Season 2 Episode 50

Episode 114


Sky One Transmission Date:

Thursday 18th February 1999


Written By

Paul Hodson


Directed By

Neil Adams


Natalie, Mica



Frank, Helen



Luis, Ian



Sean, Mica, choir

GS: Biloo Kapur (Hari Dhillon)  Felicia (Sarah Maur Thorp)  Reverend (Oscar James)


Felicia arrives at the house with Mica all ready in her dress for today, only Sean is acting distant, and Mica is suspicious of Natalie. Fletch goads Mica that the blessing isn't going to go ahead and finds her the D listings for ‘Divorce lawyers’ in the Yellow Pages. Ian has seen the press reports that Frank is to be made Harchester's permanent manager, and storms round to the Block's mansion. Having been turned down by Frank yesterday, Jerry has no problem in denying the reports to Ian and reminds him he still has the contract as manager.


Helen tells Frank about her concerns of Des leaving, and the two go to his Quarters at the hostel. They find his letter, and read that Des has gone but will be supporting the lads and the club always. Frank is shocked by his friend's sudden departure. As Sean sits on a park bench pondering his next move, Fletch tells Natalie he is sure it is she Sean wants, and he regrets marrying Mica. Later at the house Mica tells Sean she knows he doesn’t love her, but they are good for each other, and she will always support him and never hurt him. Sean is honest back, and tells Mica it was over between he and Natalie the moment she got on the plane back to Dean.


At the reception venue the press are out in force, but all surround Luis throwing questions on whether he's been offered the job of new manager. As Luis and Lynda watch the pack move onto Jerry, Luis says he fears Jerry has found out about them, as he wants a meeting later. Lynda assures him there's nothing for Jerry to find out... yet. Sean goes outside to what he thinks is the arrival of the car for the wedding, only to find it is Natalie in a taxi begging him to get in for their "last chance".


Lynda and Luis are edgy when Jerry asks them to sit down right now for the meeting, but their fears that this is about them subside when Ian arrives to join them. Jerry explains he's been watching how clubs especially those in Europe are managed, and has decided to make Ian Director of Football at the club, whilst Harchester will have a new player-manager in Luis! Mica is left standing awkwardly at the reception when Sean, last seen getting into a car with Natalie, is still absent.


A disgruntled Coates meets Biloo outside, who reminds him Jerry's offer could be the best thing, as Ian's reputation at the club has been damaged recently and it might not be as easy to walk into another manager's job, especially in England. The taxi pulls up outside the venue and Sean gets out, with Natalie adding he couldn't admit he didn't love her. Sean has to put it straight to her for the last time that he loved her once, but he doesn't anymore, and says goodbye to Natalie. Ian is convinced Luis will not be able to cut it as a manager, and the job will be given back to him in no time, so tells Jerry he will be sticking around until the end of the season. Sean and Mica stand at the alter and take their vows, and become husband and wife, again.




·          Last appearances of Des Baker (Bill Fellows) and Natalie Hocknell (Helen Latham)


The Best: Des’s final scene. Almost parallel to his first back in #1.1 where he was heard on the answerphone, now departing with the reading of his words in a letter. Natalie’s indecision over which Hocknell brother she loved this month did become tiresome, but a nice final shot of her with a tear in the back of a taxi, defeated. Ian sarcastically putting forward Billy O'Neill as a new reserve team coach in response to Jerry making him player-manager Fletch having Felicia wound up with his cracks on how Sean and Natalie have run off together.



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