Season 9 Episode 13

Episode 369


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 15th January 2006


Directed By

Riita-Leena Lynn


GS: Katrin Hahn (Sandra Darnell)  Kim Sullivan (Natasha Symms)  Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston) 

Kay Burley (as herself)


In a self-caused hysterical state, Amy cries that Felix wanted her to sleep with him again, and when she refused he attacked her, ripping her dress. Lynda tries to calm Amy down, asking her if she wants her to call the police. Typically, Amy says she doesn't want anyone to know what happened, and her dad, comes to collect her. In another attempt to force Felix out, Amy tells Lynda she can't come back to the club if Felix is still here, and Lynda goes back to Felix to hear his side.



Felix spells the obvious for Lynda that Amy has been bringing the letters from the mysterious owners, the latest one ordering him to resign. He searches his office for the letter but now cannot find it, telling Lynda Amy must have taken it. Lynda tells Felix she is giving him some time off until this is sorted, and Felix fears that her not being seen to support him will condemn him as guilty. Felix goes to Ashleigh's room at the Grange and tells her they have to leave Harchester now, and that he will find a new club. They pack her things and as Ashleigh goes to check out at reception, she sees the morning edition of The World, with the Felix/Amy story covering it's front page. Tony Campbell reports outside the Lair that Lynda tried to hush up the 'assault' by offering the sponsors free travel to away games! Sounds like her. A sobbing Ashleigh accuses Felix of having a full on affair with Amy, and he admits that he slept with Amy more than once. Only it was months ago, mind. At the club, Lynda explains to the team that Alex will be in charge supported by Ashleigh, who at that moment walks in with Felix. Felix reminds Lynda that he has no home to go to as Amy locked him out of it, and his children are going to read that he is a rapist. It appears that Casper and Eugene are amongst only a few that believe in Felix.


Lynda goes to Amy's house where Amy is still wallowing in the mess she’s made. Lynda tries to get her to realise she may have made a mistake with Felix, but then gets to the most important thing - that the club is still in danger of relegation and this is f**king up more problems than needed! Amy flies off the handle that it's true what they say about football clubs then! Felix leaves the club to be surrounded by the press and abusive fans, until Chloe comes to his rescue and they speed off in her jeep. She tells him that Eugene called her and asked her to help Felix ( Eugene is so misunderstood) so they are going to the airport to meet Katrin. The team watches Felix and Katrin's reunion from the Players' Lounge TV, and Katrin tells the press she will be standing by her husband no matter what. As she monitors his physio, Casper tells Ashleigh not to worry as he knows himself that Felix didn't do it (well of course) but Ash sure does know how to pick them because he is a player! Katrin lays it out to Felix how she wants sole custody of the children, and Ashleigh turns up. Felix tells her they shouldn't be seen together and Ashleigh wastes no time in reminding Katrin of the abortion lie she fed her.


Ashleigh returns alone to the Grange, and is horrified to see Amy coming out of the room two doors down from her! Ashleigh yells for Amy to come out and face her Bad Girls style, hammering on her door. The next day Chloe travels with Felix and Katrin as they prepare(!) to be interviewed by Kay Burley. Kay puts the supporters’ dinner witnesses account of what happened, and Amy's version of events to Felix. Katrin explains it away by saying Amy had been threatening to sell her story to the papers, and confesses that the real reason she and Felix are divorcing is because of Amy, having admitted the affair at the wives’ party two months ago. The team watch the interview, and once again Cass and Eugene stand by Felix and state Amy is a gold-digger. Danny, strangely, vocally announces his support of Amy, to which Liam seems to agree with. Felix and Katrin arrive home with Chloe, thinking the interview went well, until Chloe receives a call from "Paul" (obv Hankin) and they see that Amy is also now fighting back on Sky News. She is seen going into the police station to make a statement and has also released pictures of the torn dress she was wearing. Katrin tells Felix she is going to have to go home for the children, and he is left alone and longing for Ashleigh.


Felix goes to the club looking for her, and Ryan comes over all protective of Ash. Once alone, Ashleigh asks Felix if he knows what this has been like for her, and how it feels seeing him on television with Katrin. She lets it slip that Amy is staying down from her at the Grange and Felix dashes off to find her. He barges his way in and holds Amy down making her promise not to scream. He tells her he will do as she wishes and go, if she just tells the owners to end this nightmare. Strangely, she pretends she has no idea what he is talking about, and Felix realises there is someone hiding in the bathroom - to which the door locks shut! He bangs on the door for whoever’s in there to come out, and Amy goes into hysterical mode calling for security. Felix is arrested and held in a cell until Chloe arrives to bail him out. He explains to her how he saw a man's wallet with a distinctive keyring, and Chloe suspects Amy has a married lover.


Chloe goes to Lynda and asks whether she knows anything suspicious about Amy. Lynda refers to the flowers she once saw be delivered for Amy and signed by a 'D' but thought they were from Dragons Corp. Chloe tells Lynda that Felix is in a bad way and may be charged soon. She goes downstairs to reception and notices the keyring Felix described hanging where the players' car keys are kept. Chloe pretends to be ill so the receptionist leaves the desk, and she takes her chance by snatching the keys. Outside, Chloe presses for the alarm and finds which car they belong to (the Don Barker car!). When the players come down from training, Chloe watches with disbelief as none other than Danny Sullivan gets into the cheater car! Chloe goes straight back to Felix and tells him, but he is hesitant about using this to destroy Danny's marriage. Chloe reminds Felix it's either him or Danny, and he tells her not to use anything unless he says so. Chloe sets up a meeting with Kim and learns that Danny is hardly around lately, which Kim puts down to him being made captain.


The next day Chloe bribes the Grange receptionist, Amira to print a copy of Amy's room bill in order to see if Danny's number is on there. Felix meanwhile approaches Danny outside the club and asks him for help in clearing his name, during which Chloe rings Danny's number and discovers the number is on Amy's bill at least thirty times. She then phones Felix and as he stands there, he asks Danny one last time if he knew anything that could help him, to which Danny says he doesn't. Felix then tells Chloe to do what she has to. Danny skips training and goes to Amy at the Grange. There, the guilt has gotten to him and he asks her to drop the charges, as all it amounts to at the end of the day is a torn dress. He tells her it's too dangerous to have all this press around them, and he can't risk losing his kids. Danny tells Amy she's the one he wants to be with not Kim. Amy agrees, and before long Lynda is reading Felix a statement from Amy admitting that she was wrong in her allegations. When Felix learns Amy is issuing it to the press, he tries to stop Chloe leaking the Danny story. She is already at the press conference when she receives his call – and just as Paul Hankin puts it to Amy that she is responsible for another family being destroyed.


At the club, Lynda tells Felix the job is still his but he turns it down, saying he is beaten by the owners and wants his children to have a father. He thanks her and kisses her goodbye. Later, a distraught Kim attacks Danny in the Players' Lounge whilst a remorseful Amy is handed one of her very own letter's from Dragons Corp - giving her her marching orders. She and Lynda share what they believe will be their final glance, with Amy knowing how she failed her. Felix goes to the training pitch one last time to tell Ashleigh he is leaving and wants her to come with him. She tells him things are different now, believing that she would still be a secret to the world. As he turns to leave, Felix finally does the right thing by Ashleigh and kisses her in front of the players, and an anguished Cass. He wishes her a wonderful life (not likely!) and bids her, and Harchester United farewell.




·          Last appearance of Felix Hahn (Joachim Raaf). I wasn’t too bothered to see the back of Felix, he always came across as more of a high school German language teacher than a football manager. Sadly the last we see of Katrin as well.


The Best: Kay Burley making an appearance. Chloe’s determination at coming through for Felix. Hankin’s character assassination of Amy: “Have you told the truth about anything this week?”. And what a pounce from Kim on Sully!


·          Logic: The use of Don Barker’s West Ham pool-car as Danny’s cheater car. Okay, so it’s Jane Hewland’s real car, but it’s hard to discredit that it was previously involved in the deaths of sixteen characters at the end of last season (356: Play Off).


Quotes: Chloe (to Felix): "I do not want you looking like a middle-aged skirt chaser whose private life is a mess"  Katrin: [in German] "She's got your number!".


·          Foreshadowing: It was interesting to see how Amy would come back from this, seeing as this looked like the end for her, but she is back in 371: All Change. Natasha Symms returns in a regular role as Kim from 393: Trust onwards, where she is in bitter ex-wife mode!


Additional Info: Casper refers to the affair between Faria Alam (who was starring in Celebrity Big Brother 2006 at the time of this episode) and Sven Goren Erikkson.


·          Surprise!: Danny and Amy’s affair. Didn’t see that coming!


Soundtrack: Jack Johnson: “Traffic In The Sky”,  Paul Weller: "All Along The Watchtower" and "Brand New Start",  Portishead: "Roads."


Screencaps from 9.13’s original broadcast on Sky One on 15/01/06.


 Amy's dad takes her home after

 the "attack"

Will Lynda hear Felix out?



 Oh Ash! You can't even bang

 on a door right!

Katrin and Felix show a united front



 These two all along!

Hankin's ready to strike



 Danny feels Kim's wrath for his


Felix bids Ashleigh farewell



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