Season 9 Episode 19

Episode 375


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 26th February 2006


Directed By

Peter Hoar


GS: Asa Maloin (Christian Pederson)  Merrick (Alisdair Simpson)  Marlon Baldon (David Gyasi) 

Oji (Jason Barnett)  Court Clerk (Lawrence McGrandles Jr.)


Lynda is interviewed on the team going back to Cardiff and the Millennium Stadium for the first time since the crash, while Danny, Tyson and Ryan meet with Mrs. Alexander. Once finished, Lynda sees Alex, who is dreading facing the lads again after walking out on them last week. He opens the latest letter he has received from the owner which reads "Remember Alex, it's just another game." Eugene and Chloe are back in court following an adjournment, and Chloe hopes the case will be thrown out.



Merrick comes out to inform them that Marlon is taking the stand right now. Once up there, Marlon tells of how Eugene was the one who beat the associate they were robbing with his baseball bat, prompting Eugene to stand up and call Marlon a liar. Ryan shows Gavin the black kit they will be playing in, in memory of the lads, and Alex apologises for what happened last week. At the court Casper approaches Liam in a desperate bid to save Eugene. He tells Liam he must say that Eugene was with him all night, otherwise he is facing five years in prison, and to think about the final. Liam takes the stand where he agrees with his later statement that Eugene arrived much later than he originally thought. He however cracks under Oji's cross-examination and is forced to admit it could have been later, to Chloe's horror. The team watch the news from the Players' Lounge and are furious with Liam for what they see as him not standing by his team mate, especially after all those who died last year. Danny goes to Lynda and states that he doesn't want Liam going to Cardiff, adding to Alex if he takes Liam he's lost the dressing room.


That night Lynda and Alex go to Eugene as he drinks in Studs. He tells them he wouldn't do what Marlon said, and it was he who brought the bat. Casper suggests a way of helping Eugene's chances - by talking to Scarlett. Eugene is against the idea and says no, but is clearly dreading the possibility of going to prison for five years. Outside, Lynda tells Alex there's no way he can play Eugene on Sunday, as if he loses it there's no way they can have him tarnishing the memory of the dead players once again. The day of the Chelsea game arrives, and Casper tells Alex he has an idea of helping Eugene out, thus won't be travelling with the team on the coach. As the lads board the coach, Chloe drops Liam off, and Danny again makes it clear to Alex that Liam doesn't play today. Alex gets on the coach and it leaves without Liam. At the Grange, Cass is waiting in the restaurant when Scarlett arrives. It is clear the spark still exists between them, and Casper tries to convince her that Eugene needs her help. Scarlett at first refuses, as Eugene nearly got her killed and how can she be expected to help send her own brother down? However, seeing how desperate Casper is to save his brother manages to change her mind.


The coach arrives in Cardiff and there is large contrast in the reactions to those who were there last year (Danny, Ryan and Tyson) and those who see the Millennium Stadium excitedly for the first time (Hector and Amy). As they take a look around, Amy reads the itinery for that afternoon, with another memorial taking place. Alex and the lads leave Danny, Ryan and Tyson to reflect on their own, and Danny says he wants to see where the coach exploded as he was upstairs when it happened. They visit the sheltered VIP car park and Danny says he thought there’d be something to show what happened there, like a plaque or statue. It becomes too much for Ryan who breaks down crying, to be comforted by Sully and Tys. As Harchester prepare to kick off, Lynda brings Mrs. Alexander into the dressing room ready for Ryan to make his speech in front of the TV cameras. Seeing how much this is affecting Ryan, Alex calls time on the memorial, saying by allowing this game to be turned into a funeral they aren't honouring the men that died in the way they should be - by winning the trophy. He says there will be no minute's silence and no black kit, which already seems to perk the lads up a bit. To both Casper and Danny's surprise, Liam shows up and Alex confirms that he has selected him after all.


As the two teams line up in the tunnel, Hector is taunted by one of the Chelsea players, Asa Maloin, and Liam makes it clear to Asa that he will be keeping an eye on him. Shortly after kicking off, Casper takes the score to 1-0 after a pass from Hector. Shortly before half time Hector is taken down by Maloin, and is left in agony with his lower calf. Maloin is booked and Liam is so furious he too ends up with a yellow card. In the dressing room Liam is so angry that Alex asks Danny to keep on eye on him in the second half. He doesn't have the time to do so however, as soon as Maloin gets the ball Liam takes him down with the same tackle Maloin used on Hector. Liam doesn't wait to be sent off and marches to the dugout himself, with Alex unable to look at him. Harchester struggle to keep up with a man down and the loss of Hector, and soon Didier Drogba has equalised. Harchester's fortunes take an even worse turn when a header from Danny leads to an own goal. The final whistle goes and Harchester have lost to Chelsea, and the Carling Cup.


As they re-enter the dressing room the lads are down. Until Ryan speaks up and says they have done the boys proud, by taking on possibly the best team in Europe and almost winning. The team huddles round and Casper promises that come May they will be back here again, and will win. Lynda comes in and realises she needs to change her condolences to congratulations, adding to Alex even though it was originally four wins he is still manager. At the courthouse the next day, Scarlett takes to the stand where Merrick questions what she knows about Eugene's movements on the night of the robbery. Scarlett backs up Chloe's story that Eugene went to have dinner with her early in the evening, and can be sure of the time because they'd had a row. Scarlett adds that Marlon is implicating Eugene simply because he is jealous, as Eugene became a pro at football and Marlon had nothing. Marlon openly asks Scarlett how she could do this to him, and Scarlett tells Merrick she doesn't want to send her brother to prison, but what he is saying about Eugene is not true. She finishes by telling Merrick she is no longer in love with Eugene, so cannot be seen to be lying to save her husband. This is followed by a long distance glance between Casper and Scarlett, showing that there is still ground to be covered there.



  • Best Known For: Jason Barnett went on to the regular role of CSE Eddie Olosunje in “The Bill” from 2008 until it's final episode in 2010.

The Best: Going to the Millennium Stadium again. Futch giggling, and trying to hide under his coat as Liam walks off the pitch after taking down Maloin.

  • Logic: The photograph Lynda looks over of herself and Fletch should have been taken before she went to prison in June 2002, although Ali King appears exactly as she does now and Terry Kiely as he would have post-Season 8!

Quotes: Ashleigh has Lynda’s number: (to Alex) "For God's sake Alex, what's wrong with you? First you let Lynda walk all over you about Liam, then she lays the law down about Eugene…"

  • Continuity: Danny speaks of Curtis, Presley and Fletch, and Tyson recalls how they all piled on Lee on the Millennium Stadium pitch. We see a montage of Harchester’s win from 356: Play Off and the team coach exploding. Kevin Keatings refers to it being almost seven years since Harchester brought a (Premiership) trophy home (#140).

Additional Info: Liam and Chloe have been together for four years and Chloe has been Eugene's agent throughout that time. Casper’s goal is the fastest scored in Carling Cup history.

  • What Was The Score?: In the League Cup Final of 2006, a painfully-ironic own goal from Sully adds to a 2-1 loss for the Dragons.

Soundtrack: Embrace: "Gravity",  Fatboy Slim: "Wonderful Night",  The Verve: "Lucky Man."


Screencaps from 9.19’s original broadcast on Sky One on 26/02/06.


 Eugene knows he is being set

 up by his brother-in-law

Liam overshadows the memorial game (and the lads are not impressed!)



 Nice how Fletch came back

 from the dead for the photo!

Scarlett's back in town



 A painful return for the three


For Mrs. Alexander, HUFC is the club that keeps on killing!



 History repeats itself for



The lads are proud of their... loss

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