Press Articles (written)


This section contains both media articles for Dream Team and pieces written specially for the site. All sources credited.





NEW 21/02/17 ½  DT@20 Articles: Frank Stone and how Dream Team handled the story of a gay footballer. With new comment from the man behind Frank, actor Colin Parry.

08/02/15 ½  Article by Carl on his taking of the Millennium Stadium tour and checking out the locations used during Dream Team's visits for four Season 8 and 9 episodes.

01/05/14 ½  Number of online articles written following the death of Pedro Cunha, who played Hector Da Silva in DT Season 9. Translated from Spanish and Portuguese into English.

03/12/09  ½ Sports reporter Carl Field's interview with Junior McDougald for the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen, discussing Junior's signing for Bedford in December 2009 and how he appeared as a team player in the middle seasons of DT [posted on DTdh 10.09.14]


28/03/08 ½  BBC606 article on the bizarre proposition to rename Mansfield Town Football Club Harchester United by a potential buyer in 2008 [posted on DTdh 14.01.12]


29/10/06 ½ Dedicated to female personalities who bare all, counted down their top ten DT females ahead of Season 10's opening episode airing [posted on DTdh 14.01.12]

17/04/06 ½  Clemency Burton-Hill's (Georgina Jacobs) Guardian article on Dream Team's cancellation and her time on the show [posted on DTdh 09.07.11]

11/04/06 ½  Jane Hewland's interview with Maggie Brown on regarding Dream Team's cancellation [posted on DTdh 04.07.11]