Season 9 Episode 12

Episode 368


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 8th January 2006


Directed By

Marcus D. F White


Amy knows something owner-wise is coming and hands Felix a letter that has been delivered. The lads are called up to the Players' Lounge for Lynda to speak with them on how they will put all of the bad from 2005 behind them in this new year. Lynda reminds the team it's been six years since their FA Cup win, and as she speaks, Felix opens the letter to find the words 'Resign Now' written in that trademark handwriting. After the meeting he goes to Amy and asks why the owners are doing this now. When she is less than helpful, Felix manhandles her into his office, witnessed by Lynda. Amy tells Felix his money was transferred into his account as soon as he received the letter, and seemingly still holding a flame, asks where he'll go after he leaves. Felix replies he doesn't know.



Eugene and Ashleigh have words over how she expects him to be at training, and when he gets stroppy over being on compassionate leave (Scarlett leaving, the "burglary") she reminds him he'd be in prison if they hadn't kept quiet. Alex has to take the training session as Felix is more busy secretly trying to find a new club. Ashleigh goes to collect Casper from the hospital, and it's the first time they have seen each other since Cass regained consciousness. He lets Ashleigh explain to him again how he saved her life, and she asks Cass to speak with Eugene, as the brothers are back on speaking terms now. Casper tells Ashleigh he and Eugene talked and decided they weren't going to hate each other anymore. Amy goes to hand Felix his leaving itinery which the owners told her to bring to him. He is more occupied with seeing Ashleigh bringing Casper home, and takes Amy inside. She says the reason he will give for leaving so suddenly is down to his family problems in Germany, where he'll be heading back to. She then hands him his already typed out letter of resignation (which the bitch probably did herself!). When Felix says he wants to speak with Lynda before leaving, Amy chillingly warns him he is not to communicate with Lynda Block! He reminds Amy that he brought Lynda back to the club and refuses to sign his letter until the £3M he is owed is placed in his bank account. Amy accuses Felix of stalling, and in a snarling tone questions what exactly Felix has waiting for him here i.e. Amy is bitter over him choosing Ashleigh over her.


That night Felix invites Ashleigh for dinner at the Grange. There he admits he is sorry he brought Katrin over, and only did it because of seeing Ashleigh with Casper. Ashleigh calls Felix up on his claim that his relationship with Katrin was only for the children, which he says is true. He then realises what Katrin said, and repeats the story of how she pulls the “abortion tale” to all of Felix's mistresses everytime he cheats on her. Felix tells Ashleigh he just wants to know if there's still a chance for them, to which she tells him to save it for Amy and then walks away. Felix then takes out his letter and signs it. Wednesday night comes and Harchester face Man United at the Lair, for the Carling Cup Semi-Final first leg. Felix checks his account to find the £3M sitting there. Ashleigh goes to inform Eugene that his compassionate leave is over and if he doesn't show up when selected i.e. tonight, he will be sued. Ashleigh tricks Eugene into thinking he will only be selected as a sub, which gets him on his way to the club. Felix gives what will be his final team talk for the Dragons and Ashleigh notices something is strange. She follows him out into the tunnel to question what it was about and he tells her it was always her before they kiss. Then with tears in his eyes he walks away, telling Ashleigh he is going to watch the game from the stands.


Harchester go out to face Man U, and as the first half progresses Lynda notices Amy hasn't taken her seat next to her. Inside Felix places his resignation letter on Lynda's desk, and switches on the TV to watch the game. Amy comes in and tells Felix his car is here. The two awkwardly say goodbye and once Felix has left, Amy gets on the phone to Duval to confirm that Felix is gone. Amy then goes out to Lynda, who asks if she's seen Felix, and Amy pretends she hasn't. Seeing how Harchester are struggling against Man U, Ashleigh goes looking for Felix, and comes across his letter on Lynda's desk. Despite it being addressed to Lynda, she opens it and is shocked by what she reads. Ryan Giggs scores for Man U, which Felix sees from his living room TV. From behind Ashleigh switches it off and tells Felix she has read his letter. Felix is forced to explain to her the truth behind his deal - that the owners offered him a lot of money but he had to do things in the job, first sign the Rose brothers. Part of the agreement was that he would leave when he was told, which he thought would be one or two years, not six months. Ashleigh demands he tell her how much they are paying him to walk out mid-season, because that doesn't sound like the man she fell in love with. Felix reminds her she just said she loves him, possibly for the first time. Felix prepares to be driven away to the airport, and in the taxi he hears the Man U game on the radio and asks to be taken back to the club.


Half time comes and in the dressing room the lads are angry about how things are going. As Alex prepares to speak, Felix suddenly makes his entrance to tell the lads that everything is still to play for out there, and they are only one-nil down which can be changed in an instant. He takes Simon Becky (#15) off and tells Eugene he's going on, which he refuses. Felix orders everyone out of the dressing room and back onto the pitch, despite there being ten minutes of half time left. Alone in the dressing room, Eugene mouths off to Felix about how football has only gotten him a dead mother, a broken marriage and abuse all day from the public. Felix grabs hold of Eugene and smacks him across the head, yelling it isn't about him but the badge of his club and his team. Eugene now shows he isn't so tough and scurries out onto the pitch. Felix appears from the dugout and Amy is worried, leaving her seat to take a call from Duval. She tells him she will take care of Felix and promises not to let him down. Danny scores levelling it 1-1 with Man U. Amy calls Sky Sports’ Tony Campbell and the catty short-haired blonde journalist to the Players' Lounge, where she suggests they question Felix's future at the club when at the press conference, adding that his letter of resignation is sitting on Lynda Block's desk.


Jodie Carter scores, putting Harchester in the lead for when the full time whistle goes and the Dragons are through. As the team heads in, Ashleigh pulls Felix into the physio room and kisses him passionately. As he heads to the press conference Amy tells Felix that she's warning him to tell the world now. The question is thrown at Felix about him leaving, which stuns Lynda, and he replies that if someone wants him to leave they will have to make him. Afterwards a shell-shocked Amy tells Felix he has no idea what he has done. Lynda reminds Felix of the dinner with the sponsors that evening, but he declines saying he has other arrangements, leaving with Ashleigh. They get back to her room and Felix invites Ashleigh to move into his house with him. They pack her things and arrive at the Barrons, only for Felix to find the locks to his house have been changed. They manage to break in which, conveniently, draws Casper out. He learns about Ash moving in with the Gaffer, and Cass reluctantly wishes her luck. The alarm won't stop sounding, despite Felix typing his code and they are forced to return to the Grange. When Felix's card is now refused, and his car later repossessed, he realises that the owners are acting on his warning of them making him leave.


Felix goes to the club where Lynda is having dinner with the sponsors. Felix finds Amy as she is giving his passport details to Duval and grabs her, yelling that she is behind all this. Amy tells Felix that she doesn't want to be doing this and that they don't know who they're dealing with. Lynda hears the commotion and comes running to see if Amy is OK. Amy then suddenly tears her dress to reveal her bra, and crying hysterically, pretends in front of Lynda that Felix has attacked her.




·          The Best/Worst: Amy. So far seen as sneaky and weird, is at her most ruthless, and at times scary in this and the next episode. Lucinda Kennard does a great job at affecting Amy’s ability to change from goodie to baddie, club villain/heroine, and back again, throughout her time on the show.


Logic: Amy’s determination not to fail whoever she is meant to be working for suggests a strong bond, rather than a boss/employee relationship.


·          Quotes: Lynda (screams at kick-off): "Come on Harchester!".


Foreshadowing: At what first appears a frustrating cop out, with us not seeing the all-important truce called between Casper and Eugene, the scene is revealed in 385: The Precious.


·          Continuity: Lynda refers to Harchester’s FA Cup win against Man United, six years ago in May 1999 [#140].


What Was The Score?: Harchester win in the third round FA Cup tie against Crewe, and succeed in the Semi-Final first leg of the Carling Cup against Manchester United.


·          Soundtrack: India.Arie: "Ready For Love",  Kaiser Chiefs: "I Predict A Riot" & "Na Na Na Na Naa",  Maxwell: "Reunion",  Paul Weller: "You Do Something To Me."


Screencaps from 9.12’s original broadcast on Sky One on 08/01/06.


 Sully has something to hide

Fanmail for Hahn



 Ash won't take Gene's

 stroppyness ever again

Amy has something to hide (but what's new there?)



 Now Felix doesn't have to

 hide - because there's no-one

 around to see anyway!

Felix sorts Eugene



 Lynda walks in on the "attack"


You've done it now Amy!


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