Season 2 Episode 51

Episode 115


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 23rd February 1999


Written By

Ian Ridley


Directed By

Currently Unknown


GS: Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)


It is Luis's first day as first team manager, and with Jimmy Russell injured, he makes Fletch his captain for the match against Chelsea tonight. In the youth team dressing room, Frank assures the lads he is back as their boss full-time. Frank tells Leon and Alex how Luis wants them for set-piece shadow plays with the first team. At the close of the first team's training session, Luis asks Frank for a good wing-back to sit on the bench as a further option against Chelsea. Frank says Leon did OK against Spurs but Alex may be more suited to the role, so Luis tells Alex he will join them for today. Alex is smug towards a deflated Leon. Luis starts limping, and asks Trudi if she'll look at his calf this afternoon at The Grange.


Luis is in his room when room service delivers a bunch of red roses. They are from Lynda. Trudi arrives and catches sight of the roses, which Luis explains away as being from a good friend. Jerry and Coates observe Luis during formation, and Coates takes great pleasure in pointing out Luis's faults in front of Jerry. Notably how Vialli is leaving himself out, which Luis would have learned if he hadn't turned Sky down for a pre-match interview, and how Dennis Wise will not be playing due to suspension. Later, Coates makes sure to mention Luis's calf strain to the cameras before kick-off.


Leon dodges out of watching the game with Frank and the youth team, although Frank knows it is because he doesn't want to watch Alex and is disappointed he was picked over him. Leon tells Julie he has gotten through two weeks of drug tests clean, and Julie reminds him to be careful as they are sure Alex will try something again. When Mica remarks on how everyone does seem to love Luis, Lynda smiles at her and turns to see if Jerry has noticed. He is still watching the screen of course. In the dressing room, Luis announces he will not be starting tonight due to his injury. Jerry is flabbergasted by this decision when it is announced over the tannoy.


At half time Harchester are two nil down, and the team, particularly Fletch and Sean, lay into Luis’s poor form. He takes Sean off to put himself on. Alex also comes on from the bench. John is booked to mar a solid debut. After Leon bumps into Jerry and brakes several champagne glasses, Julie is worried it will be taken out of their wages. When Leon says he'll pay, he remarks on how it's not like he doesn't owe a lot to Jerry anyway, which leads to him confiding in Julie about the fifty grand debacle with Billy.


A goal from Fletch’s left foot isn’t enough to save The Dragon’s fortunes, and they lose 3-0. Inside the dressing room, Fletch and John are warring over who was to blame for the result, whilst Sean holds Luis responsible. Luis is called out to the tunnel for an interview with Andy Gray in the Sky Sports studio. But after only a few questions on him being asked did he feel he made some mistakes tonight being new to management, Luis walks out of the interview. The group of Jerry, Coates, Frank and Lynda are watching the interview on TV. Jerry cannot believe what sort of night Luis has had, whilst Lynda is sympathetic to Luis, and Coates is satisfied things are going his way.




·          The Best: Lynda/Luis scenes as she comes to wish him well for his first match in charge, and that she'll be thinking of him, as he will her.


Quotes: Mica, when Lynda asks if she knows where Natalie is: "No... When we got home from the blessing, all her stuff had gone. Since then we haven't heard a thing.. (A delicate pause) I don't think we will now." Both women know what is meant by this.


·          Foreshadowing: The 'Keep Smiling' Polaroid of Lynda Luis took at the indoor picnic, placed inside the roses, makes a re-appearance in 3.5 (#145) after Lynda fears Luis has died in the plane crash.


Additional Info: Leon asks Frank about Des, and Frank says he will be bringing in a new hostel manager soon. This episode sees the debut of the purple and black club suits, which Trudi mentions is Luis's input of wanting them to look like a team when they travel. Although this is more of a return to the attire as they were present within the club as early as 1980 as seen in DT80's, and absent again between Season 6-8 before making a return in S9-10. John’s booking is his fourth this season, with three carried over from Leyton Orient.


·          What Was The Score?: During the first half, a cross from the right by Goldbaek sees Zola slot one in. Its two in two minutes with a header from Gustavo Poyet. A goal slotted in by Fletch takes Harchester one up. Zola scores his second, and Chelsea's third goal of the match just as the full time whistle goes.


Soundtrack: The Cardigans: "My Favourite Game".


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