Season 9 Episode 14

Episode 370


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 22nd January 2006


Directed By

Peter Hoar


GS: Lawrie Hannigan (Christopher Ellison)  Jackson Turner (Nigel Lister)  John Hagan (Nigel Boyle)


Hector meets Steve, who will be acting as his minder at East Midlands Airport. He is told that Hector’s agent, Jackson Turner has requested he stay in Britain until his flight to Russia the following night. Hector is agitated and when he sees a newspaper article showing Jackson at the Grange, he makes a run for it away from Steve. Harchester are staying at the Grange before they travel to Old Trafford for tomorrow's game. Alex and Ashleigh see Lynda having dinner with Lawrie Hannigan, the former Milan boss, and they start to believe their days at the club are numbered. Jackson Turner also represents Hannigan, and Lawrie tells Lynda if the lads beat Man U tomorrow, he'll get them the cup.



Jackson is called outside to find Hector waiting for him, and Hector tells Jackson he doesn't want to go to Russia but Jackson is insistent, even booking Hector a room in order to keep an eye on him. Liam goes to Alex and tells him Sully is in no fit state to play, and Alex is annoyed at having to go and fetch Danny himself. He arrives at the Barrons to find Danny yelling outside what was his house, for Kim to let him see the kids. Alex learns it's the twins' first birthday tomorrow and Danny refuses to go to Manchester. Alex loses his patience and tells Danny he'll do as he's told. Jackson sneaks his dog, Max, into the Grange and locks him inside with Hector to insure he can't run away again. Lynda is seeing Lawrie to his room when Alex and Danny arrive back at the Grange. Lynda approaches Danny but he shows nothing but contempt for her, accusing Lynda of being behind the press learning about him and Amy. Alex calms Danny down but still sticks the boot in to Lynda himself, reminding her Hannigan's arrival puts him out of a job.


Ryan is getting annoyed at Max's continued barking from the room next door, and is not made happier when Alex brings Danny into his room. Before long Ryan has contacted the hotel staff about the dog next door, and when let into Hector's room he strikes up an immediate bond with Max. Hector uses the distraction to bolt out of the door, and along the corridor spots Lynda entering her room. Hector pushes his way in and holds his hand over Lynda's mouth, leaving her in fear that he’s an attacker. He apologises and then realises who she is, but Lynda has already used her spray to blind Hector and sends him scurrying away again. Ryan doesn't want to abandon Max the next morning whilst he goes to Manchester, so asks Amira at reception to take him until he gets back. She refuses as the hotel doesn't allow pets, so Ryan decides he must take Max on the coach with him! Liam is still concerned about Danny, and once again confides in Alex, only for Alex to use his dislike for Liam to ignore what he is saying.


Jackson arrives in the boardroom for a meeting with Hannigan and Lynda. He tells them "some things" went missing from his room overnight, and shortly afterwards Lynda is called outside to find Hector waiting in the stands. Hector confides in Lynda that she is the only one he knows to trust in England and Lynda vows to get involved once she learns Jackson is Hector's agent. Hector shows Lynda a photo of his nephew, Stefano (possibly the unseen Carmen's son) and says she must understand having a son herself. The lads board the coach where Ryan is concealing Max/Jaws. As soon as Tyson strolls up however, Max runs out and bites his leg. Ashleigh says they'll have to get Tyson a shot, and Alex warns Ryan the dog had better be gone by the time the coach leaves. Lynda is forced to watch as Jackson and Steve drive away with Hector, but is troubled about what will happen to him next. On the coach ride up, the lads are frustrated by Sully being hung over right before a match, and soon he has vomited everywhere.


Travelling in a chauffeur driven car together, Hannigan tells Lynda that when he becomes manager he wants rid of the Rose brothers, and to bring in a player he has had his eye on, Owen Lloyd. Lynda, though unhappy at this, contacts Alex and tells him he has to pull Eugene out of tonight's game, causing an already stressed enough Alex to shove his papers off of the table. As they arrive at Old Trafford, Lynda's mind goes back to Hector, and asks Hannigan what if a player doesn't want to go to a new club, to which Lawrie responds that “player-power is dead” (did anyone tell Joel Brooks?). As Hannigan gets out, Lynda asks to be taken to East Midlands airport in order to help Hector. Alex's formation is thrown into tatters as soon as Eugene learns he isn't playing, and starts a brawl with Ryan. All he can do is hope with the lads he has available, following Ashleigh ruling Tyson out of the game. Lynda arrives at East Midlands just as Harchester kick off against Man U. She goes to the desk and orders "Tickets" to Moscow, which come back as costing £985! How many did she mean by tickets?! Harchester go in at half time drawing 0-0.


Lynda finds Hector and the two menacing men in the Departures Lounge. Jackson is telling Hector how his move to Moscow is only for three years, to which Lynda chimes in with how she'd know it'd be a long time to keep someone against their will. You did kill someone Lynda! The only thing that seems to melt Jackson's heart is when Lynda mentions they've found his dog, only for him to then snarl at Lynda to look after Max whilst he’s away. Knowing she has to act fast, Lynda yells that Jackson and Steve are kidnapping Hector as they prepare to check in. The Customs Officer, John Hagan steps in and both Hector and Lynda state that he is a Harchester United player. The team are clashing with Alex at half time, and as he struggles, Hannigan comes in and ups the players with his own team talk, sidelining both Alex and Ashleigh. He tells the team the next time he sees them they will be in the League Cup Final, otherwise he doesn't want to see them. At the airport, Hector explains to Lynda how the club he was with in Brazil no longer pay him as they are in trouble. This prompts Lynda to do a check on whether Hector is still under contract with his club.


Lynda returns after learning that Hector is a free agent, only Jackson has negotiated a transfer fee, and asks him who gets that money. Jackson calls Lynda's bluff by pointing out if she is really signing Hector where is his work permit. Customs Officer John points out that "Mrs. Block is a well respected woman”(!) and then throws into the mix that Hector is not actually in the country illegally if he stays on a visitor's pass with a return flight booked. Hector is happy to be out of the Russia deal and fires Jackson as his agent. As they leave, Jackson warns Lynda that her actions have gotten them both killed. Hector thanks Lynda for saving him, and she prepares to part ways with him, only he is confused. He thought Lynda was really going to sign him, but Lynda says her work is done, leaving him with just money for a hotel room. Harchester and Man U draw, meaning the Dragons are through to League Cup Final. Alex and Ashleigh are now sure they won’t see the team go to Cardiff for it though.


In her office, Amy’s replacement comes in and tells Lynda that she’s checked out Hector’s stats on Football Manager, and Lynda is stunned to see how good a player he actually is. Lawrie arrives and tells Lynda he will accept the job as manager, and she tells him of his first new signing – a man named Hector, who is now somewhere in Harchester in a white suit.




·          First episode for Hector Da Silva (Pedro Cunha) [#10, Position: Attacking Midfielder].


Best Known For: Christopher Ellison has more than 50 credits to his acting career, but remains best known as the hugely popular D.I. Frank Burnside in “The Bill” for several stints between 1984-2000. The regard for his character was such that he was given his own spin-off, “Burnside” following his final Bill appearance. Pedro Cunha is also a successful actor in his native Portugal.


·          The Best: Amy’s replacement, which she’ll remain known as. That being due to she and the actor playing Steve in this episode being uncredited. Hector has a very strong debut episode.


Quotes: Tyson gets some good lines: "If that thing's given me rabies, Naysmith's dead!".


·          Continuity: Alex reminds Ryan that he is Danny's oldest friend at the club (having arrived in 264: The Root Of All Evil). Lynda telling Amy’s replacement of Fletch’s feelings on the stats he was given on Football Manager.


Additional Info: Danny is still unaware that it was Chloe who in fact leaked the story of his and Amy’s affair.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester draw 0-0 with Manchester United in the League Cup Semi-Final Second Leg.


Soundtrack: 50 Cent: "Gunz Come Out",  Franz Ferdinand: "Do You Wanna", Sergio Mendes: "Mas Que Nada", The Killers: "All These Things I've Done."


·          Behind The Scenes: Jane confirmed that the Hector transfer story in this, and the following episode, was inspired by the real-life saga involving John Obi Mikel’s transfer to the English Premiership.


Screencaps from 9.14’s original broadcast on Sky One on 22/01/06.


 Alex is concerned for Danny

There must be an easier way of making Lynda shut up!



 Max/Jaws - don't get too

 attached (really, don't!)

Just be happy you're getting a story, Tyson!



 Either Old Trafford or a really

 good likeness

Lawrie's right at home with the Dragons



 You're not seriously letting him

 get away, Lynda?!


Hannigan's coming to Harchester... for now anyhow

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