Season 2 Episode 44

Episode 108


Sky One Transmission Date:

Thursday 28th January 1999


Written By

Ian Ridley


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Trudi, Des



Denise, Julie






Leon, Alex, Adi



Julie, Mica

GS: Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)  Adi Coleman (Roger Davies)


Mica sits silently, staring into space. Sean is worried about leaving her, but Fletch hurries him out in preparation for their match. Sean tells Fletch he feels guilty at hardly seeing Warren the last few months. Denise asks Frank what happened to Warren, and Frank gives her the preliminary findings: Warren's gas fire wasn't working and it was carbon monoxide poisoning. Frank reveals his gut feeling that Warren wouldn't have made it in football following his injury - the only thing he had going for himself was his bottle. He recalls how terrible Kenny was to Warren, and how all Frank wanted to do was give Warren some of the belief in himself back.


In the Rec Room Helen has rounded up the youth team and tells them she and Des will need to speak to them all individually over an undisclosed matter. Adi gets away to the toilets, before Fletch comes in to collect more caffeine pills from him. Des and Trudi go to Frank with Leon's test results from the hospital, and taken aback by what’s been found, Frank tells them they will need to search the whole hostel. Leon is called to Frank's office, where Frank informs him Amphetamine Sulphate was found in his system. Leon defends himself saying they must be getting him mixed up with someone else, and when Des finds Adi's caffeine pill stash hidden inside the toilet cistern, Leon says he's never seen them before. Frank thinks he's lying, and suspends Leon, stripping him of the youth team captaincy also.


Denise sees Julie has come into work, and Julie explains she couldn't stand sitting at home. Denise takes her aside to talk, and upset, Julie reveals her guilt over not going to see Warren on Saturday, and how her bus went right past but she didn't get off. Denise assures her there was nothing she could have done, and asks Julie has she spoken about this with her family. Julie adds they wouldn't understand as they didn't even know Warren. Leon gets back to he and Billy's room, and reveals to Billy that he thinks someone has set him up rather than this being a mistake, and even asks Billy did he do this as part of one of his pranks.


As they get changed for the game, Adi goes to Fletch and Sean about his caffeine pills being found, and they are all in for it if Frank finds out. Sean makes them all agree to not say anything. Coates turns up at Leon's room, and to both he and Billy's surprise, marches over and hugs Leon, telling him how sorry he is for hitting him. Kelly and Julie decide to attend the West Ham game, and spot a blank-faced Mica also sitting in the stands. Des is unsympathetic when Helen wants to help Ian, and reminds her on top of the drugs inquiry they've got going on, does she really want the life with Ian Ingrid described to her? Within five minutes, Harchester are 2-0 up. The lead is enough to put a smile on Julie's face. A penalty is rewarded, and Fletch steps up to take it.


Leon goes into the Rec Room and asks Adi are the pills he gave him speed, and Adi assures him they are just caffeine pills. Leon tells Adi he's got to tell Des and Helen about this himself. Julie is leaving before the second half, it's too painful knowing it will never be Warren out there on the pitch now. Mica tells Julie not many people could get through to Warren, but she's glad he had her, and the two hug. Adi doesn't give anything away when he is interviewed by Des. Sean scores leaving the score 4-0, and he celebrates by holding up Warren's shirt. That night on the training pitch, Frank stands alone and slots a bag of footballs into the open goal net, solemnly thinking of Warren.




·          The Best: The youth team speculating Warren's cause of death, with Billy claiming he was murdered by the Manchester Mafia! Helen yelling at them to stop. Frank, Sean, Julie and Mica all coping in their own, very different ways with Warren's death. It's surreal to imagine how Katisha Kenyon (Mica) tackled this, having to act the loss of her on-screen brother who was played by her real-life brother.


Quotes: Frank, as the first team await kick-off [holds up Warren’s #24 shirt]: "This kid. He dreamed of playing in the first team. Didn't happen did it. Come on, we're gonna go out there and do it for him, yes?". Jerry, entering the dressing room after the win: "What's going on? It's like a bloody morgue in here!".


·          Foreshadowing: Sean didn't sleep after last night's Warren news, and he retorts to Fletch’s desire to drive them in with the immortal line: "I don't care how wrecked I am. I'm too young to die". Yikes [3.4 / #144].


Additional Info: At the final whistle Harchester are through to the Fifth Round of the FA Cup for only the fourth time. This is the first, of around 20 episodes between now and 4.25 to be written by Ian Ridley, whose career spans newspaper sports journalism to authoring now more than 10 books.


·          What Was The Score?: FA Cup Fourth Round Day result. As the first half plays out, Luis slots one in. Jimmy Russell scores his first goal of the season. When Matt Dennis is brought down, the referee awards Harchester a penalty, which Fletch scores. Sean finishes the game 4-0.


Soundtrack: Frankie Goes To Hollywood: "Relax",  Manic Street Preachers: “The Everlasting”



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