Martin Crewes, 2014

From his ability to switch to multi-national dialects for the characters he plays, and his broad Australian accent when speaking, you might be surprised if you didn't know already that Martin Crewes is a Londoner. Moving to Perth in his pre-teens, Martin started his direction into acting and performing and in 1990, he graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Musical Theater. Several productions in national theatre followed and among his early credits on Australian television, was a guest role on "Neighbours" playing a steroid-addicted athlete.



Touring internationally, first with "South Pacific" and then the first of several stints as Marius in "Les Miserables", brought Martin back to the UK, where he performed on London's West End. It was here he had the chance to kick-start his career on British television, and soon after he landed the regular role of an intriguing new character on Sky One's flagship drama Dream Team.


Arriving shortly into the show's second season in the autumn of 1998, there was a real buzz about this new International Striker from Argentina. Appearing across more than 110 episodes, Martin's two year stint as Luis Amor Rodriguez saw him take on the central role of the team's player-manager, survive a hitman's bullet and escape a plane crash, while a highlight for many was his capturing the heart of married Chairman's wife Lynda Block (Alison King). Despite a fight to be and then stay together, plus public goodwill for the characters' romance, they parted ways at the beginning of the fourth season, with Luis last being heard marrying his childhood love. Throughout the rest and beyond the series' end, Martin as Luis was looked back on as one of the series' most popular characters.


Martin continued to work on both TV and stage in the UK, plus a notable role in the 2002 action/Sci-Fi film "Resident Evil", and in recent years is based once more Down Under. Having just finished another run on stage, he took time out here to kindly discuss his memories of roles and appreciation of his time on Dream Team, plus the stories behind his near-returns to the show, what's in store for the future and whether we'll be seeing him back in Britain again some time soon.




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