Note: Season 2's episode placings and airdates are still a work-in-progress. At present, details for 2.1 - 2.13 and 2.75 - 2.76 are correct, while everything else is subject to change.



Producer of Football Rod Brown   Producers Carson Black, Lizzie Becker   Executive Producer Jane Hewland

(OPEN) 2.1 (#65)

 Tuesday 1st September 1998

Sean has settled into first team life, but is thrown by Natalie's return. Julie takes a shine to Warren after a spot of revenge. The new youth team hostel opens, but Lynette is far from happy about the privacy. And Billy and Leon get an unexpected windfall.

2.2 (#66)

 Thursday 3rd September 1998

The new educational welfare officer arrives.

2.3 (#67)

 Tuesday 8th September 1998

 Helen’s lessons go from bad to worse.

(OPEN) 2.4 (#68)

 Thursday 10th September 1998

How will Frank deal with Helen after her drunken exploits? Frank tells an embarrassed Helen he will have to let her go. Denise and Frank visit Alex at the young offenders. Jerry's deal with Councillor Lal moves up a step, while Lynda notices Natalie's bruises.

2.5 (#69)

 Tuesday 15th September 1998


2.6 (#70)

 Thursday 17th September 1998

Dean is back - but what is he hiding behind a menacing presence?

(OPEN) 2.7 (#71)

 Tuesday 22nd September 1998

Is Natalie willing to give Dean a last chance? Alex is released from the home and immediately sets about making his mark in the youth team. Lynette has an ultimatum for Des. When Natalie returns to Turkey with Dean, Lynda informs Sean just what his brother has done.

2.8 (#72)

 Thursday 24th September 1998

Jerry provides Frank with a new goalkeeper. Lynette leaves for her job on a cruise ship for three months.

2.9 (#73)

 Tuesday 29th September 1998


2.10 (#74)

 Thursday 1st October 1998


(OPEN) 2.11 (#75)

 Tuesday 6th October 1998

Argentinean Luis Amor Rodriguez gets a mixed reception from the Harchester fans. And Jerry may well regret introducing him to Lynda. Some interesting words from Frank see Alex step up his games with Hari. And Des is struggling since Lynette left.

(OPEN) 2.12 (#76)

 Thursday 8th October 1998

Sean gets an unexpected visitor. Sean and Lynda are worried sick when Natalie is hospitalised following another beating from Dean. Hari has a nightmare in goal as the Under 19's face their Arsenal opponents, while Luis scores on his debut.

(OPEN) 2.13 (#77)

 Tuesday 13th October 1998

Natalie has decided she cannot keep Dean's baby. Alex is presented with the golden opportunity to take revenge on Hari. Warren fears his career is over, and lashes out at those who try and be there for him.

2.14 (#78)

 Thursday 15th October 1998


2.15 (#79)

 Tuesday 20th October 1998


2.16 (#80)

 Thursday 22nd October 1998


2.17 (#81)

 Tuesday 27th October 1998

Lal’s indecisiveness threatens the plans for the new stadium.

2.18 (#82)

 Thursday 29th October 1998

Harchester 2000 is launched.

2.19 (#83)

 Tuesday 3rd November 1998


2.20 (#84)

 Thursday 5th November 1998


2.21 (#85)

 Tuesday 10th November 1998

Billy and Leon have to face up to the consequences of their rooftop chase.

2.22 (#86)

 Thursday 12th November 1998

Coates tries to persuade Helen to stay.

2.23 (#87)

 Tuesday 17th November 1998


2.24 (#88)

 Thursday 19th November 1998


2.25 (#89)

 Tuesday 24th November 1998

The youth team are sick of Billy’s bragging and decide to teach him a lesson. Billy is excited for his place on the bench at Highbury. Des tries to persuade Helen into coming back. Leon and Clare have a meeting of minds, as does Luis with a flamboyant landlady!

2.26 (#90)

 Thursday 26th November 1998

Warren hopes to revive his relationship with Julie.

2.27 (#91)

 Tuesday 1st December 1998


2.28 (#92)

 Thursday 3rd December 1998


2.29 (#93)

 Tuesday 8th December 1998


2.30 (#94)

 Thursday 10th December 1998


2.31 (#95)

 Tuesday 15th December 1998


2.32 (#96)

 Thursday 17th December 1998


2.33 (#97)

 Tuesday 22nd December 1998


2.34 (#98)

 Thursday 24th December 1998

Helen is anxious around Des after their night together, but feels worse when she learns Ian has young children. Des gets a houseful having been prepared to spend Christmas alone, and Warren is not happy to see Mica, his long-lost sister, turn up.

2.35 (#99)

 Tuesday 29th December 1998


2.36 (#100)

 Thursday 31st December 1998

When Fletch and Sean get food poisoning, Billy and Alex are on for the Charlton game. Helen is forced to spend the match next to Ingrid and the children! Mica entices Julie into her scheme, and Ian loses it with the referee in front of the TV cameras.

2.37 (#101)

 Tuesday 5th January 1999


2.38 (#102)

 Thursday 7th January 1999


2.39 (#103)

 Tuesday 12th January 1999


2.40 (#104)

 Thursday 14th January 1999


2.41 (#105)

 Tuesday 19th January 1999

Frank is in charge as the first team face Barnsley in the FA Cup Third Round. Ian just can't keep away despite his suspension. Helen learns about Ian's alcoholic past from Ingrid, who is then shocked to learn she has confided in her husband's lover.

2.42 (#106)

 Thursday 21st January 1999


2.43 (#107)

 Tuesday 26th January 1999


2.44 (#108)

 Thursday 28th January 1999


2.45 (#109)

 Tuesday 2nd February 1999


2.46 (#110)

 Thursday 4th February 1999

Sean and Mica return from Las Vegas with a surprise announcement. Jerry drags Fletch and Sean canvasing with Des on polling day. Alex drugs Leon, while Lynda is lonely for Luis. And Julie's concern for Warren leads to a shock discovery.

2.47 (#111)

 Tuesday 9th February 1999


2.48 (#112)

 Thursday 11th February 1999


2.49 (#113)

 Tuesday 16th February 1999


2.50 (#114)

 Thursday 18th February 1999


2.51 (#115)

 Tuesday 23rd February 1999

Natalie's arrival causes drama at Sean and Mica's pre-blessing party. While Julie and Kelly find the situation entertaining, Natalie admits to Lynda she loves Sean. Ian and John spend a night at Walthamstow dogs, and look forward to his signing.

2.52 (#116)

Thursday 25th February 1999


2.53 (#117)

 Tuesday 2nd March 1999

Leon makes his debut against Spurs in the FA Cup Fifth Round. Helen's worry for Des sees him open up about the mistakes he made with his family. The wedding rehearsal gets even more awkward when Natalie has to take Sean's role at the alter.

2.54 (#118)

 Thursday 4th March 1999

Natalie pleads with Sean to come back to her, but he decides to let her go and marries Mica. Helen and Frank are shocked to discover Des has left Harchester. Jerry reveals his plans for a shake-up at the club, including new roles for Ian and Luis.

2.55 (#119)

 Tuesday 9th March 1999


2.56 (#120)

 Thursday 11th March 1999


2.57 (#121)

 Tuesday 16th March 1999


2.58 (#122)

 Thursday 18th March 1999


2.59 (#123)

 Tuesday 23rd March 1999


2.60 (#124)

 Thursday 25th March 1999

Alex's attempt to plant drugs in Leon's room backfires, when Denise warns she will turn him in to Frank if anymore turn up. When out to retrieve the drugs at the hostel, Alex is shocked to find an inspection taking place! Luis drops Fletch as captain.

2.61 (#125)

 Tuesday 30th March 1999

Harchester travel to St. Andrews to face Birmingham for their place in the FA Cup Semi-Finals. Ian and Luis continue to clash over their differing managerial styles. Kelly and Julie endure travelling dillemmas. Harchester secure their place at extra time.

2.62 (#126)

 Thursday 1st April 1999


2.63 (#127)

 Tuesday 6th April 1999


2.64 (#128)

 Thursday 8th April 1999

Mica confides to Julie that she feels unwanted by Sean. Travelling to the team's hotel, Mica gets drunk and tries it on with Luis, but injures herself as he pushes her away. Embarrassed in front of Ian, Jerry and Lynda, Mica claims Luis attacked her.

2.65 (#129)

 Tuesday 13th April 1999

Plotting to get his job back, Ian informs Sean of what Mica is saying Luis did, prompting Sean to charge at Luis. Sean misses the important game against Charlton to Fletch and Jerry's annoyance. At the house, Sean and Mica are besieged by reporters.

2.66 (#130)

 Thursday 15th April 1999

Ian tries to sell the stories of Lynda and Luis' affair and Mica's allegations to Bob Adams. The Dragons celebrate securing their place at the FA Cup final, with Leon the star of the match. Lynda is worried when Jerry offers Luis a ten-year contract.

2.67 (#131)

 Tuesday 20th April 1999

Mica goes ahead with her police statement that Luis attacked her. Lynda and Luis think they are safe, unaware Jerry has seen the two of them together!

2.68 (#132)

 Thursday 22nd April 1999

The team record their FA Cup Final song - and Kelly gets in on the action! Leon is bothered by Clare working for Alex's mother. Lynda tries to persuade Mica to drop the charges. Ian discovers the truth of what really happened with Luis and Mica.

2.69 (#133)

 Tuesday 27th April 1999


2.70 (#134)

Thursday 29th April 1999


2.71 (#135)

 Tuesday 4th May 1999


2.72 (#136)

 Thursday 6th May 1999

Harchester suffer an embarrassing defeat to Coventry. Fletch and John Black suffer injures, while Luis and Sean's fight sees both red carded. Helen discovers the phone and learns what Ian's been hiding. She is rumbled by Ian, who turns threatening.

2.73 (#137)

 Tuesday 11th May 1999

Helen tries to make a run for it - straight into the path of Luis' car! At the hospital, Ian is powerless to stop her revealing all about the voice message. Leon is determined to keep Clayton away from Alex. Jerry reveals the new stadium is on its way.

2.74 (#138)

 Thursday 13th May 1999

With the truth out, Mica is left with no option but to leave Harchester. Although cleared at last, Luis resentfully walks out on the team.

2.75 (#139)

 Tuesday 18th May 1999

The team leave for Wembley and the FA Cup Final, as Ian is losing grip on reality, believing he is still manager. Clare is frantic when Leon disappears with Clayton, and Billy gives Denise the truth about her son when Alex gets Leon's place in the squad. A regretful Sean convinces Luis to return for the all-important game. While Helen and Lynda plan their escapes from Harchester, Jerry is determined to stop Luis taking his wife to Argentina, and concocts a deadly plot.

2.76 (#140)

 Thursday 20th May 1999

Leon returns Clayton to Clare, with the truth about Alex revealed. Denise goes to Frank, but has to admit she knew her son brought drugs to the hostel. Luis drops Alex and Leon returns to the squad. Alex blames his mother for finishing him in Harchester. Ian threatens Luis in the dressing room before being taken away by the police, a broken man. Lynda admits all to Jerry. Harchester beat Manchester United to win the FA Cup, in the celebrations afterwards Mr MacKinlay strikes with a gunshot - but who has been hit?

Unknown episode between 2.13 - 2.24 [October/November 1998]:

Councillor Lal's accusations that Hari was racially bullied out of the youth team bring an FA investigation to Harchester. Helen feels she needs to voice her concerns, but Frank thinks this will further condemn him. Julie tries to cheer Warren up, while Natalie and Lynda enjoy Luis and Fletch's attempts to romance Mrs. Block!