Sean dragged along. Des tells Sean he's got to tell Mica the truth, that he was drunk and has made a terrible mistake. It's the least he owes her to be honest. Lynda returns the favour for Luis treating her to an Argentinean picnic with a British fish supper. Lynda tells Luis she wants him to continue being her friend, which is something she needs very much right now. Luis tells her it has become too difficult, and she needs to find a friend who doesn't have the feelings he does for her. Julie and Kelly bring the police to Warren's flat, where they break the door down and enter. After searching, they find Warren's body, and Julie is struck with grief, having to be carried out by an officer. As Warren's body is stretched out, Julie blames herself for not coming round on Saturday, while Kelly tries to console her that what's happened to Warren was an accident.


Biloo is none too happy to learn of Sean's dilemma, even more so when he learns he didn't sign an agreement with Mica before marrying her. Biloo orders Sean to tell Mica immediately because the longer he puts it off the harder it's going to make it. Leon has a blood test at the hospital, and Frank explains the doctors now believe it could be a virus after concussion was ruled out. Lynda arrives at the town hall to hear Jerry say they lost but achieved so much more by coming within fifty votes of Lal, whom Jerry hadn't seen so scared. As he leaves the hospital, Frank gets the news about Warren on his mobile. Fletch gives Sean a pep talk in preparation for his sit-down with Mica, but Sean capitulates when he enters the house to find Mica has set everything out for their first dinner as husband and wife.


Jerry goes up to Lal and reminds him how he's just put up his "hostel warden" who came only 49 votes behind him, adding imagine what he will do next time. Jerry lays it straight to Lal; next month he is putting in his plans for the Addison Road redevelopment and new stadium, and Lal's committee will pass his application in the second week of April. As Sean makes another attempt to tell Mica it was a mistake them getting married, Fletch opens the door to Frank, who comes in with the news that Warren is dead.




·          The Best: Billy’s stories to the youth team lads on how Leon will be out for months and could sue Coates for "millions", when all Leon needs is rest. Being taken on the campaign trail with Jerry, Des, Fletch and Sean. Julie’s reaction to finding Warren dead. A great performance by Julie Smith.


Foreshadowing: Mica tells Sean they could have a magazine deal if they were to have a blessing ceremony. Jerry’s hints of future long-term Harchester fixtures; “The Addison Road redevelopment” i.e. The Barrons, and “new stadium” AKA Dragon’s Lair.


·          Continuity: When Kelly suggests maybe Warren has gone up north to see his family, Julie repeats his dad is in prison and his mom is a junkie.


Additional Info: Jerry reminds Sean and Fletch they are contracted to do eight personal appearances for the club each season. Among the pensioners Des and Sean meet is Mrs Preston, who has been coming to Addison Road for nearly sixty years.


·          Soundtrack: U2: "The Sweetest Thing"


Behind The Scenes: Warren would have made his final appearance in a previous episode, as he does not feature at all in his confirmed death scenes. When it came to Warren’s demise, it was a clever move by the writers to have him die from carbon monoxide poisioning. He was the type of character who would not have been clued up on the dangers, on top of being isolated – Julie mentions he has no other friends checking in on him except she and Kelly. Added to the mix these episodes take place in winter, and Warren would have been trying to heat his flat a lot more. In conclusion, Clinton Kenyon’s natural portrayal as the troubled Warren would be missed and remembered fondly.


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