Season 2 Episode 48

Episode 112


Sky One Transmission Date:

Thursday 11th February 1999


Written By

Helen Eatock


Directed By

Steve Kelly


Ian, John



Lynda, Luis






Des, Sean



Julie, Kelly

GS: Felicia (Sarah Maur Thorp)


It is the night of Sean and Mica's pre-blessing Stag and Hen do, and the press are out in full force at Studs as they and the players arrive. Coates meanwhile, is meeting John at Walthamstow Dog Racing Track. John remarks how he is moving up to Harchester the day after tomorrow and isn't having one night away from his wife before he has to. While Fletch has his eye on Felicia, the magazine reporter, Luis is watching Mrs Block when she arrives with Jerry. At the track, Ian explains to John that he can't drink despite doing so at Orient the other week, and has been sober for six years.


When Felicia questions Mica about being happy for her wedding when her brother just died, Sean sets her straight that it is not something they want to talk about or is anyone’s, especially the magazine readers, business. Frank and Des arrive, but Des is not too keen on staying, especially when Frank won't be drowning his sorrows with him due to his solidarity with the lads of not drinking so close to a game. When Jerry has to leave Lynda behind early for a business meeting, Luis makes his move and he and Lynda are soon dancing, where Lynda tells Luis she knows when he admits he wants to be more than friends.


As Des and Frank talk, Frank can tell Des is fed up, and reminds him he is not "past it". Des has let Helen moving in with Ian get to him, as even with all of Ian's problems he still has more going for him than Des thinks he does. Frank has no time for Helen and tells his friend she continues to make some very questionable decisions so not to listen to her. Under Fletch's instruction, Franco Rossi unveils a stripper dressed in Harchester gear, and as the crowd goes wild, Luis, Lynda and Fletch are stunned to see Natalie approaching Sean and Mica. Natalie asks Sean whether he's going to introduce her to his fiancée!


When they get a moment, Natalie asks Sean if this is what he really wants, but Sean gets it out of her that she's still with Dean, and he thinks she's in England for a scan for the baby. Mica is clearly rattled by Natalie's arrival, and asks Julie does everyone know Natalie and Sean had an affair? Mica tells Julie she is going to do nothing but welcome her sister-in-law, which is all she is! Felicia comes over with the icing on the cake when she tells Mica a photo of her with her sister-in-law would be brilliant!


John asks Ian, who is convinced he will be back in place at the club by Monday, to tell him everything about Harchester. Coates describes Jerry as "devious" and "a bully", Frank a "good coach but out of his depth" and Fletch "arrogant, lazy" which he and John both agree like all strikers! Ian tells John he wants to make him captain, but not before he’s bedded in. Mica makes sure Natalie is having the most awkward experience possible, putting pressure on Natalie to stay at the house with her and Sean! Des takes Sean outside to get some air from an overwhelming atmosphere. Des tells Sean to make sure he chooses what he wants, because Des wishes he'd done exactly that in the past.


Sean cannot believe Mica has invited Natalie to stay with them, but has to grin and bear it. Kelly overhears and drags Julie into the ladies to gossip about Mica knowing of Sean and Natalie’s relationship. Natalie comes out of a cubicle having heard them, and runs to Lynda worrying why Mica invited her to stay with them if she knows? Lynda asks Natalie what the real reason is for her showing up tonight, and Natalie comes clean that she's back for Sean, and that she's in love with him.




·          Best Known For: Sarah Maur Thorp starred in late 80's cult flicks "Edge of Sanity", "River of Death" and "Ten Little Indians".


The Best: On location at Walthamstow Race Track. Des offering his surrogate-fatherly advice to Sean when he needs it. Natalie witnessing Fletch getting off with Felicia in front of her in the ladies toilets, and adding she sees it's business as usual for him!


·          Quotes: Kelly to Julie on Mica’s probable evil plan for Natalie: "Well then she's bound to gonna be doing something nasty to her... I mean after all she is Warren Masters's sister isn't she?!"  Julie [yells upset]: "You just don't know when to keep your big gob shut do you?!".


Additional Info: John recalls it must be eight years since he last saw Ian, before he went to Holland. Coates talks of Jimmy Russell being a great captain but has had so many injuries he's forgotten what he looks like! Frank gives Des’s age as forty.


·          Soundtrack: Lutricia McNeill: "Someone Loves You",  Erykah Badu: "On & On",  Madonna: "Secret".


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