Daymon Britton in 2011

An actor with an incredibly varied career which has seen him work in probably every area of the entertainment industry, Daymon Britton began his TV career as fun loving youth-teamer Sean Hocknell in Dream Team. An original character from the series’ premise in 1997, Daymon featured as Sean in more than 140 episodes in the show’s first three seasons, before his decision to move on saw the character perish in a plane crash with several other departing characters.


Following Dream Team, Daymon returned to the stage where he had begun his career, being particularly well received in his role as Abel Stein in Peter Staughen’s “Bones”. Moving into other areas, by 2008 he’d added third assistant director to his C.V, on more than a dozen episodes of “Wire in the Blood” and “Place of Execution” respectively. His credits as a writer include his debut “Ebony” (2004), “Hide Show” (which he also directed), and the TV movie “Seize The Day” (2009).


Alongside his other projects, Daymon’s acting career has continued successfully - roles in the 2004 film “School for Seduction”, the 2009 DVD special “Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday”, and a four-year stint in “Byker Grove” as Dominic ‘Dom’ Meredith, one of the Grove leaders. Recently, he made an appearance in fellow Newcastle upon Tyne produced CBBC drama “Tracy Beaker Returns”, as the unpleasant Mr. Watson.


But maybe his proudest accomplishment so far is Pyramid Media UK, a media production services company Daymon is both a founding and company director of, with his long-time friend and fellow industry professional Jamie Hutchinson. Daymon has been a part of this business since February 2008, in between which he worked as a presenter for The Walt Disney Studios for a year a half.


In July 2011 Daymon agreed to be interviewed by Dream Team Diehard about his time playing Sean, his feelings/memories from that time, and to discuss what he’s been up to since.





October 1997… Sean in episode 1 with Vincent



How did your casting for the show come about?

My casting process was so exciting... You must remember I was 19 and thought I was destined to take over the world, so every casting I went to around that time I had no doubt about getting (Oh, the naivety of youth).  I did however feel slightly out of my depth during the casting of DreamTeam. 


My first casting was in Manchester... A football audition.  I remember turning up a little late due to a theatre show I was doing in Newcastle.  When I turned up I caught the large group of hopefuls finishing their run around the training pitch.  Once dressed in my NUFC strip and faithful Nike boots I stepped up to the sideline, only to be told to run around the pitch alone!  A little sign of 'Hocknell' in me from the very first moment.


The football audition went well, only because my strategy was to stand on the sideline and juggle the ball... As my game play is CRAP!  I thought "I need to look like a footballer, so the more laid back the better". My juggling skills and game avoidance worked as I was re-called for the group auditions.  As there were so many young lads wanting to be a part of such an exciting show the only way to get through us all was to work in groups.  Again, I remember sitting in a group of 30 guys and thinking "I'm having this role"... If only I still had that same self belief!


I was cast firstly as Dean Hocknell, but due to problems casting a younger brother I was switched to Sean so we could look for an older actor... I'm so pleased they decided to cast me younger as the role of Sean Hocknell was such a blessing to be given.  I was part of the castings for friends and love interests due to have been offered the role early.  The entire process was an incredible learning curve, and was getting more and more exciting as I was meeting the people I'd spend the next 2 years with.  Clinton Kenyan (who I'm looking for, so if you're reading this get in touch mate), Michael Price, Terry Kiely, Sam Loggin, Darren Morphit, were all among those read with.


Finally the casting was complete... And I look back with great pride to have been a part of such an amazing ensemble.



Do you know if the Hocknell brothers' origin was always intended to be Newcastle, or was it something that was changed when either yourself or Darren auditioned for the roles?

Yes,  the original brief from the casting director was that the brothers were Geordie.  There were small thoughts of Sean and Dean growing up with different parents in different parts of the country as I think they struggled until Darren walked into the room and nailed it!  As soon as he left the room the producers said "Daymon, you've just met your brother"... And that was that. 



Over the course of the show, several characters that featured were moulded upon real-life sports stars. Did you ever get the impression Dean and Sean were Harchester's version of, say the Neville brothers (being the main siblings of the Premiere League in 1997? And from the North as well!)

My character breakdown was always Gazza meets Liam Gallagher... It was amazing to create the character over time, exploring the highs and lows as the journey unfolded.



Any relationship Sean forged with a woman (Natalie and Mica) ended badly didn't it? Would it have been better if he'd just stuck with Trudi from the beginning?

Haha... OMG... The Trudi story-lines were so funny, and always ended up with me in a compromised situation for the satisfaction of her fun and fantasy.  Sean wouldn't have lasted long in a relationship with Trudy as she was slowly eating him alive!  I seem to remember a scene in a steam room where I told her I couldn't continue doing 'THIS'.



Were there any other stories you particularly liked (or didn't like) during your time on the show?

I have to say series 2 was amazing for me... I loved the relationship that Sean and Fletch built up. I thought that putting the two characters in the same house was genius, and gave me some of the best times I've ever had on a television set.  The christmas episodes when we pulled down the tree outside the Grange Hotel stick out... Along with Fletch putting my head in cold water to sober me up for training after Natalie had left me... Happy Days.


I remember the contract  scene between Sean and Frank at the end of season 1.  Sean sitting there not expecting his contract for the pro team, and being told he had been selected for the Premiership... I was so into the moment, my heart was racing as if I'd really been put on a pro contract.  I could honestly go on and on with moments from all episodes I was part of, but those with Terry were always the best for me... he is such an amazing actor to collaborate with. 



After three seasons with the series, Sean met his end in a plane crash on the way back from helping Harchester beat Ajax. Were you happy with the ending he had?

I actually told the exec producer Jane Hewland that I wanted to leave the show, so when they came up with the storyline I was very excited... I have lived to learn however, that leaving a show open ended may be a better solution.  I never fell out of love with the show or more importantly the character, and would have loved to have returned to play the number 15 shirt again.  However, when your body is lost at sea the chances of playing again are pretty slim!



In 2007, on the final night of the show, Jane Hewland said on Dream Team's official site "I thought Daymon Brittan and Nathan Constance were both good actors. i would have kept either or both but as i have explained here many times before, few actors will agree to do more than two series tops particularly at the start of a career." Does it make you proud to know that seven series after you'd left you were still remembered well for your work on DT?

As I have said before, I am incredibly proud of my involvement in Dream Team.  Being a part of those early days will never be taken away, and nothing I will do will top them.  It was all such a very unique time in my life.  My first TV job... My first time away from home... All amazing memories. 



Are you still in touch with anyone from the show? (Terry Kiely, again at the end of the series said you were still really good friends)

I occasionally bump into people from my Dream Team days.  However, I'm actively in touch with the one and only Terry Kiely, and catch up weekly.  My ambition is to work with him again... So watch this space.



A few years after leaving DT, you starred in Byker Grove as Dom Meredith for four years. What was that like?

It's interesting, because after leaving Dream Team I realised what such a unique experience it was to be working with people that would become almost like a family to me.  I searched for that same feeling on and off the set of many productions I had worked on after Dream Team , and the show that came closest was "Byker Grove'.  The people on that show were so welcoming, and I have made many good friends.



You've worked in almost every other area of the performance industry (stage, directing, script-writing, presenting) do you have any projects from any of these that you’re particularly proud of? (oh and acting of course!)

I'm more proud with the fact I'm still working within the industry.  I realised early on that to have longevity in the industry I must have diversity within the work I do.  I recently moved and focussed on directing. With a few short films under my belt, and a production company in place, I'm looking at getting an introduction to some of the bigger production companies that have inspired me to make the kind of drama I want to make.  I am lucky enough to have made some amazing contacts over the years which have come in handy for advice and help as I'm pushing forward.  



You're a Company Director of Pyramid Media UK, a media production services company. Talk to us about that.

My production company was set up in 2008 with business partner and longtime friend Jamie Hutchinson, whom I got onto Dream Team as a runner in 1998 (so many things in life have connections with that show).  I had the honour of working within Coastal Production as a development assistant, and was so inspired by the work Sandra Jobling was doing I wanted to get out and earn my stripes as an independent film maker.  I'm excited about the platforms online, new technology, and interested in exploring my film making whilst utilising the outlets that the internet gives.  My ultimate passion is collaborating with actors and other film makers, and as a director you find yourself in the eye of the creative storm... LOVE IT!  I also have bills to pay... So my company allows me to focus on directing whilst still paying the bills.




I am still very much looking to act again, but in these tough times, and with the lack of acting work I must keep myself sane by focussing energies and creativity elsewhere.   Setting up Pyramid Media UK has made me aware of so many other elements to film making , and has given me a huge insight into the side of camera I wasn't used to.  I'm hoping to grow with the company, and take my dreams and passions to the next level. 


The script started with Dream Team... But has quite a few pages to go... The end of which has not yet been written.


"Live The Dream"




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January 1998… Roped into another of Trudi’s fantasies!




May 1998… Celebrating with Dean as Sean gets his pro-contract




October 1998… in the house with Fletch and Natalie




September 1999… Sean makes his last game a memorable one