Season 9 Episode 16

Episode 372


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 5th February 2006


Directed By

Vesna Cudic


GS: Isabel (Victoria Willing)  John The Groundsman (Mark Roper)



Lynda tells Ashleigh and Alex that Vincent Burns and his whole team have walked out on her following Hannigan's disappearance. She explains that she'd like them both to continue working with the team, but Ashleigh insists that will only happen if Lynda makes her First Team Coach and Alex Manager. Alex is not sure, as he wants to work his way up to being manager, but Lynda caves in and says the jobs are theirs providing they win the next three of four games, which includes the Cup Final against Chelsea.



Alex stops Ashleigh from telling the team of their new potential positions, and instead prepares the lads for the game in two days by sending them on a run. Inside, Lynda is holding a press conference with the police and Hannigan's wife, Rochina, appealing for any information on Lawrie's whereabouts. Afterwards she cries to Amy that deep down she knows Lawrie is dead, as she nicked Hector from the Russians and they have had their revenge on her by killing Hannigan. They realise they can help the police by finding the account number they put the money into, with the finance department keeping a record. Hector trails behind whilst on the run, and Ryan uses the opportunity to send him the wrong way as a joke between himself, Sully and Tyson. The lads arrive at Studs, and are amazed to find Alex waiting inside with a supply of booze and a buffet to reward them for their hard work. Hector meanwhile finds himself alone on waste ground with a storm opening above his head, and the pressure clearly affecting his health.


At the club, Amy obtains the sort code from the finance department and is chilled to learn it is the same as the one Dragons Corp used to pay her £10,000 following the Felix fallout. Showing this to Lynda, they realise that the account details the Russians gave Lynda to pay the £10M into, were the same as the owner's account. Lynda questions what if the Russian she met was a fake, an actor all set up by Dragons Corp, and seeing that they paid Amy asks whether she is just the same. To her surprise, Amy admits that in fact, is true, and shows Lynda her online profile whilst explaining she used to temp between jobs. Amy reveals that the owners wanted an actress with secretarial skills, and we learn here that she supposedly doesn't know the owner's identity herself, as she tells Lynda she wants to help her find them and make them pay. Lynda sends the owner an e-mail saying unless they explain themselves, she will take the evidence they have collected to the police. An ill Hector makes it back to his room at the Grange, whilst Cass and Eugene decide to wind Alex up over not taking risks as “caretaker”. Cass mixes up his very own 4-5-1 for Alex in the form of strong liquor, and after Ashleigh gets hysterical that it could kill him Alex downs it in one to the chanting of the lads.


The next morning, Alex wakes up to find he has been stripped naked and tied to a chair in the middle of the Dragons Lair pitch! Luckily John The Groundsman comes along and sets him free, only Alex is in such a hurry not to be seen by Mrs Block that he doesn't let John tell him how he has ‘Kiss Me’ written on his forehead. He makes it to the offices to check that Lynda isn't aware of the previous night's events, but she too also sees what is written on his forehead. It takes Ashleigh to come and see why Alex is late for training before he learns what is there. Lynda receives a text from her bank showing that £1M was deposited into her account from Dragons Corp last night. She tells Amy that the reference number was 'Hector', making it look as if Lynda did the deal to line her own pockets. Amy reminds her that someone senior must have signed authorization. At the Grange, Hector is semi-unconscious in bed when a chambermaid, Isabel, arrives to clean the room. They get talking and Hector learns she is from Portugal and speaks the same language as him. They agree to meet up again later, and Isabel is concerned about Hector going to training when he is so ill (and late!).


A man from the Finance department sees Lynda and Amy about the transaction, and Lynda is shocked to discover that the owner has forged her signature once again, promptly e-mailing him to resign. During training, the lads wind Alex up over last night's prank until he flips and orders them all to do one hundred press-ups. When Hector arrives late, Alex is furious and slaps him when he is unable to complete his press-ups. This nearly causes a brawl between him and Liam, and Alex storms off. When Roses (hint, hint!) arrive for Lynda with a message waiting in the glove compartment of her new car, Lynda finds a letter inside from the owner. She is told that (as always) her resignation is not accepted, and that the owner put the million pounds in her account in order to stop her going to the police. They were the ones who paid the £10M for Hector, and did this to stop the (real) Russians killing both him and Lynda, stating that he was too late for Laurie*. The club was simply refunding the owner for the money spent, and they warn Lynda that Hector had better be worth it otherwise she'll have the owner himself to answer to.


As Alex hides from Lynda in his car, Ashleigh comes after him, and he rightfully blames her for landing him in this mess as manager. They go to the Players' Lounge where Alex apologises to Hector, and it's not until Lynda comes in that the fact of Hector being unwell is addressed. As Alex accompanies Hector to the club doctor, Cass notices he has left his 'Guidebook for the new manager' behind and picks it up. Eugene and Gavin join him as he mockingly reads some of the things Alex has written. A slip of paper with the owner's handwriting on falls out without them noticing, and Lynda recognises it, believing the owner is in the building (true, in fact). That night Isabel visits Hector with a menu for a takeaway Brazilian restaurant, and he doesn't leave off until she agrees to have dinner with him. As they eat, Hector tells Isabel his father saw him play for the national team in Brazil twice, but died last year. She asks if the rest of his family are coming over but he replies they can't get work permits, and he is only on one year himself.


The lads purposely act bored during Alex's formation for tomorrow, and when he begins reciting a speech he prepared in his log book, Cass can't help joining in and knocking Alex down once more. As Lynda reads through the paper she found earlier, she admires the strong advice given, wishing she'd had it when she first started the job. Amy ponders that maybe the owner wanted her to see it now. Lynda arrives at the Grange to wish Alex luck for tomorrow, and meeting Ashleigh is told to go easy on him, as he's had a tough week (this is all Ashleigh's fault anyway). Alex comes down and whilst talking with Lynda, repeats what she had read on the piece of paper she found. Alex says it was the best advice he was ever given, but Lynda now suspects that Alex himself is the mystery owner!




·          Best Known For: Victoria Willing, though Portuguese in character here, is an English actress and successful in cameo-role television, best known for appearing as Sue Miller (who adopted Sonia’s daughter before dying in an off-screen car crash) in “EastEnders” in 2002.


The Best: Alex in the manager’s job, and taking whatever the team, mostly Casper, throw at him. Hector’s friendship with Isabel.


·          Logic: In the first dressing room scene, Casper appears bare chested with his "injured" shoulder exposed, yet there is not even a graze visible to suggest he was shot there less than two months ago! And to think Ryan's scar was remembered for years.


Quotes: Cass: "Oh come on boys, this is little Dempsey-Wempsey we're talking about here. He's hardly Darth Vader!".


·          Additional Info: The agency Amy is signed up with is Spotlight Young Performers, with her height being given as 5'5 (165cm) and Playing Age 16-20 years. Hector is from Sao Paulo in Brazil.


Soundtrack: Gorillaz: "Dirty Harry",  Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine: "Doctor Pressure.”


·          Behind The Scenes: *The owner makes out to Lynda that the Russians did in fact kill Lawrie, and nothing else is ever explained on-screen to suggest otherwise. Yet when the final outcome of the owner’s identity comes out, Jane told posters, confused about Hannigan’s fate: “He is not dead. The owner paid him 5 mill to piss off to a tropical island for a bit.” The owner needed them to believe Lawrie was dead, in order for Alex to move into the manager’s position without the possibility of them finding Hannigan and wanting him back. Just would have been better if this had been explained on screen - for the viewers that hadn’t read her post on would never have known this regarding Hannigan!


Screencaps from 9.16’s original broadcast on Sky One on 05/02/06.


 (Armchair detective mode) She

 knows more than she's letting


Ryan enjoys winding up Hector



 He'll regret that tomorrow

Cass really would screw anything (except his brother's wife)



 A classic car from your boss?

 Maybe the owner isn't that bad

Alex pays for writing it all down



 The Footballer and the

 Chambermaid - it could be a

 romantic comedy!


Oh Lynda, you don't half get it wrong sometimes!

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