Season 9 Episode 21

Episode 377


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 12th March 2006


Directed By

Ian Fleming


GS: Jessica Hibbs (Sam Grey)  George Fuller (Ben Nealon)  John (Darren BancroftKenny Sansom (as himself)


Liam is interviewed as Chloe and Alex make out in Demps’ room at the Grange. Against the wishes of George Fuller, Liam admits he went out there with the intent to hurt Maloin. Chloe and Alex are interrupted by the club calling them both regarding Liam. In the boardroom George explains how now they have Liam's statement, not only could he be facing charges but Chelsea will almost certainly want to sue him and the club. Chloe and Liam leave, and Lynda thinks she's got Alex back on side when she suggests they have dinner together.



Lynda goes to Gavin and manipulates him into speaking with Liam over his statement. Liam meanwhile, tries to get Chloe to stay as she packs her bags, telling him she can't do this anymore but will still represent him. Lynda gets herself dressed up especially for Alex, and apologises for being a crap friend lately. Alex is distracted however, as Chloe walks into the restaurant looking as glam as Lynda, and he is unable to keep his dinner date with the latter. He leaves a bemused Lynda only for Chloe to follow him, and soon they are making out in the lift. Lynda spends the rest of the evening finishing off the champagne alone, and decides to let Alex know her feelings. Lynda practically pounces on Alex as soon as he opens the door, and snogging his face off, Lynda finds Chloe already in Alex's bed! Lynda runs out back to her own room, and is chased down the hall by Chloe and Alex in their respective dressing gowns'! Chloe tells Lynda from outside her door that this needs to be seen as nothing. Gavin finally gets round to visiting Liam and finds his front door wide open and Liam sitting in the dark. Liam isn't in the mood to talk, and tells Gavin that Chloe has left him and he wants to be left alone.


Eugene questions Jessica on why she never returned his calls, and she explains she was only eighteen years old and panicked. Eugene is shocked to learn that Jessica is herself married, and when Lucy comes out she suggests Eugene tuck her up in bed. The next morning Lynda arrives at the club to find Chloe already waiting for her. Alex joins them but all Lynda is openly interested in is finding Liam. Amy comes in to tell them that Liam has just walked straight into the press conference next door. Lynda dashes in just as Liam is making his statement. He tells the awaiting press that whilst he never meant to end Asa Maloin's career, he did mean to go after him after he'd already hurt Hector. After he gets up and leaves, Lynda weaselly informs the press that Liam's statement was that of his own words and not those of the club. Scarlett watches the press conference from the house, and learns that Eugene is taking Lucy to training with him. She advises him against it, but as Jessica is still asleep Eugene is convinced Amy will watch Lucy! Needless to say Ashleigh isn't impressed to find Lucy in the dressing room, but still allows her to be taken onto the training pitch.


In the boardroom, Alex and George both believe Liam has to be suspended and the club now put first, but Lynda is reluctant to do so. They go out and tell Liam what's happening, and how he has to leave. Lynda too notices Lucy on the pitch, and forgets her motherly instinct once again to tell Eugene she doesn't care whose she is but to just get her off the pitch as the club isn’t insured! Chloe takes Liam home, where he tells her he can't understand how he's so in the wrong with everything when all he's done is tell the truth. He mentions how he watched his father lie to his mother all his life and swore he'd never be like that. Amy goes to Lynda and asks whether she has seen the T-Shirts being printed outside the club, referring to the stall holder John in a very dispassionate way. Lynda sees that they feature Liam's face with the words 'Truth' taking centre stage, and goes out to see John. He tells Lynda they are selling well, and Liam has become something of a hero with the fans as he admits what other players won't.


Jessica arrives at the club to find Lucy having a tantrum at Eugene, and she too berates him for taking Lucy without her knowledge. Jessica adds that Lucy is like this with him because she has grown up with Paul, and sees him as her father. She tells Eugene they have to be getting back to Australia, as the TV people paid for their flights and didn't even get an interview. Eugene pleads with her to stay, at least until Lucy has seen him play for the first time tomorrow. Staying at the Grange, Chloe gets a call from Sky Sports asking her to come and fight Liam's corner on "You're On..." as the story is dominating the sports world. Liam tunes into his very own special of "You're On..." where Chloe sits alongside Kenny Sansom. Alex watches from his office where Tim from Dudley is rudely cut off by a 'Special Guest' caller! None other than Heather Locklear, sorry Lynda Block herself! Lynda makes an indirect approach to her call - by pricking at Chloe for cheating on Liam with Alex. Lynda admits she should have backed her player right from the beginning, and says she is doing so now: tomorrow Harchester United will start legal proceedings against Asa Maloin and Chelsea. Lynda questions whether Chloe agrees with her when she says they should be more truthful in all areas of their lives? Chloe uncomfortably has to agree with her arch-nemesis, and after the show gets a call from Alex who reassures her that Lynda won't tell Liam what she knows.


The day of the game, Scarlett, Jessica and Lucy are preparing to leave for the club when Eugene comes home specifically to give Jessica the comps for her and Lucy. He tells Lucy he will score for her and is excited about her seeing him play for the first time. The press surround Liam as he arrives at the club, although not playing today of course. The commotion is dimmed however, when Eugene "old news" Rose comes out to address the media with his intention to play for Australia in the World Cup "next year" (huh? The 2006 World Cup is only two-three months away at this point). This news doesn't even make the headlines though, as by the end of the morning, four new separate claims have been made for criminal prosecutions in sport in the wake of Liam's plight. Lynda says Chelsea will have to pull out if they want all of these claims to stop.


Casper is deeply unhappy with Eugene's decision to try for Australia, following Terry's wish that they would both play for England one day, and now Eugene will never be picked. Scarlett, Jessica and Lucy meanwhile, arrive at the club to be surrounded by press. Lucy is still calling for her daddy and Jessica tells Scarlett she means Paul, and that they really should be getting home now. Scarlett asks them to wait whilst she phones Casper to come down. He arrives and pleads with Jessica to stay just for this game as it means so much to Eugene, but Jessica feels she cannot and leaves. Casper heads back to the dressing room where he doesn't tell Eugene what's happened, and the team sit down to be told something of importance by Alex. Outside, Liam and Chloe sit to watch the game which is mysteriously running late. Suddenly all around, people are standing and clapping for Liam to show their support. Lynda, Amy and Hector join them as Liam looks on humbled.




·          Best Known For: Immediately after finishing her stint as Jessica, Sam Grey landed her breakthrough role with regular character (Health Care Assistant) Alice Chantrey on “Casualty” for four years, making her first appearance in April 2006 under former DT producer/writer Ellen Taylor’s time on the show.


The Best: Liam. A strongly likeable character and a worthy replacement for the characters lost at the end of Season 8. Lynda and Chloe’s showdown live on Sky Sports – with game, set and match to Lynda.


·          Additional Info: Director Ian Fleming joins "You know John..." on screen to hand out Truth Mackay merchandise outside the club on match day. Casper speaks of Terry Rose as if it has already been written that he is dead, confirmed for the first time later in 385: The Precious.


Screencaps from 9.21’s original broadcast on Sky One on 12/03/06.


 Not what Lynda wanted to see

 in her hoped-for-boyfriend's


Nice! Perfect to sleep in I'm sure



 That's for sleeping with my


Gene is chucking away his England prospects - and big bruv isn't happy



 Not even Casper can make

 Jess stay - less competition for

 Ashleigh and Scarlett then...

Liam has the support of his club - but will it cost him? (yes)



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