Season 9 Episode 10

Episode 366


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 18th December 2005


Directed By

Maurice Hutchinson


GS: Marlon Baldon (David Gyasi)  DI Stanley (Frazer Douglas)  Lewis (Ben Mckay) 

Kim Sullivan (Natasha Symms)


Ashleigh is still avoiding Felix after the trouble caused with his wife, and knows she is right to continue when she sees his invite to the Christmas party is addressed to him and Katrin. Cindi is annoyed that Gavin has been invited but she hasn't, and Gavin assures her she will accompany him. Eugene and Marlon discuss how the "raid" is going to go down the following night. Eugene says he is going to use Casper as a witness, as it has to be someone the whole world is going to know won't lie for him.



Lynda goes through the agenda with Eugene on how he will hand over the money. She says the money will involve Stephen, his mother and "their chosen charities” (which appears to be overtaking "Crumbs" as Lynda's catchphrase). Eugene goes to Ashleigh and Felix, telling them he wants to sort things out with Casper, and whether they would help. They agree and Eugene tells them to be at his house that night. As the party gets underway, Alex and Lynda share a kiss under the mistletoe. Casper is already suspicious of Eugene's motives as he, Ashleigh and Felix arrive at the house, and Felix notices a car pulling up close by. Inside sit Marlon and his very own Christmas helper Lewis, who is already totting his gun. At the party Danny and the Kim we've been waiting for arrive, happy to get a night off from the kids. Lynda is annoyed to see Cindi has tagged along with Gavin, and when alone warns her that if anything gets in the papers she'll know who to blame. As Cass and Eugene bicker over the Scarlett shoot, Marlon and Lewis sneak into the house. Eugene gives his signal and the two burst in demanding everyone get to the floor.


Chloe and Liam arrive at the party and it's clear that they are still not officially back together. Chloe makes a beeline for Cindi and says she can see she is already spending the money she gave her, judging by the new shoes. Cindi tells Gavin she wants to go home, but he says he can't and she stomps off alone. She goes down to the dressing room and finds Ryan drinking alone, depressed over being alone at Christmas. As everyone at Eugene's have their phones taken from them, Casper holds one of his behind. Marlon takes Eugene upstairs to collect the money, and is annoyed when Eugene tells him he is only getting fifty grand. Marlon turns on Eugene, and pointing his gun tells him he is going to pop him unless he is given the whole lot. Lewis gets frustrated with everyone's phones ringing and smashes them together in a plastic bag. When Felix warns him that people are going to come looking for them, Lewis threatens him with the gun, causing Ashleigh to shriek "Please don't hurt him!" unconvincingly. Casper suddenly realises that Ash and the Gaffer have feelings for each other.


Steven Bailey's mother is rightfully tired of being held up (in the other way!) by Lynda as they wait for Eugene to arrive with the money. Eugene meanwhile is telling Marlon how he realised the money would change their relationship so he moved it, and Marlon replies that Lewis is going to pop them both. Ryan discusses with Cindi how Christmas isn't his favourite time of the year as he has no family around, and refers to his dad being in witness protection which Cindi says she's read about. As she moves in Ryan tries to back away as she's with Gavin, but Cindi replies if she was would she be doing this, and the two kiss. Cass mocks Ashleigh and Felix for their relationship and moves about as he manages to connect to a number on his phone. As they make out in the dressing room, Ryan's phone rings and he answers to hear Cass and Lewis shouting over being held up. He dismisses it as "weird shouting" and gets back to Cindi. Outside Gavin comes to the tunnel looking for his girlfriend and hears her voice echo from the dressing room. As Ryan makes a dash for it into the showers, Gavin walks in to find Cindi half dressed, to which she explains she spilt drink down her.


Steven and his mother have to return home for his medication and Lynda can't apologise enough for Eugene not showing, even finding a new way to patronise Steven by kissing his cheek. Eugene and Marlon come downstairs to find Lewis has now tied Scarlett up after she arrived home. Scarlett recognises Marlon's voice and the whole robbery is exposed as a fake, with Casper revealing that Marlon is Scarlett's brother. To shut up everyone's bickering Lewis fires his gun to show it is real and loaded. Ryan's phone rings out again and Gavin goes to see if anyone's in the showers. He misses Ryan, who is listening in on the robbery and hears Lewis threaten Eugene that he will kill Scarlett if he doesn't hand over the money. Ryan sneaks out of the dressing room to get help, as Gavin is busy going down on one knee asking Cindi to marry him. Ryan takes the phone to Lynda as Cass reveals to the others that he has another phone behind his back. Ashleigh gets down to see if anyone is on the other end, and gets to tell Lynda what's going on. Eugene has handed over the rest of the money, and Marlon tries to apologise to Scarlett but she is disgusted. The battery on Ryan's phone dies and when Amy re-establishes the connection it rings out just as Lewis is leaving with his swag. He answers and hears Amy say the police are on their way, taking his fury out on Ashleigh by pointing the gun at her. Casper dives in front to protect her and is shot himself, whilst outside the police order the gunmen to put down their weapons and surrender.


Gavin and Cindi announce to the Players' Lounge that they are now engaged and are met by a stunned silence, until Liam begins the congratulations. Lynda walks in having missed the announcement and says the party has to end here, telling the players of the armed break-in at Eugene's house and how none of them can return to the Barrons yet. Alex accompanies Lynda to the scene where DI Stanley says they've evacuated the estate. They listen as DI Stanley phones Casper's mobile to speak to the hostage takers, as inside Felix and Ashleigh plead with Eugene and Marlon to do something before Cass bleeds to death. At the now-over party, Chloe confronts Cindi about getting engaged to Gavin after accepting her money to leave him. Cindi fights back, calling Chloe a controlling bitch who has screwed up her own relationship and now wants to wreck everyone else's, before taking off the shoes and handing them over to Chloe. Casper still finds the energy to taunt Eugene about how Scarlett will never come back to him now, but is getting weaker, to Ashleigh's horror. Felix finds an idea of getting Casper, and themselves out - by pretending Eugene, Marlon and Lewis were all taken hostage alongside them and the men have gone. Felix says Eugene is one of the greatest talents he has seen, but if the truth of what he'd done came out he would never play again.


The SO19 team burst in and Felix comically shrieks that he is manager of Harchester United! The cops are told that Marlon and Lewis came to help Scarlett collect her things. Casper is rushed to hospital and when Eugene thanks Felix for helping him he is told never to speak to him again unless it's about football. Lynda tells Felix she'd like to burn the million pounds that has caused all of this. At the club the team are told the siege is over and Cass was shot. As the team leave, Liam sees Chloe is distraught over what Cindi said to her and tells him she misses him so much and can't do Christmas alone. Liam tells her she doesn't have to and takes her back. Amy finds Gavin and Cindi (my she has had a busy night!) making out in the darkened boardroom, and after they leave she turns to see the Christmas tree still standing and smiles.




·          Lauren Gold is out of the series until 375: Just Another Game as Scarlett leaves Eugene to return to London. Jessica-Jane Clement also leaves the series briefly as she was building up her profile on another series, BBC3's “The Real Hustle” during alongside starring in DT seasons 9 & 10, and was away filming before her reappearance in 379: Il Postino.


Best Known For: Natasha Symms played the regular role of Kate Patrick in “Hollyoaksbetween 1997-2000.


·          The Best: Cindi, shaping up to be a very likable character, and will be missed during her time away. Ben Mckay gives a good performance as the high(!)ly volatile Lewis.


Quotes: Eugene (on the money): "Ain't in no bank!"  Lynda: "Please don't tell me you have one million pounds cash, sitting in your house?". Casper (on Ashleigh and Felix’s relationship): "I mean what was it? A loving gaze across a ruptured hamstring?!".


·          Foreshadowing: Eugene tells Casper that he really has changed if he doesn't do taken women anymore [367: War of the Roses].


Continuity: As Lynda helps Amy decorate the Christmas tree in the Players' Lounge, she lists the past HUFC Christmas parties she has been present for, and what disasters occurred during them. This would have been 1998-2001 and lists fights, fires, firings and refers to Claudia being caught with manager David Spears, Dawn's husband. Although this was in the physio room and not their famous rendezvous in the showers (240: It's My Party).


·          Additional Info: Ryan's mother lives in Spain, according to him with her latest toy boy, and he hasn't seen much of her since he was sixteen.


Screencaps from 9.10’s original broadcast on Sky One on 18/12/05.


 Christmas at HUFC - you know

 it won't run smoothly

Demps' wants more than just under the mistletoe



 Same wife new head

Cass all ready to risk his life for Ashleigh (there's a boyfriend!)




 Oh Ryan. Another affair! 

And Cindi! Two men in the same night!



 Casper clings on (good -

 imagine if he'd died at this


Back together!


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