Season 9 Episode 20

Episode 376


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 5th March 2006


Directed By

Maurice Hutchinson


GS: Asa Maloin (Christian Pederson)  Merrick (Alisdair Simpson)  Oji (Jason Barnett) 

Jessica Hibbs (Sam Grey)  Inspector Dawson (Darren Higgins)  Angie Walker (Calita Rainford) 

Court Clerk (Lawrence McGrandles Jr.)  George Fuller (Ben Nealon)


After five days of deliberating, the jury in Eugene's trial reach a verdict. He is taken into court where it is announced that he has been found not guilty. Casper and Chloe are over the moon, while Eugene is so relieved he breaks down crying. In the toilets afterwards, Eugene tells Cass how he wants to use this second chance to get Scarlett back. He asks Cass if he'll talk to her like before, and Casper reluctantly agrees.



On the way out to their car, the brothers are met by Angie Walker from Channel 12 News in Melbourne. She informs Eugene that he is eligible to play for Australia in this summer's World Cup, but the boys don't take her seriously and leave. Angie turns to her easily brow-beaten cameraman and wonders if Eugene isn't aware of “the family” back home, and realises what a good story it would make. Chloe watches as Sky Sports News shows X-Rays of Asa Maloin's shattered knee, adding that his hopes for the World Cup are over. She and Liam are called to a meeting at the club, where Lynda and Alex inform them that Chelsea are considering legal action over what happened. Lynda adds that they will be supporting Liam, and leaves the room when she sees Eugene and Amy sharing a particularly long hug. Lynda goes out to Eugene and tries to top Amy's hug, congratulating Gene on his freedom. She adds that the club have received an odd request for him and Amy shows Eugene a fax from the Football Federation Australia. Eugene is still convinced he doesn't have any family in Australia.


Casper visits Scarlett at her mother's house and tells her of Eugene's wish for them all to have dinner, and to thank her for what she did. Scarlett agrees, and adds that it doesn't mean anything, clearly more interested in Casper. Liam addresses a press conference with Lynda beside him, defending himself from the serious nature of Maloin's injury. It is put to him by a reporter that he was heard in the tunnel telling Maloin he was a dead man, causing Lynda to end the conference. Back in the boardroom Alex confirms that what Liam allegedly said is true. George Fuller from Legal Services arrives and says this case may go beyond a civil matter, as the CPS will be waiting to test one of these out in court. Ashleigh arrives for dinner with Cass at the Grange, and soon discovers she has been drafted in as part of Eugene's marriage guidance! Scarlett arrives in a glam dress and immediately has her eyes set on Cass, noticed by Ashleigh. Alex stays late working on his formation in the dressing room, and Lynda comes in. She tells Alex that possibly the only way out of this could be Alex defending Liam, as his career was ended by the same player using the same tackle. Alex is clearly bothered by this, but agrees to Lynda's face, before saying there is somewhere he needs to be.


At the dinner, Ashleigh and Scarlett are looking over Eugene's letter from the FFA, and are amused. When Casper leaves to use the gents, Ashleigh follows him in there and accuses him of using her as cover for carrying on with Scarlett. She also says Scarlett has been giving her death stares all night. Somehow can’t imagine that, Scarlett isn’t a menacing person. Casper makes out to Ashleigh that she is the only one he wants, but she is appalled and storms off. At their house, Liam tells Chloe how Asa Maloin is being looked at as a hero whilst he has become public enemy number one. He adds that the fans hate him and Chloe should see the website! He tells Chloe that all he needs is her to support him and they go to bed together. Lying there, Chloe feels guilty and goes to the hospital to see Maloin. As she arrives, she walks past Alex's car and notices him sitting inside. He tells her he drove all this way but hasn't found the strength to go inside. She suggests they go in together as it could help her as well. Inside, Asa gives them a cold reception but allows them to stay. Alex shares his own experiences of getting better but Maloin already knows it's too late for him. He tells Alex and Chloe the doctors have told him no amount of operations will get his knee back to it's former strength, and weeps as he says he's not a footballer anymore.


At the Grange, Casper, Eugene and Scarlett behave like a trio of drunken teenagers determined to stir up trouble, with Scarlett wanting them to see how long it takes for them to be asked to leave. The Rose brothers manage to persuade Scarlett to stay the night at the Grange, as long as they sleep on different floors. As Chloe and Alex leave the hospital, Alex smashes his tail light into a pillar and Chloe realises he has been affected by what he saw with Maloin. Casper, Eugene and Scarlett are all unable to sleep in their respective rooms, and Cass and Gene each go wondering to their girls’. Eugene tells Scarlett how much he has changed, and how much he is willing to stay that way in order to get her back. Whilst Casper stumbles drunk to Ashleigh's room only for her to offend him by suggesting he doesn't know what it takes to be faithful to someone. Chloe drives Alex back to the Grange where it is clear she is looking at him in a new light. He makes her understand how not even being the manager can replace that feeling of stepping out onto the pitch in front of thirty-thousand people, and Liam took that away from him. Chloe returns home to Liam where he is sleeping, and wonders whether she is happy in her marriage anymore.


The next day Alex holds a press conference where he states his feelings that criminal action against Liam would only bring contact sport, and the game itself, into disrepute. Liam is less than grateful for what Alex did, leading to a barney with a frustrated Chloe. As she goes to cool off in her car, Casper and Eugene, accompanied by Scarlett, arrive for training. Scarlett says she's going to stick around in Harchester for a while, and as Cass and Eugene begin walking in they are met once again by Angie Walker. This time, she brings along Lucy - Eugene's daughter! Eugene doesn't believe her until Jessica Hibbs appears and confirms it is true. Eugene is stunned and sprints away, followed by Jessica yelling at Angie for using her daughter like this, as she believed Eugene wanted to see them. It is inconceivable that Chloe missed all the action from her car! The drama doesn't stop there as out on the training pitch the police arrive to arrest Liam for the assault on Asa. The team are annoyed, and Hector complains that Liam was just protecting him, but he still has to go with Inspector Dawson as Alex watches on.


Lynda is annoyed that someone went to the police over what she sees as nothing, and in front of Alex tactlessly says when the final whistle goes nobody cares anyway! Alex rightfully goes mad at her. Casper takes Jessica and Lucy back to his house, where Lucy is put to bed after the long journey. Jessica is forced to explain to Cass how she didn't have the abortion after all, and how her dad got a job as a coach in Sydney so she left with him a couple of weeks later. The TV channel paid for their flights, and she believes Lucy has a right to know who her real father is, as Jessica is now married to someone else. At the police station, Chloe leaves Liam when George Fuller arrives to represent him, and heads straight to Alex at the Grange. She asks him whether it was him who went to the police and he admits it straight away. Chloe then kisses Alex, and the two close the door behind them. Eugene and Scarlett arrive at Casper's, where Casper promises his brother that he knew nothing about Jessica keeping the baby. Inside, Lucy comes down and presents Eugene with a present - an Australian International shirt with his name and number 18 on the back.




·          Best Known For: Calita Rainford also appeared in the film “Return To The House On Haunted Hill” (2007). Ben Nealon had a big role on "Soldier, Soldier" playing Lt, then Capt Jeremy Forsythe in more than 45 episodes from 1994-1997. Shortly before his DT stint he played D.I. Baxter in a recurring role on "Doctors" (2005).


The Best: Angie Walker. Don’t hear her constantly yelling “Angie Walker. Channel 12 News Melbourne!”. The return of Jessica Hibbs (last seen in 367: War Of The Roses) and the revelation that she never had the abortion, as suspected.


·          Logic: If Jessica discovered she was pregnant with Lucy on Christmas Day 2000, she would have given birth to her nine months later in September 2001, making Lucy four and a half at this time. We are led to believe that Lucy is six for some reason.


Continuity: Hibbsey would have left Charlton Athletic in January 2001, with Jessica joining him to Sydney.


·          Soundtrack: All Saints: "Bootie Call",  David Gray: "The Other Side",  James Blunt: "Wiseman.”


Screencaps from 9.20’s original broadcast on Sky One on 05/03/06.


 Chloe watches the media take

 Liam to account

Scarlett's eyes are now for Cass - and Ashleigh knows it!



 Maloin is a broken man

Cass gets Ashleigh at a bad time




 And now Jessica's back in

 town - with a surprise for


Will Lucy bring out a whole new Eugene?



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