Season 9 Episode 2

Episode 358


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 23rd October 2005


Directed By

Marcus D.F White

D.I. Parker (Ken Bradshaw)


The memorial descends into uproar and Lynda demands the troublesome group in her office before slapping Eugene when he sasses her! On the way they are met by D.I Parker, who having seen Liam arrests Eugene on the spot for burglary. Outside Eugene rants to the waiting press on how the club has tricked him into playing with his brother, before being bundled into the back of a police car. The new team gather in the Players' Lounge and Casper begins his games with Ashleigh, taking control of the meeting. He turns to Danny, Tyson and Ryan and apologises for Eugene's insulting of them and their dead team mates, personally taking responsibility for it.


Wanting to rebuild the team sprit of last season, Cass takes the lads to the now vacant Studs. Ryan isn't impressed, first with Eugene’s stunt and now breaking into a “dead man's” property. At the station, Eugene does as Chloe requested and says nothing until his lawyer arrives. In the boardroom, Lynda says Charlton won't have Eugene back so they have to find another way of getting rid of him. Felix calls Duval and asks whether he still has a job if he loses one of the brothers. He is bluntly told (off-screen) that the deal was both of the brothers together and is hung up on. Felix turns and sees Amy watching him. D.I Parker has to opt for Plan B following Eugene's silence and goes out to Chloe, arresting her for perverting the course of justice! At Studs Annabelle calls Casper's phone, and he asks Ryan to get rid of her for him. Ryan impersonates Casper until Annabelle hangs up on him, to Cass' joy. Ashleigh is not impressed and reminds the team this was supposed to be one drink, and yells at Cass that when Felix isn't there she is their boss. It gets her nowhere and Ashleigh storms off in a huff (already shaping up to be this year's Season-7-Abi Fletcher).


Chloe is shown a written statement D.I Parker says Liam made, and how it varies from what Chloe stated of Eugene’s whereabouts. D.I Parker reminds Chloe of the serious charge she faces and she is soon co-operating. Lynda tells Felix that Celtic are interested in Eugene and with any luck they will be rid of him by next weekend. Felix is still adamant they should keep Eugene when they are so close to testing the dream of him and Casper together again. Cass tells the lads of his mate who owns a bar and says they should head there, for just one more drink mind, and the boys deliberately leave their phones behind in Studs. Chloe pleads that if she gives up Eugene her business will be ruined. D.I Parker informs her if she could persuade Eugene to hand himself in there would be no trial and the charges against her would be dropped. The next day is the first day of the new Premiership season. Ashleigh is forced to explain to Lynda and Felix how it all became too much for her and she left Cass to do whatever he wanted with the team. Amy tries to contact them but their phones are still in Studs.


The lads wake up on a deserted beach and are shocked to find the boats they used to get there gone. Cass reveals he sneakily kept his phone and informs the lads that they appear to be in France. Cass phones Ashleigh and tells her she needs to find a way of getting them back before the Liverpool game! Scarlett waits outside the station for Eugene and Chloe, who have been kept in overnight. Chloe tries to discuss the charges with Eugene but he is only interested in her getting him a transfer. Amy gets through to Cass and Ashleigh reluctantly tells Casper the team are on a beach in Brittany, and gives him directions to an airfield where a plane is waiting to bring them home. Casper begins to worry that he has gotten Ashleigh into serious trouble and promises Felix they will be back to beat Liverpool. Eugene, Chloe and Scarlett arrive at the club in time for Lynda to inform them that Celtic no longer want Gene, and the tabloids and Dragons' fans are baying for his blood. Lynda tells Eugene the fans won't forgive him unless he's seen to pay some sort of price. Eugene isn't interested and tells the girls he's going home to London. Outside they are surrounded by a mob of angry Harchester fans, yelling "No respect!" until they block Eugene and the girls in his car. Eugene yells that he will run them down as Chloe calls for help.


The boys arrive at the airfield and Danny, Tyson and Ryan worry about what the fans will think if they are not back on time, and a young boy comes running along asking for a photo with Ryan. Felix goes to Ashleigh and tells her the plane may not make it back in time so could she help sort out the second team, made up of youth and reserve team players. Ashleigh agrees and when told Eugene is heading back to London she is adamant he owes the club. The stewards arrive and soon Eugene, Chloe and Scarlett make it safely back inside the club, whilst the mob chant "Criminal!" at Eugene. Chloe gets started on saving herself and tries to persuade Eugene that admitting the charges would be for the best, if not for him but also Scarlett, as what went on right now really terrified her. Scarlett even asks him if it's just for a year as she can't keep living like this. Eugene agrees, if it will help her. As the lads fly home, Amy goes to Eugene and tells him as he's still under contract to Harchester they need him to play, adding that Casper isn't present. Eugene walks in and the dressing room is immediately lifted. In order to persuade Eugene to play, Felix plays up to him that it is to give the fans something to remember him by, which Eugene laps up, before being introduced to Gavin Moody who is making his first team debut.


The team arrive back at the club to the waiting pack. Felix takes Casper through whilst Amy battles with the press to leave. Felix tells Ashleigh he can't let the fans see their team lose 6-0 with the kids so will be playing the first team, telling Casper he is on the bench. The teams head out and gather on the pitch for the traditional HUFC minute's silence. Afterward, Liam sits in the stands complaining to Chloe how he didn't even make the bench. D.I Parker says he wants a word with Chloe, forcing her to tell Liam how she spent last night in a prison cell. Liam goes mad at Chloe after learning she gave Eugene a false alibi and she blames him for the mess with the police until she breaks down crying. D.I Parker congratulates Chloe on a good job done with Eugene, but she is disgusted and goes to be with a distraught Scarlett, promising to stand by her during this.


Half time comes and the score is 0-0. Felix tells Casper and Eugene that if they are really sorry they need to go out there and give the fans the best football they can. Eugene reluctantly agrees to play with his brother again, making it clear it is just this once. The brothers go out and their ability together shines through. Eugene is taken down and a penalty is awarded to the Dragons. A predictable brawl takes place however when Casper steps up to take the penalty and Eugene has to be held back by the other players. Casper makes it worthwhile though and scores, with Harchester fittingly winning the first game back. As they re-enter the tunnel Lynda demands Casper and Eugene follow her to the press conference for them to properly explain their behaviour. During which, Eugene wages war with Casper that he will score more goals than him this season, a duel Cass is all too eager to commit to. Chloe meanwhile, is told by D.I Parker that she has no idea how much trouble she's in for Eugene going back on his decision to hand himself in.




·          First appearance of Gavin Moody (Jonathan Howard). Also first appearances of the new first team (2005 onwards): Damien Evans [Arvey Betts] (Defender), Jodie Carter [Scott Forrester] (Defender), Jay Mabs-Carlisle (Defender), Franco Rossi (Defender) [Lonyo Engele, who previously appeared as a recurring team player in Seasons 1-3] and Tim Clancy (Defender Centre/Defensive Midfielder), who previously played for Millwall at The Den. Scott Forrester was also with Millwall as a reserve team player.


The Best: Eugene kicking over the photo of Curtis, breaking its glass frame in front of his poor mother. The Alexander family must hate coaches! The police door closing before Eugene can finish giving the reporters (and the world) Chloe's mobile number! The Doogle search engine Lynda uses.


·          Logic: Just when did Liam get the time to write and sign the lengthy statement we are shown? Before he was just seen telling the detectives this information, and was in a rush to get to Harchester.


Quotes: Eugene (shouts): "Chloe! Where's Chloe Tyler?!"  Random reporter: "Who's Chloe Tyler?". Cass sending Liam in to the airfield main office as the others can't afford to be recognised. Ouch.


·          Continuity: Cass tells Danny, Tyson and Ryan he doesn't know a lot about the club, but he knows about it's team sprit, listing getting past bankruptcy (315: Locked Out), getting into the semi-finals of the Champions League (351: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle) and getting them back into the Premiership (356: Play Off). Danny, Tyson and Ryan imagine how “Presley would be wetting himself if he could see us now” and “Even Viv, wherever he is.”


Additional Info: ("Be a player!") sponsored Dream Team for this season. An on-screen scoreboard now appears for each match. Scarlett says she hasn't been without Eugene since she was seventeen [see 367: War Of The Roses]. Also from said episode, Casper must have been at Liverpool during the 2002-03 season, as he says he and Eugene played in a game between Charlton and Liverpool on January 1st 2003, and he left Charlton in January 2001.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester v. Liverpool finishes 1-0 to the Dragons.


Soundtrack: DJ Tiesto: “Obsession”,  Sigur Ros: “Svefn-G-Englar”,  The Chemical Brothers: “Suface To Air”,  The Killers: “Smile Like You Mean It”,  Tori Amos: “Blue Skies.”


Screencaps from 9.2’s original broadcast on Sky One on 24/10/05.


 Eugene mouths off again (and

 it's only Episode 2!)

Chloe's Prisoner Cell Block H promo



 Lynda knows she can't get rid

 of Gene

All the way to France? How?!



 Mabbs & Moody

The team remember those lost (again)



Casper steps up...

 Chloe will look after Scarlett



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