Season 9 Episode 18

Episode 374


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 19th February 2006


Directed By

Riita-Leena Lynn


GS: Marlon Baldon (David Gyasi)  Oji (Jason Barnett)  Merrick (Alisdair Simpson) 

Court Clerk (Lawrence McGrandles Jr.)  Prosecution Witness (Quill Roberts)


The day of Eugene's trial arrives. Sarah Hughes for Sky News (as she loudly states several times) says if Eugene is convicted it will end any hopes for Cardiff next week or Germany in July. Eugene is regretting getting involved with Marlon, as his game and relationship with Casper is back on good terms. Cass, Ryan and Danny come out to wish Eugene luck as he and Chloe leave for court, and Casper reminds Chloe to make sure she and Liam do the right thing.



At the club, Alex is working himself up trying to find who paid for him to go to Stedman's. He dictates to Amy an angry message to send to the owner, saying he will take legal action if he doesn't receive a reply in seven days. Lynda arrives and puts a stop to it, as she has more pressing matters to deal with first, like getting Liam on side for Eugene's trial. Lynda suggests that Alex play Liam, and Alex rightfully points out to the master of court-deception that she only wants him to do this so Liam will lie in court. Eugene comes face to face with Marlon again and imagines taunting his brother-in-law with a gun. Casper, Ryan and Sully are all over Liam in training, as they are just as keen as Lynda to keep Eugene out of prison. They even put pressure on Gavin to persuade Liam that it's the right thing to do, but Liam is adamant that he never lies. Mr. Oji for the prosecution gets points from a witness who specifically recognised Eugene at the scene that night, being a life long Charlton Athletic fan.


Alex sits in his office watching the tape of the friendly in which Liam ended his career. He phones Amy and tells her to bring Liam to him. When he gets there, Alex pins Liam against the wall and accuses him of being made to end his career by the owners. Lynda breaks them apart and is once again more bothered about Liam not co-operating, especially now after what Alex has done. Casper and Eugene arrive home to his house, where Cass makes a point of questioning Eugene on whether Scarlett turned up at the court. Liam has dinner with Lynda at the Grange, where he calls her bluff and asks straight out whether he would be in the team for tomorrow if she didn't need him to defend Eugene in court. Lynda replies no, but adds that fate has landed Liam the chance to play first-team football and he shouldn't be too scared to take it. Ashleigh returns to the club after forgetting her bag in the physio room. Inside, she finds Alex pushing his knee to the limits on a lifting machine. She pulls him off it before he cripples himself, but he resentfully refuses help from her.


The next day Chloe takes to the stand where, in a posh tone, she corroborates the story of Eugene arriving at the restaurant half an hour after she and Liam got there. The team arrive for training and are confused by Alex's formation for the Chelsea game, with almost all of the players out of their usual positions. Ashleigh doesn't take Alex's training ploy seriously, but he plans to take on Chelsea exactly like this. On the stand, Oji brings out of Chloe that Eugene is one of her most valuable clients, having made around £450,000 from him this year alone. A fitting reason for her to lie to keep him out of prison. Liam accuses Alex of using his crazy formation to settle a score, but Alex replies that it actually has nothing to do with him. Oji cross-examines Chloe that on August 15th last year, Lynda stated she had no prior knowledge of the charges against Eugene when Chloe had already made a statement about it, hinting that she had kept it a secret in order to get Eugene in at Harchester. And that if she was prepared to withhold the truth on that occasion...


Eugene and Chloe are taken back to Harchester for the Chelsea game, and in the dressing room Casper leads the team to put pressure on Liam into making a decision on Eugene. Lynda is shocked when Amy shows her Alex's team sheet for the game, and Ashleigh is more than concerned over him messing with her future when they are only one win away from managing a Premiership team. She is further irritated by Alex's malevolence when he leaves her to manage the game, and the lads alone. Harchester begin the game well, with Danny scoring the first goal, but a penalty from Chelsea sees Frank Lampard take the score to 1-1. Chelsea score again on the brink of half time and Lynda goes to find Alex to see what's going on. There, Lynda realises this is all to get her to fire Alex, and when she demands he get downstairs to the team, he spins her around and forcibly kisses her. Horrified, Lynda pulls away and slaps Alex, who can see for himself that she cannot fire him for real. Harchester's bad luck continues throughout the second half, and they concede two further goals to Chelsea, thus losing the game.


Ashleigh is convinced she will be fired by Lynda, and hands her her resignation letter. Lynda instead promotes Ashleigh to First Team Coach as she wanted, and tells her the job will be hers whoever comes in as manager. That night Lynda finds Alex drinking alone in the Blue Room, and tells him when she fires him she'll do it on her own terms. She reminds Alex that next week they have to go to Cardiff, and the team who he has just let down, especially Ryan, Tyson and Sully, will need him as a leader. Alex apologises, and Lynda tells him it's not her he should be saying that to. Liam's day in court arrives, but there is late news before he is about to take the stand. Merrick tells he and Chloe that Marlon has changed his testimony and is saying that he and Eugene both carried out the burglary together.




·          Logic: Oji says the robbery in which Eugene and Marlon were involved took place on the night of 31st May 2005, when it was actually the 30th - the night of the crash. And what has happened to the charges Chloe was last seen saying she would plead guilty to in 359: Women Trouble?. Maybe they've convieniently gone away like the ones Lynda is about to face will (379: Il Postino).


Foreshadowing: Liam says what happened with Alex was just a tackle, and he'd do it again if he ever gets to play for the club (375: Just Another Game).


·          Additional Info: The pre-season friendly in which Liam is seen in the Crewe Alexandra strip, and ended Alex's career would have been in summer 2003. Nice to see Harchester’s mayoress likes the club so much she lands a place on the jury for Eugene’s trial!


What Was The Score?: Due to Alex’s actions, Harchester suffer an embarrassing 4-1 defeat to Chelsea. John Terry and Frank Lampard look especially pleased with themselves.


·          Soundtrack: Arctic Monkeys: "I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor",  Fall Out Boy: "Sugar We're Going Down",  Richard Ashcroft: "Break the night with colour",  The Dead 60s: "Riot Radio",  The Strokes: "Juicebox."


Screencaps from 9.18’s original broadcast on Sky One on 19/02/06.


  In-laws in the dock

Dempsey tries out a new training exercise - strangling Liam



 Oji gives Chloe a good grilling

Cass ups the pressure on Liam for Eugene's future



 Ashleigh thinks it's all over...


Has Alex blown his chance as manager?

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