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This section contains both media articles for Dream Team and pieces written specially for the site. All sources credited.





NEW 18/10/17 ½ As part of their Dream Team Week, long-time DT supporting sports super-site included me for a piece in their 20th Anniversary series of articles "Was 'Dream Team' Actually Good? We Asked The Last True Harchester United Die-Hard"

31/07/17 ½  DT@20 Articles: What Became of the 13 Original Cast from Dream Team's beginning. Third 20th anniversary article looking at that special cast from the first episode.

29/04/17 ½  DT@20 Articles: 15 Characters who could have been brilliant... but weren't around long enough! Second article in our anniversary series, celebrating Dream Team's most underrated.

21/02/17 ½  DT@20 Articles: Frank Stone and how Dream Team handled the story of a gay footballer. With new comment from the man behind Frank, actor Colin Parry.

13/09/16 ½  Piece by Jonny Sharples on, where he speaks to Neil Newbon (Luke) and bags the only interview with Terry Kiely (Fletch) since the show finished!

12/07/16 ½  Piece by Steven Fyfe on his blog L.I.F.E. (Living In Fyfe's Eyes), with new comment and quotes from Daymon Britton (Sean), Phil Barantini (Billy), Marem Hassler (Pilar) and James William Watts (Lee)

08/02/15 ½  Article by Carl on his taking of the Millennium Stadium tour and checking out the locations used during Dream Team's visits for four Season 8 and 9 episodes.

01/05/14 ½  Number of online articles written following the death of Pedro Cunha, who played Hector Da Silva in DT Season 9. Translated from Spanish and Portuguese into English.

03/12/09  ½ Sports reporter Carl Field's interview with Junior McDougald for the Bedfordshire Times and Citizen, discussing Junior's signing for Bedford in December 2009 and how he appeared as a team player in the middle seasons of DT [posted on DTdh 10.09.14]


28/03/08 ½  BBC606 article on the bizarre proposition to rename Mansfield Town Football Club Harchester United by a potential buyer in 2008 [posted on DTdh 14.01.12]


29/10/06 ½ Dedicated to female personalities who bare all, counted down their top ten DT females ahead of Season 10's opening episode airing [posted on DTdh 14.01.12]

17/04/06 ½  Clemency Burton-Hill's (Georgina Jacobs) Guardian article on Dream Team's cancellation and her time on the show [posted on DTdh 09.07.11]

11/04/06 ½  Jane Hewland's interview with Maggie Brown on regarding Dream Team's cancellation [posted on DTdh 04.07.11]