Season 9 Episode 17

Episode 373


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 12th February 2006


Directed By

Marcus DF White


GS: Barry Boothroyd (Roger Bingham)  Gael (Benjamin Waters)  Isabel (Victoria Willing) 

Peter Dempsey (David Roper)


Hector has a miserable performance against Everton, mostly down to his being ill from Ryan's trick. Lynda isn't in the mood for celebrating either, and goes inside followed by Amy. She shows Amy Alex's managerial speech letter and questions how he could possibly be the owner. Lynda wants a G+T but the bar isn't open! She asks Amy to send Alex to her office once the final whistle goes. The team celebrate in the dressing room, and Ryan continues to wind Hector up until he fights back. Amy comes for Alex, and Ashleigh is left to deal with the two.



When Alex comments to Lynda how he'd like to move into the office next to hers, she tells him they won't be needing his services for the next three games and fires him! Ashleigh tells Ryan to clear his spare room out at Studs, because Hector is moving in with him! Alex argues with Lynda, who has left her office door open for Amy to hear everything. Alex storms out and begins to clear his desk, causing Lynda to accuse him of knowing she can't really fire him. She shows him the speech letter and yells that she trusted him. Alex tells her the speech letter was sent to him and he knows as much about it as her. Lynda realises how wrong she has been, and has to concede to Alex that she wasn't really firing him. He storms out (again) furious with her. A seething Hector is having dinner with Isabel at The Grange. He deliberately orders the most expensive thing on the menu - the playboy footballer and money-hungry WAG favourite Cristal, and charges it to the club. He confides in Isabel that the reason behind this is the club is making him move in with Ryan Naysmith, who Hector believes is jealous of him because he is ten times the player he will ever be. Isabel's brother, Gael, arrives early to pick her up, and Hector invites him to join them at their table.


Lynda goes crawling to Alex at his room, where she finds him packing. He says he's going to Stockport to find out how much more of his life has been a lie, and Lynda insists on going with him. At the Grange, Hector and Gael complain bitterly (and loudly) about English football, and Gael refers to Wayne Rooney as a “Hod Carrier!” Ashleigh arrives looking for Hector, and after he tells her how he needs these people as his friends, she admits that the club hasn't done it's job with accommodating him in a new country. Lynda and Alex arrive at his father's house, and she meets Peter Dempsey. Inside, Lynda learns that Sheffield Wednesday sent Alex to the world-famous Stedman clinic in America when he was injured during his youth. They go up into the attic where Alex's old belongings are kept, and Alex shows Lynda a stack of letters he has received from the owner over the years.


Ryan berates Ashleigh for not using the bar entrance to Studs(!), and inside he is entertaining two blondes. Ashleigh warns Ryan not to underestimate the influence she has over team selection, and reminds him that he of all people should know what it's like to be separated from his family. She leaves Hector with him, and Ryan coldly tells him to pick a room and stay out of his (and the blondes) way. Alex tells Lynda one of the first letters he received was shortly after he arrived at the Stedman clinic. They agree to look at the rest in the morning, and Lynda takes the spare bedroom, although she and Alex find it hard to part ways as he sleeps downstairs on the sofa. Hector awakes during the night needing the bathroom. He is trapped however by Jaws who barks incessantly until Hector is forced back into his room. Unable to wait, Hector takes a trophy cup out from the wardrobe and urinates into it.


Lynda wakes up the next morning and glances at a picture of Alex's wedding on the bedside table. She is shocked to see Liam featured and questions Alex about it. He says Liam was his bootboy at Sheffield Wednesday and was a mate at the time. Lynda informs Alex that Felix didn't actually sign Liam, and with Alex being sent to the same club as Liam with their history, realises the person they need to speak to is Chloe. Ryan refuses to wait for Hector and heads for training alone. Hector hides the trophy cup of piss, and then has to encounter Jaws again. He lures the "fat, disgusting animal" outside with his dish and then goes to eat. He arrives late at training and Ashleigh makes an example of him like some power-crazy high school teacher. Lynda and Alex arrive at Liam's to question Chloe about the nature of Liam's transfer. She explains it as it was – she saw a great opportunity to get Liam into the Premiere League, but Alex believes she's lying. Liam steps in and accuses Alex of getting by on favours throughout his career when he was never the player to deserve them, so has no right to accuse Chloe of doing the same for him.


Ryan begs Sully and Tyson not to leave him alone with Hector the "miserable Nancy-boy", and he takes the boys back to Studs where Ryan is unable to find Jaws. He notices the food dish missing and checks Hector's room. There, he smells the urine and finds Stuart's trophy-cup in the wardrobe. Appalled, he throws the piss over Hector and demands to know what he's done with his dog. A humiliated Hector responds that his dog is dead, and Ryan has to be held back by Sully and Tys. Alex wants to be alone after Liam's verbal attack, and Lynda apologises, saying everything she has done over the past couple of days has been one mistake after another. Couple of days Lynda? I think you mean season! Alex's old youth team coach, Barry Boothroyd arrives on Alex's invitation, and he goes out to talk with him. Alex asks Boothroyd whether he signed him as a kid, and Barry replies that he was informed by the board that Alex was to be given a contract, and when it came to his injury, the club could hardly afford to pay the grounds staff let alone send Alex to Stedman. He tells Alex that someone they never knew was pulling the strings, and Alex is hurt further when Boothroyd cannot lie to him on whether he was a good enough player on his own.


Hector goes to Gael (still wearing the piss soaked jumper) and asks him to round up his friends to sort out Ryan, which Gael agrees to if Hector coughs up. Alex sits in the dugout having been missing all night, and Amy comes out to tell him Lynda's been looking for him. He goes inside and Lynda tries to convince him she is proud of the work he's done, but Alex isn't bothered. In the dressing room, Casper jokes to Sully how Hannigan became the latest manager to "join Harchester and die” (yeah, right Cass!) when Hector comes in. From behind, Ryan ties a large knot in a towel and uses it to whack Hector from behind. Soon a full scale fight has broken out between the two, with the lads both split between cheering and trying to keep Ryan and Hector apart. Ashleigh and Alex walk in as Ryan and Hector and rolling around on the floor. Alex however just sits quietly until Ryan and Hector notice enough to stop. Alex goes round to Cass then Eugene, asking both if they are better than the other. Then to Ryan and Hector on how all they have to do is show the other up during the game. He leaves his team talk to that and sits in the dugout once more, waiting for the game to begin.


It seems to work however, as Harchester beat West Brom 4-0. Isabel comes looking for Hector and makes him see sense over having Ryan beaten up, as he could end up in prison. Hector goes back to Studs where he finds Jaws holding two thugs brandishing metal batons at bay. He sends the men away and takes Jaws back to Ryan, who is so happy to see his dog he forgets he wanted to kill Hector. Lynda finds Alex sitting alone in the gym and tells him that was the best Harchester win she's ever seen. The two finally kiss, but Alex pulls away, still unsure whether even this is being controlled by the owner. Lynda assures him that's it's only her but Alex is too lost to believe her right now.




·          Best Known For: David Roper has more than 30 acting credits to his name, but is probably best remembered as Geoff Barnes (Michelle Fowler's lecturer boyfriend) on “EastEnders” from 1994-1995.


The Best: Ryan’s “Pedro” nicknaming of Hector - a nod to Pedro Cunha’s real name which continues throughout his time on the show. Ryan and Hector’s brawl.


·          Logic: Hector still wearing the piss-soaked jumper some hours after Ryan threw it over him!


Quotes: Hector, after his dressing-down from Ashleigh (in Portuguese): "I hate this country. You are all dogs and I spit on you.”


·          Additional Info: Boothroyd tells Alex he made his professional debut against Harchester, at Addison Road.


What Was The Score?: Harchester win 2-1 against Everton, with goals from Eugene and Casper. Ditto against WBA with two goals from Casper and the other two from Ryan and Hector.


·          Soundtrack: Arcade Fire: "Wake Up",  Basement Jaxx: "Bingo Bingo",  David Gray: "Alibi",  Ian Brown: "F.E.A.R",  The Zutons: "Pressure Point",  White Stripes: "Seven Nation Army."


Screencaps from 9.17’s original broadcast on Sky One on 12/02/06. The night “24” began it’s fifth season, Day 5 as you can see the countdown under the Sky Onc(!) ident.


 Another bright move by Lynda -

 firing the Gaffer

Digging into the past



 Liam takes his moment to

 swipe at Alex

Stuart would probably see the funny side



 The truth hurts for Dempsey

Hector plots to have Ryan killed (OK, maybe just hurt)



The owner has beyond gotten to Alex

 Isabel helps Hector see sense


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