What Became of the 13 Original Cast from Dream Team’s Beginning?

JULY 31, 2017


The original cast at a show’s beginning are special. As we’ve seen with big anniversaries celebrated by shows like “Coronation Street” and “EastEnders”, the careers since and present whereabouts of those who kicked things off are always revisited. Now as Dream Team turns 20, we look at where those regulars we were introduced to in that first episode headed after they left Harchester United behind.




DARREN MORFITT (Dean Hocknell)




Appeared Season 1-2


Darren played Dean Hocknell, youth team captain who was promoted to the first team in the first episode. Dean was dating Lucy, daughter of youth team manager Frank Patcham, but cheated on her with Chairman's daughter Georgina. He later married Natalie and was sold to Galatasaray. Interestingly, Dean was originally written as the central character we were supposed to see as a hero. This outline was later abandoned in favour of Fletch, who emerged as the male lead and even took over the brotherly relationship with Sean, while Dean became a wife-beater.


Darren was still filming Dream Team when he landed his next regular role, Simon Purvis in "Grafters", and thus Dean was sent on loan to Italy whilst he filmed the first of two series. Other television regular roles have since followed, including DS Patrick Yates in "55 Degrees North", another detective DC Mark Leko in "Top Boy" and Shay in "Jericho". Further TV guest roles include "Doctor Who", "Line of Duty", "In The Flesh", "The Driver", "DCI Banks", and the mini-series' "A Dinner of Herbs", "The Passion", "Father & Son", and 2017's "Apple Tree Yard".


Success for Darren continues on the film side of things. His TV Movie credits include "The Murder of Stephen Lawrence", Pte. Peter Skeet in “Warriors”, "Innocents", "The Government Inspector", Jesus in drama musical "Manchester Passion" and "Restless". Film roles include 'Spoon' Witherspoon in “Dog Soldiers", Swift in "Harrigan", "Doomsday", "Now Is Good", "How I Live Now" and 2016's "K-Shop".

KATY NEWELL (Lynette Baker)


Appeared Season 1-2




Katy played Lynette Baker. A wife, mother, digs landlord and club secretary, she held two honours of not only being the first Dream Team character to speak the first line in the show, but was also the unofficial "series mom" to all of the characters, a role which became obsolete by the time the series left the youth team setting behind at the beginning of Season 3. She had a rich history at Harchester United, being the once girlfriend of chairman Michael Jacobs, and a key storyline revolved around the possibility Lynette and Des' daughter Zoe could be Michael's. Lynette becomes disillusioned with the football lifestyle when Des moves them to a bigger facility, and leaves to indulge in the entertainment scene on a cruise ship early in Season 2.


Katy already had a flourishing career behind her when she started on Dream Team. A graduate of Italia Conti theatre arts school, her TV career kick started with the classic "Grange Hill" during its vintage early years, followed by the equally iconic "Brookside", and other regular roles in "S.W.A.L.K.", "Valentine Park" and "Treasures of the Mindlord". Guest appearances also included "Shine on Harvey Moon", "The Upper Hand", "Lovejoy" and was present at the delivery of Cindy Beale's son Steven in "EastEnders".



Katy is amongst the many Dream Team actresses who have taken time out from television and stage acting to concentrate on raising a family. During this time away, she has embarked on a new path coaching young children on the prospect of entering the performing arts and industry. This included an 11-year position with Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd, in which she directed, produced, and wrote scripts and songs for many of the productions that were staged, with a hand in the casting too.


Katy is now back on the acting scene herself, with several theatre roles, one of which "Honk" she played three roles in. She was the audio book reader of Mike Nance's "Freeing Samakan - A Fairy Tale From Teignmouth", and on the screen side of things, played Countess Grimm in "Sisters Grimm" and 2016's "Mob Handed".



MICHAEL LEGGE (Conor McCarthy)




Appeared Season 1


Michael played Conor McCarthy, the shy, sensitive 16-year-old who had left his home in Northern Ireland to join Harchester's youth team. Sweet-natured Conor was in love with Zoe, and later became part of probably the first iconic Dream Team pairing of mates with team badboy Warren Masters. The unlikely duo worked so well, with Conor often being led astray by, and then trying to be the voice of reason to the unpredictable Warren. When Frank tells him he won’t be offering him a pro contract, Conor decides to quit football.


Michael's beginnings were in theatre in his Northern Ireland hometown, a craft he has continued across various productions on the London stage scene. He made his screen acting debut in Graham Reid's "The Precious Blood", followed by the teenaged Frank McCourt in his acclaimed biographical memoir-turned-film "Angela's Ashes", directed by Alan Parker. His role in the film "Cowboys & Angels" won him a best actor award at the Dallas Out Takes. Other movie roles have included "Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?", "Dunkirk", the multi-award winning television film "Omagh" and 2012's "Tower Block".



Michael's television credits include the Irish produced drama series "The Big Bow Wow", the prominent regular role Tom O'Leary in three series of Channel 4's "Shameless", and another regular role in the sci-fi drama "Outcasts". For the last several years, Michael has been providing the voice of Luke for both the UK & US shows of "Thomas & Friends", to date appearing in up to eight separate productions of the 'Tank Engine' series. He has also written and directed his own documentary short "The Record Store Day Film".


Michael is also one of the many DT-alumni with a career of his own outside of acting. He is a qualified therapist, working out of both The Refinery in Mayfair, London (known as one of the most respected men's salons in the country), and at his own clinic London Fields in East London.



JOHN SALTHOUSE (Frank Patcham)




Appeared Season 1-3 & 10


John played Frank Patcham, Harchester's youth team manager and father to Lucy. With his legendary motto "Play the game. Not the occasion", he trained Harchester's rising stars, and although seen as a tough task master, Frank wanted to get the best out of his lads knowing their major skill could take them all the way. His passion was moulding the youth team, though he had a brief, successful spell as caretaker for the first team and assisted new manager Luis Amor Rodriguez, before leaving for Bristol City's youth team.


Another of the experienced pro's in amongst the new young talent at Dream Team's beginning, John Salthouse had a long and eventful career behind him in acting, though he started as a professional footballer with Crystal Palace until an injury forced him to retire in the 1960's. He was met with great success from the 70's onwards when he originated the role of Tony in Mike Leigh's legendary "Abigail's Party", and appearing in films such as "A Bridge Too Far", "The Spy Who Loved Me", "An American Werewolf in London", and "Give My Regards to Broad Street". Going into the 80's, TV audiences took to him as "The Bill"'s first hardman detective, D.I. Roy Galloway across the drama’s first three series.



After Frank's departure from Harchester United, John stayed with the show but moved behind the camera, producing the series alongside Jane Hewland in Seasons 3 and 4. Five years later he returned to production as Series Producer for Dream Team 80’s, followed by a return to his former role as Executive Producer for Dream Team Season 10. John's other production credits include being a writer and advisor on the series "Hero to Zero" and he was one of the producers on the "Is Harry on the Boat?" TV movie, also appearing in the TV series of the same title.


John was another star of fellow Hewland-made "Daylight Robbery", and other roles have included the TV movies "Dirty Filthy Love", and "The Secretary Who Stole £4 Million". Recently, he made guest appearances in episodes of "Silk", "Unforgotten" and had a notable role in the well-received TV mini-series "The Great Train Robbery" in 2013.



DAYMON BRITTON (Sean Hocknell)




Appeared Season 1-3


Daymon played Sean Hocknell. Sean was the wise-cracking loveable Geordie, always on the lookout for fun with trouble never far behind. He'd always felt in the shadow of his older brother Dean, and under the watchful eye of Frank Patcham who set about moulding Sean to believe he could be just as good as his brother. His closest friends were Vincent, followed by the legendary bromance between he and Fletch. He carried a torch for Zoe, romanced Trudi, but his heart belonged to Natalie... only for the small fact she was marrying his brother! Sean was promoted to the first team, and after learning Dean had been beating Natalie up, very nearly made a go of things with her, only to settle for the troublesome Mica. Sean played in Harchester’s historic FA Cup final, and was man of the match at the away game to Ajax in Amsterdam, accepting the fateful offer to board Biloo's private jet, and a Harchester legend was lost way too early.


Daymon's incredibly varied career has taken him across many areas of the entertainment industry. He trained as a third assistant director on “Wire in the Blood” and “Place of Execution" respectively, progressing to direct TV Movie "Seize the Day", documentary "The Ghost of Emma" and mini-series "Harriet's Army: Harriet's Memory Box". His credits as a writer include his debut “Ebony” and “Hide Show”, which he also directed.



Daymon’s acting career continues successfully - a five-series stint as the regular character Dom Meredith in "Byker Grove", another regular Casey Winters in CBBC's sci-fi "World's End", and lead guest star roles in "Hollyoaks", "Vera", "Wolfblood", "Emmerdale" and recently in 2017 "Holby City". On the film side of things, Daymon's had roles in "School for Seduction", the DVD special "Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday", the short film "Tattoo" and "Train Station".


For six years, Daymon was a founder and company director in Pyramid Media UK, a media production services company, with his long-time friend and fellow industry professional Jamie Hutchinson. A stint as a presenter for The Walt Disney Studios came during this. Since 2014, Daymon took all his experience into founding DB Media, where he is the Creative Director. He holds the same title at Project Films, a new British independent film production company he founded a year later with producer Richard Wylie.



MICHAEL PRICE (Vincent Osamabiku)




Appeared Season 1


Michael played Vincent Osamabiku, one of the five youth teamers the series followed from the first episode. Vincent lodged at the digs run by the Bakers, was Sean's original best mate, he dated Zoe's best friend Gemma, took Scary Spice to a whole new level with the boys' 'Spice Boys' performance at the club's Christmas party... and after that he was disposed of! Vincent began to use performance enhancing drugs, and was caught out by a random drugs test, poignantly leaving without saying goodbye.


Michael had a stint on "Hollyoaks" after DT, playing Taylor James. That same year, he appeared in the thriller "Sorted". For the rest of the 2000's, he made a string of guest appearances across British TV, notably "Judge John Deed", "Holby City", "Coupling" and "The Bill". His last acting credit to date was an episode of "Doctor Who" in 2008.





SAM LOGGIN (Zoe Baker)




Appeared Season 1


Sam played Zoe Baker, daughter of Des and Lynette. With her parents running a digs for up-and-coming teenage apprentices, Zoe was forced to grudgingly share her home with these horrid lads. The two she clashed with most were Sean and Conor. After previously fighting like cat and dog, Sean and Zoe found a deep friendship, while Conor went from being her worst enemy to the boy who fell in love with her. Zoe also suffered the dilemma of Des possibly not being her father. She leaves to take a gap year in India before university beckons.


Sam's career in acting was taking off in the run-up to her starting Dream Team. She made guest appearances in "Pie in the Sky", "Peak Practice", "Trial & Retribution" and "Dangerfield", plus the TV Movie "The Missing Postman". Things only got better afterwards with more film and TV movie roles in "Underground", "The Law", "Now You See Her" and "The Late Twentieth".


TV series-wise, Sam continued to have great success. She landed the role of the title character in "Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married", which ran for two series, followed by another regular part in "Girls In Love" across three series. Alongside these were several guest appearances across "Waking The Dead", "Starhunter", "Baddiel's Syndrome", "Casualty" and "Silent Witness".


Sam's last acting credit to date was her second "The Bill" guest appearance in 2009. Away from acting, she has worked as a portrait artist, specialising in animal portraiture and also works as a freelance graphic designer. In recent years she had a myspace page which is still up here https://myspace.com/samloggin



KATE FARRAH (Lucy Patcham)




Appeared Season 1


Kate played Lucy Patcham. Lucy had been on the scene at Harchester since she was a child, due to her father Frank’s long stints as a player and then the club's Youth Team Manager. Lucy trained as a sports journalist and worked as a reporter for local radio station Harchester Sound FM. She and Dean Hocknell had been together since he was in the youth team, but he cheats on her after scoring on his debut, having to admit all to a furious Lucy when a tape of he and Georgina Jacobs surfaces. In revenge Lucy sleeps with chairman Michael, and later has a brief relationship with Fletch. Lucy eventually gets the chance to work as a sports presenter for Sky and moves to London.


Prior to Dream Team, Kate had made guest appearances on "Dalziel and Pascoe", "The Bill" and "Heartbeat". Dream Team was her last television role to date, though it is believed she also spent time working in theatre.





TERRY KIELY (Karl “Fletch” Fletcher)




Appeared Season 1-2, 3-7, 8 & 10


The legend that is Terry played the legend that still is Karl Fletcher. It is surprising to think Fletch wasn't always a central character in Dream Team, something that only took precedence from the beginning of Season 2. When we first saw Fletch in 1997, he was occupying the #9 shirt, later taking up his legendary #11. His youth team years and three first team stints totalled up 16 years with the club, but we also saw him as a boy in DT80's. And he was cool enough to make a sensational comeback as a ghost.


But in between all of that... Fletch was addicted to cocaine, a sidekick to Sean Hocknell, transferred to Real Mallorca, had his beloved yellow Lamborghini crushed into a cube, had an unbalanced stalker, stood trial for murder, found guilty of said murder, falls in love with Lynda only to discover she was responsible for that very murder, in a coach crash on the way to a UEFA Cup Final, marries Abi, has son Louis, transferred to Saudi Arabia, splits with Abi, transfers to Real Murcia, gets together with Gina Moliano, third re-sign for Harchester, killed by a coat peg and appears to Jason Porter in the run up to the Premier League Title decider. Phew! Even in death they still found something Fletch hadn't done!



Terry made a well-noted appearance as Harpsey in the cult 2001 movie "Mike Bassett: England Manager". He also appeared in a small film focussing on football hooligans, "It's a Casual Life". After Fletch was killed off, Terry immediately landed a new role on Channel 5's daily soap "Family Affairs", as PC Dan Ellison. He was utilised well, thrown into a story involving a three-some with two other characters. Unfortunately, Channel 5 pulled the plug on FA months into Terry's arrival, so it is left unknown where the role would have gone long-term.


Despite those successes, when bigger publications talk of Terry, he is often unfairly described as an "out of work actor" or someone who "struggled to find alternative roles" outside of Fletch, which isn't the case at all.


Terry has been working outside of acting since his last television appearance. He spent time as a swimming pool lifeguard, and in recent years he has run his own club (most likely nightclub/bar rather than football) in Mayfair, described by his good friend Daymon here. Last year Terry gave his only interview since his Dream Team days to the kinder joe.co.uk.



CLINTON KENYAN (Warren Masters)




Appeared Season 1-2


Clinton played Warren Masters. Warren came to Harchester's youth team from a detention centre, and found it hard to stay out of trouble with the law. Regular bust-ups with Doug the Thug, and having to face the wrath of his convict father after an affair with his girlfriend. The main thing which kept Warren on the straight and narrow was his football, Frank Patcham's faith in him and Conor McCarthy keeping him calm. Warren is offered a first team contract, but breaks his leg. After that he becomes an outsider at the club, until he gets the news he won't make it as a professional, and isolated, he dies unnoticed from carbon monoxide poisoning in his flat.


It was almost as if the role of Warren was perfect for Clinton, and he played him with a genuine naturalness. He'd appeared in "Soldier, Soldier" beforehand, and after Dream Team more guest appearances in "Queer as Folk" and "Urban Gothic".





DAVID HUNT (Michael Jacobs)




Appeared Season 1


David played Michael Jacobs, Harchester's owner when the series began. Michael had been a teenage apprentice with the club, and an injury shattered his career hopes of becoming a professional footballer. He'd been in love with Lynette, but lost her to Des Baker so settled for Stephanie, and they had a daughter, Georgina. Some years later Michael bought the club, and his tenure saw Harchester promoted to the top flight and enter the Premiership for the first time. Both Des and Dean Hocknell make enemies of him, with a punch from his love rival, and Georgina about to tell him she is pregnant with Dean's baby. Before she can tell him Michael collapses suddenly from a heart attack and dies.


David's career in acting kick-started in the US after he graduated from the Juilliard School in New York, and he had roles in action film "The Dead Pool" and super soap "Falcon Crest". This was followed by both the "Nasty Boys" movie and its subsequent TV series and another series spun from a film franchise "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". On the British side during the period before Dream Team, he starred in the award winning period drama "The Black Velvet Gown", was a regular on the BBC's "Beck" and appeared in "The Chief".



Further TV roles include several guest appearances on "Everybody Loves Raymond", mini-series "The Grid", featured in Day 6 of "24", voiced in the animated "Justice League: The New Frontier" and "Transformers: Robots in Disguise", took on the iconic role of Baby's Father in video short "Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights" and more big name TV shows "Castle", "Mad Men" and "The Comeback". This alongside films "Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express", the biography drama "Liz & Dick" and "Kepler's Dream".


David with his wife, the American actress Patricia Heaton own the production company FourBoys Entertainment. His work as a producer includes the romantic comedy "The Engagement Ring", the TV comedy "Versailles" which he directed, the TV movie's "The Christmas Heart" and "Christmas at Cartwright's", and "Amazing Grace", a motion picture which won at the Christopher Awards in 2008. David also wrote and directed the documentary "The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania", which won a Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival.







Appeared Season 1


Clemency played Georgina Jacobs, daughter of Harchester's chairman Michael. To the outside world, she was spoilt, privileged, a wild child. Deep down the child part was right, still only sixteen years old, Georgina life was as tragic as an opera or play. She fell in love with Dean Hocknell, who didn't love her back, became pregnant with his child, watched her father die from a heart attack in front of her, and then lost the baby she wanted. She was then crushed to learn Karl Fletcher was seeing her own mother, alongside her! In Dream Team's first array into suicide, Georgina took an overdose, though it was never confirmed whether she lived or died. In a 2006 Guardian article, Clemency wrote: "I still get the occasional fan letter asking if she's ever coming back to Harchester. I guess with the announcement that the show is to be relegated to that Vauxhall Conference in the sky, she never will."


Clemency spent a good 20 years in acting, her first role at the age of eleven. It continued alongside her education, and in the few short years after Dream Team she graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA (Hons). During this time she starred in the TV movie "The Last of the Blonde Bombshells" and the film "Until Death".



In the years that followed, other film roles included, "Supernova", "Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God", "The Prince and Me 2: The Royal Wedding", "St George's Day" and providing the voice of Arabella in the animated "A Fox's Tale". Other prominent TV roles included "Midsomer Murders", "Party Animals" and "Agatha Christie: Poirot".


Clemency branched out and found she had a natural ability in various areas of the arts and entertainment industry. A violinist, Clemency was a scholar at the Royal College of Music, where she was the recipient of the Hugh Bean Violin Prize. Her involvement in classical music events continues, and she is a part of the live presenting team at the BBC Proms for both television and radio. Also for the BBC, she has presented several years of the corporation’s annual "Young Musician" programme, and has the prestige of being the weekday presenter of Radio 3's Breakfast programme.


Clemency also writes, with her first job in journalism as a staff fashion writer at Vogue and has since written for dozens of publications ranging from The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, The Sunday Times and Elle. To date, Clemency has also written two novels, "The Other Side of the Stars" and "All The Things You Are".







Appeared Season 1-2


Bill played Des Baker, husband to Lynette and father to Zoe and the long forgotten Steven! He was the dependable digs landlord, surrogate dad to the youth team boys, and a matchday Dragon mascot! His other stories included fearing Zoe may not be his daughter, setting up a new academy for the youth team, a brief fling with Helen Jensen, and taking on a new career in local politics. He left to put his fractured family back together again. In his 2012 interview with Diehard, Bill said: But I have to say when I personally look back on Dream Team, I was very happy doing it, I was proud to do it as well.


Bill brought a wealth of experience to Dream Team at its beginning, an already recognisable face in stage, TV and film. After graduating from the Guildford School of Acting, Bill came to prominence with the role of Jamieson in the 1982 film “How Sleep the Brave”, and has achieved notable roles in the years that followed. Amongst his now over-100 credits to his name, Bill made regular television appearances in “Flying Lady”, "London's Burning", “Byker Grove” and as Ellis Harper in the third series of “Land Girls” to name but a few.



In the 2010's, Bill has featured as Joe Burns in the award-winning “Downton Abbey”, "Broadchurch", CBBC's "Wolfblood" and "Harriet's Army: Harriet's Memory Box". And he will also still put in the odd guest appearance on "Doctors" and "Casualty" every now and then!


Bill’s film credits also include "Once Upon a Time in Dublin", “In Our Name”, “United” - in which he played Sir Bobby Charlton’s father Robert, the crime-drama "Harrigan" written by Arthur MacKenzie, and "Hit the North". Recently, and coming up way into the future, Bill will be seen in TV's "Father Brown", and films "Kindred" (which he also co-produced), "The Dark Return of Time", the horror/thriller "In Extremis", "Final Score", "All the Swans Are Dying", and "Nocturnal".