Season 2 Episode 57

Episode 121


Sky One Transmission Date:

Tuesday 16th March 1999


Written By

Currently Unknown


Directed By

Currently Unknown


Fletch, Luis



Alex, Denise



Eric Hall, Fletch



Eric Hardwick

GS: Trudi Payton (Shelly Minto)  Eric Hardwick (Jonathan Magnanti)  Eric Hall (as himself)


Jerry tells Luis he is messing with the one thing in the world he loves, and Luis fears he has learned about he and Lynda. Jerry is actually talking about his football club, and reminds Luis how important the Birmingham game is next week, for if they are not in the cup, they are not in Europe, which puts Jerry's plans for the new stadium in jeopardy. As the youth team train, Trudi informs Frank that Eric Hardwick is coming from the FA to inspect the hostel, and he instructs her to get over there before him, and if she finds anything that shouldn't be there, to get rid of it!


Frank tells the youth team of the inspection and that he will know if any of them had drugs because Trudi will find them, and Alex suddenly claims he is feeling ill. Frank sends him off to see the club doctor, and Billy tells Leon he is sure Alex is faking so he can plant more stuff in their rooms. Coates can tell Luis is lacking authority with the lads, and when Fletch answers him back, Coates advises Luis should drop Fletch as captain and give the role to John, as it was one of the reasons he brought him in.


Alex makes a mad dash to the academy, where he finds Trudi just in time, and spins her his story about being unwell. When she goes to fetch him Paracetamol, Alex removes his drugs from the roof of a drawer. When Fletch repeatedly fails to follow Luis's formation during training, and Franco Rossi is injured in the process, he and Luis have a public spat resulting in Luis dropping Fletch as captain and replacing him with John - just like Ian wanted.


When Alex gets his chance, he tapes the drugs to the back of the photo of Leon's son on his bedside table. He then sprints to Denise's house where he is about to hide the rest of his stash when she walks in and catches him. Denise doesn't believe Alex's story that the drugs are Adi's and he forgot he had been hiding them for him. She warns her son that if anything else involving drugs comes up at the hostel she will be taking what she’s found to Frank, and Alex's career will be over.


Ian and Luis are surprised when Fletch turns up with his "Monster Agent" Eric Hall, who has a proposition for them. Real Betis want to buy both Luis and Fletch for seven million pounds. Fletch tries to convince Luis it is a great offer for them both, it will get Luis noticed by the Argentinean manager and he's too young to be a manager himself at Harchester anyway. Later, Coates confides in Helen that he's going to do all he can to stop the deal from going through, as even if he is made manager by Jerry again, he'll need both Luis and Fletch to keep winning the games. Jerry is irate at the deal and accuses Ian of allowing two of their best strikers to be approached.


Things get worse for Ian when Luis tells him although he feels he cannot play as well when he is also manager, things can't go back to the way they were with Ian being his manager, as Luis has since been promoted. Eric Hardwick begins his inspection in Billy and Leon's room, and Alex makes another flustered arrival to retrieve the drugs he planted earlier. Hardwick picks up the picture of Clayton and comes close to feeling the drugs taped to the back. Alex sprints down the corridor and hits the fire alarm to get them all out. Billy has seen the drugs but Frank orders them out for the drill, and Alex makes it back to collect the stash. Outside, Billy lets Alex know he is wise to him and the two have a scrap just out of sight of Hardwick, who is distracted away by Frank while Trudi and Helen break the boys apart.




·          Foreshadowing: Fletch’s desire to get out of Harchester and make a name for himself in European football is evident here, and followed with his departure to Real Mallorca this summer. In contrast to his stance later, being a Harchester legend isn’t a priority at this stage as it is in Season 4-7.


Additional Info: Harchester are presently tenth in the League. Fletch is well and truly fed up since being asked to move out of the house with Sean and into The Grange in place of Mica.


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