Cheryl Mackie, 2014


MARCH 18, 2014


Cheryl Mackie was a recognisable face in TV drama when she came into Dream Team at the beginning of its seventh season. Having previously played Megan Brindley, an extended member of the popular Dixon family on "Brookside", during a year-long stint while the Channel 4 soap still held it's prime-time slot.


In Dream Team, Cheryl as Karen Boyle was stepmother to future club owner Dean (Michael Ryan) and sister to co-owner Donna (Jo Goldie), with the Boyles being the lucky (or ultimately unlucky) winners when the club was raffled off to a seat in the crowd. Donna wasn't as sisterly as Brookside's Jacqui Dixon however, and an ultimate act of revenge saw Karen lose her husband and her love for her sister, before leaving a wealthier life in Harchester for her old one back in Liverpool.


Cheryl went on to appear in the polished BBC documentary series "Days That Shook The World" in reconstructions of The 1671 Theft of the Crown Jewels and Orson Welles' War of the Worlds furore of 1938. This was followed by feature film "The Wedding Assemble", work on the stage in Mark Edwards' "Farmaggedon" and several television commercials.


Today, while still acting Cheryl has moved into directing, choreographing and scriptwriting for the stage, while also holding the position of Acting Teacher at The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts' Saturday Academy. Cheryl discusses these further in the following pages, along with her time in Dream Team and how her arrival on Brookside came about.




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