I thought this article was too good not to include. You can really tell the writer was a long-term fan of the show for all the details big and small they included. The only things I’d have differently in my own top 10 females would be Georgia Zaris (Claudia) at No.1 and Jessica-Jane Clement (Cindi) would be included.


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Sunday, October 29, 2006


UK TV highlights for the coming week (by BC)


After nine series and one spin-off prequel, the tenth and final season of Sky One's highly successful, sexy, football drama Dream Team - about life around fictional Premiership club Harchester United (the FA Cup holders!) - gets underway on Sunday evening and repeated over the following week. Kirsty Gallacher, Rebecca Loos and even Jordan have guested on the show, but even they are excluded from this special salute to the sexiest stars of the show in recent times.


It is, of course, just my opinion and doesn't represent the views of nudography or maybe even yourself, if you're a loyal viewer of the show, or would even get the popular vote, but its just a fun way to pay tribute to some brilliant casting, brilliant cast, flashes of skin and some of the key storylines.


10 - Cassandra Bell (who played Nichole Caskey) I think she's the girl with the unusual, but very nice, lips in the long-running Carlsberg nightclubs advert and has since gone on to more tv and film work. Her character wasnt around for too long on the show and was a victim of life in a tragedy hit season in the Championship. Although the team went back to the Premiership through the play offs, the "bad egg" former manager drove his car into the team coach at the end wiping out her husband and many of his team mates.


9 - Naomi Ryan (who plays Ashleigh King) physio turned assistant who looks great in a dress. Unfortunately her character has memory black outs and at the end of last season was framed for the death of player/owner Casper Rose.


8 - Alison King (who plays Lynda Block) Long serving key cast member and back in charge. Glamourous, sexy, but with a dark edge. Her life is like the club - many highs and low points.


7 - Rachel Brady (who played Abi Fletcher) Nurse to Dragons hero Karl Fletcher on his recovery from a serious coach crash on route to a UEFA Cup final a few years back, she eventually married her patient. Things didn't run smoothly though, but she won a lot of hearts on and off screen for her time on Dream Team.


6 - Kara Tointon (who played Gina Moliano) When Fletch returned to Harchester from abroad, smart thinking Gina was with him. Young, beautiful and quick thinking she landed the difficult position between players and management in that tragic season where before the former manager drove into the team coach he killed Karl in a changing room scuffle before stashing his body in the boot of the resulting exploding car.


5 - difficult now! Top five time. Karen Ferrari (who played Chelsea Wright) Don't tell her husband (Dragons legendary keeper Viv "Jaws" Wright, who guided them through the playoff and back to the top flight, but was said by the police to be missing, presumed dead after the coach explosion) but I've seen the topless model photos of his wife! (Karen, away from the show) I don't want him coming after me, like others whom he will should he return from the dead!


4 - Marem Hernandez (who played Pilar Hernandez) Another unpopular character who took charge during a power struggle for the club. A real tough businesswoman who made unpopular and dangerous decisions, a bit of a "Joan Collins" character. However, with her looks can you just imagine her alone with you in the boardroom taking control over the long table!


3 - Angela Saunders (who played Natasha Parker) Wife of another popular goalkeeper Jamie, "Tash" was a model who wanted to follow her father into being a football agent. She tried to stand by her man upto another tragic ending where Jamie was shot dead by a police marksman after holding the team hostage in the changing rooms and trying to give himself up. Angela has appeared in sexy photo shoots for FHM and other mens magazines.


2 - Georgia Zaris (who played Claudia Irving) Never afraid of getting her kit off! In a bikini, a topless shower scene, posing with footballs covering her assets and trying to lure a young manager into hot water! She was the daughter of a past owner Sam Irving and had a sexy, ambitious image trying to make good in a mans world. Her character was killed in the coach crash mentioned earlier that Fletch recovered from.


1 - for me, at the moment, it has to be Julie Healy (who plays Chloe Tyler). Julie is the Storm Agency model who took to the show like one last season as a football agent and partner to player Liam MacKay. She even provided a little more than perhaps permitted in a bedroom scene with a stunning see-thru nip slip.


Before the gates shut on the Dragons' Lair for the last time, its almost certain the show will continue to provide more gorgeous new talent and stunning moments ... and thats not just contained to the drama!