Season 2 Episode 46

Episode 110


Sky One Transmission Date:

Thursday 4th February 1999


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Adi, Corrine



Biloo, Mica



Fletch, Luis, Frank



Lynda, Luis



Billy, Leon, Alex

GS: Biloo Kapur (Hari Dhillon)  Adi Coleman (Roger Davies)  Corrine Coleman (Judith Jacob)


Frank has the first team in for training at eight o'clock on a Sunday morning, and when he reveals it's because some in the team don't feel fit without taking caffeine pills, Frank says he will make them fit naturally, with a ten-mile jog across the town! As they run through the woods, Sean tells Fletch Warren's death put things on hold but he’s sent Biloo over to suss Mica out. Adi and his mom sit in front of Frank in his office, where Frank explains Adi was seen on New Year's Eve selling caffeine pills to two first team players, and now it is believed one of Adi's fellow youth team players was spiked when he is the only one known to be using drugs. Corrine Coleman adds there is no proof Adi was involved with a Class A drug, and now the club are the ones who will be facing legal action on her part!


Des walks in on Helen packing her things - she is moving in with Ian. Although she assures him she will still be on duty at the hostel two nights a week, Des can't help but think she is leaving him in the lurch in favour of Ian. Coates himself pays Jerry a visit in the boardroom, in which Jerry reminds him with Frank beating teams 4-0 why would he need Ian? When Biloo puts it to Mica how the marriage will be a distraction to someone with a great future like Sean, Mica thinks Biloo wants to pay her to go, like Fletch did with his offer of £5K. Corrine Coleman is determined to stay and watch whilst Des begins the task of thoroughly searching Adi's room.


Mica shows Biloo she's clued up on her husband's finances when she talks of win and goal bonuses, promotions, press and advertising on top of what Sean makes in a year. But Mica adds she doesn't want Sean's money, she wants the marriage. Biloo responds with how Sean doesn't, and Mica believes as long as she can make Sean happy and look after him, he will. Biloo's interests switch when Mica tells him about the proposed ceremony, with Hello or OK! magazine paying as long as they can do the photos, as there would be a tidy sum for him in it. Ian puts forward bringing in a new player, John Black from Leyton Orient, who would only cost Jerry a quarter of a million. Jerry is convinced by Ian's description of a strong, experienced figure in defence alongside the young squad they have, and says he'll enquire about Black. When Ian asks would this get his job back, Jerry responds with he has no comment to that.


Corrine Coleman retorts that Des has been through Adi's room and found nothing, until Des asks to check under the bed they are sitting on. Under Adi's mattress, Des finds a clear plastic sachet with what looks like speed. Biloo puts it to Sean that he take Hello or OK!'s offer of £50K for the ceremony pictures (provided Luis and Fletch are present) and a couple of months down the line go back for another £50K with "My divorce hell, by sad Sean" in order to pay Mica off with a sizable sum. As they sit before Frank again, Adi says he's had enough and wants to leave the club, not caring if people think he is guilty. He lays into Frank for "promising" him first team football yet only giving him one outing in the reserves, and picking players like Billy before him.


As Adi packs his things, Alex goes in to wish his 'friend' luck, and Adi shakes his hand. He adds he isn't sticking around to find out what was found under his mattress, but believes Billy or Leon put it there. Lynda has been waiting all day to speak to Luis, and thinks she has finally got her moment when he leaves training. However, Frank's intense schedule has left Luis so knackered that he falls asleep in his car and Lynda has to leave disappointed. Frank comes across Helen and says they've built her role around being present with the boys round the clock. When Helen says that Ian needs her(!) Frank bluntly says she should choose either him or her job.


Leon goes to Frank in his office, wanting to know where he stands having heard Frank has let Adi go. Frank says he can't allow Leon to be captain of the youth team, and Alex will be taking over. Other than that, Frank can say no more. Mica is taking Warren's body up to Bolton for his funeral, and Sean feels bad for not going with her, also being Warren's mate/brother-in-law. Mica assures him he wouldn't fit in with Warren's old mates from before Harchester. Adi is leaving and the youth team and Des gather to say goodbye. Adi won't hear Leon when he tells him he had nothing to do with this, but accepts a hug from his mate Alex. As Adi's taxi pulls away, Billy and Leon let Alex know they believe all this was down to him, but Alex just tells them to prove it.




·          The Best: Fletch making a vampire-repelling cross sign with his fingers when Mica leaves, stating she has no reflection in the mirror! Sean’s one favour to ask Fletch, as who else would be his best man?


Quotes: Biloo has Natalie’s number [to Sean]: "She knows exactly how much you make. I mean this one's got a brain unlike Natalie!". Fletch condemns Mica to Sean, how she has Biloo under her spell, and he's "a vicious blood-sucker as well".


·          Foreshadowing: The Natalie mentions continue with her impending return in 2.48, as Mica states that Sean was in love with his sister-in-law, and she didn't make him happy.


Continuity: Mica mentions her and Warren’s mother to Sean, and how journalists would just follow him to the funeral if he attended, which her mom couldn't cope with on top of everything else.


·          Additional Info: Following a cancellation, Sean and Mica have to do the ceremony for the magazine pictures in exactly two weeks time.


Soundtrack: The Beautiful South: "Blackbird on the Wire” and "Dumb",  The Smiths: "What Difference Does It Make?".


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