Pedro Cunha, who played Brazilian Attacking Midfielder Hector Da Silva in Dream Team for 18 episodes in Season 9, passed away on Monday 28th April 2014 aged 33. Due to the absence of any article printed in English marking his passing, I felt the viewers who saw Pedro’s work in Britain should be able to see what is being said. Below are a number of articles accompanied by links to their original Spanish and Portuguese text. Forgive some of the discrepancies, this was done in Google Translate.

Died Portuguese actor Pedro Cunha ( updated news )

Actor 33 years participated in the Risk series and telenovelas Rosa Fire and Doida by Ti was found at home with a bag on his head .
The Portuguese Pedro Cunha actor was found dead this Monday, April 28 , victim of suicide.

According to the Morning Post , Pedro Cunha have died at 10h00 , at his home in chelas , in Lisbon , where he was found with a bag on his head .

The police immediately pulled the possibility of third party intervention, the same newspaper writes .

 " Pedro was out of work a long time and this is a very harsh reality . Some people think that artists are lucky , they are rich , but it is not true . Many starve . 's That even when there is no work , no security social to pay , "he told the Morning Post Oak girlfriend Paula , who knew him since 2001 .

At the same newspaper, Pink Corner , who worked with Pedro Cunha in the novel Rosa Fire, said : "We were very good friends since contracenámos was an extraordinary person is a great loss , crazy I can not understand what happened he was . . . . sick and no one could grab the time this act of desperation . was without work for a long time , but it was really talented. "

Pedro Cunha debuted on television in 1997 in the RTP Risk series , and later participated in soap operas Eyes Water , Fire Rose ( which originated the role of Sergei ) and Doida for You

Internationally , the Portuguese came into English productions ( Dream Team) and Spanish ( Circle Rojo ) , also representing the Aristides de Sousa Mendes films - The Consul of Bordeaux and A Thousand and One Truth .

On Sunday night , Pedro Cunha, who was 33, put your picture on Facebook , black and white , and the song " My Immortal " , Evanescence of .

In 2013 , the actor was rescued by firefighters after falling into the river on the river Sorraia in Porto Alto in Benavente . At the time , it was speculated that , rather than an accident , the fall had been a suicide attempt . The actor was then hospitalized in Vila Franca de Gaia .

Died actor Pedro Cunha

Actor Pedro Cunha, who already in 2013 had tried to commit suicide by throwing himself off a bridge, was found dead on Monday (28). The news was released moments ago by Hernani Carvalho in, the SIC program 'Dear Mornings'.

The last TV project of actor 33 years had been the novel of TVI 'crazy about you' in 2011.

Last post by Pedro Cunha was put on Facebook yesterday (27) around 22.00 with a simple picture of black and white. Shortly before had shared the song 'My Immortal' by Evanescence group.

The actor Pedro Cunha, 33, died this morning at his home in chelas, reports the Morning Post.
According to information gathered by the newspaper, the actor may have committed suicide.
There are about a year, the actor had been hospitalized in Vila Franca de Gaia after a fall from the bridge over the River Sorraia, in Benavente.
Pedro Cunha had its premiere in the "Risk" series on RTP and participated throughout his career in series and short films.
Participated in the novel "Eyes of Water" and more recently in "Rosa Fogo" in the role of Sergei and "crazy about you", novel by TVI displayed.
In the actor's Facebook page are now several demonstrations of fans to his death.

Actor was found dead on Monday

The actor's body was cremated by Pedro Cunha 17h on Wednesday in Groves Cemetery. The actor was found dead at home last Monday, choking victim.

The body of Pedro Cunha was yesterday at the Church of St. John de Brito, in Alvalade, Lisbon, to the top of the funeral.

His last appearance on the soap opera actor was "crazy about you", TVI.

Remember that for about a year, the actor had been hospitalized in Vila Franca de Gaia, following a fall from the bridge over the River Sorraia.

Pedro Cunha debuted in "Risk" series on RTP. In "Fire Rose" was a hit with the character Sergei, a Russian who falls in love with Ana (played by Andreia Dinis), the daughter of a couple who supported him.

The actor was 33.