Season 9 Episode 22

Episode 378


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 19th March 2006


Directed By

Riita Leena-Lynn


GS: Asa Maloin (Christian Pederson)  George Fuller (Ben Nealon)  Jessica Hibbs (V/O) (Sam Grey)


As the crowd is left waiting for the two teams to come out, Amy takes Lynda inside where she explains how the insurers are refusing to cover their players if another injury occurs. Tottenham's Chief Executive agrees with the insurers, and asks Lynda what she was expecting by getting Hector to sue Maloin. When the ref decalres the match is to be abandoned, Lynda has to address the awaiting crowd, who do not take her news well. As Eugene searches for Jessica and Lucy, Casper makes Scarlett promise not to let on that he was aware they'd left already. She is of course willing to keep his secret.



Cass finds Eugene worked up in the dressing room after receiving a message from Jessica. She tells him to give her some time and over the summer they can discuss when he can see Lucy again. Eugene is determined not to let this lie. In the boardroom, George and Gerald battle it out over the costs that today's abandonment will have, with Amy adding that the FA are furious and are talking about deducting points and fining both clubs. They switch on Sky Sports News to learn that another three Premiership matches have so far been called off. When UEFA announce they are calling an emergency meeting at their headquarters in Switzerland, the room knows this is bad, and the blame will be placed firmly at Harchester's door. Lynda stays at the club late into the night, with George coming in to tell her he's just spoken to UEFA. They say they will only provide cover for accidental injuries, meaning Harchester has to drop it's lawsuit against Maloin, and (sound of doom) Liam must receive a lifetime ban from football! Lynda is adamant and tells George no, but he insists it's either him or them, as the rescheduled matches could cut into England's World Cup preparation causing more blame for Harchester.


By Friday Liam's ban is official and Lynda explains to him that she really does recognise her part in this, prompting Chloe to ask her to leave. Eugene has been trying to contact the FFA all night, still convinced he can play for them through his relation to Lucy. Casper remembers to Eugene how when they were kids, and how he was going to be Karl Fletcher and Eugene was John Barnes. But all that will be destroyed if Eugene carries this on, as no national team will pick him. Liam arrives at the club to say his goodbyes, and holds a press conference with Lynda. He admits if he could go back he wouldn't do anything different, and makes an appeal to Chloe for her to forgive him for his behaviour these last few weeks. On the training pitch, Casper tells Ashleigh he is taking her out tonight, as after seeing Liam lose his career and Eugene his family, he doesn't want to wait for her anymore. Asa goes to visit Liam at his house, where Liam is in a state over the end of his career. Asa tells Liam he thinks he is a coward for not visiting him in hospital, but has to admit he wouldn't have preferred Liam to have lied about the whole thing.


In the physio room, Ashleigh tells Casper she wants to be wooed by him (vomits) and requests he perform the crossbar challenge Ronaldinho did in his commercial. Casper knows this isn't possible as it was done with computer techniques, but goes and fetches Ryan, Gavin and Jodie Carter to help him out. The lads try it out on the training pitch but all fail, and soon Gavin walks off leaving the boys bemused. Gavin barges into Lynda's office where he tells her he thinks what the club has done to Liam is wrong, and how if he hadn't have been in Cardiff they would have been beaten worse. He leaves and deep down Lynda knows he is right. Ryan and Carter soon get fed up of the impossible and leave Casper to his mission. Casper manages to hit the bar only once, and later he and Ashleigh watch the video of Ronaldinho's stunt for Cass to show Ashleigh it can't be done.


Ashleigh gets a call from Scarlett, telling her Eugene has flipped and she needs them to come round. They arrive to find Eugene smashing up the living room with a metal bat, and Cass has to hold Eugene down to calm him. Scarlett explains how Jessica and her husband are refusing to take Eugene's calls after he phoned them five times last night, and he has also received a fax from the FFA. Eugene moans that it was a scam set up by the TV people, and the FFA aren’t interested in him playing for them. Casper suggests Eugene still has England, but after he has already stated he wants to play for Australia, Eugene is convinced Saddam Hussain has a better chance of getting picked! Alex goes to Lynda in her office where he tells her she did the right thing cutting Liam loose. She responds with how she went on Sky Sports to get back at Chloe, as Alex had hurt her by sleeping with her. Alex tells her this is his fault, and admits to her it was he who went to the police thus starting the investigation. He finishes by telling Lynda it wasn't about Chloe, it was her - Lynda is the one he's in love with. Lynda is stunned and orders Alex out of her office!


Gavin is at Chloe's, where she tells him Liam doesn't want to see anybody. Lynda arrives and tells Chloe how this is all down to them - her, Alex and Chloe, and Liam has been left paying the price. Their discussion is interrupted when they notice Asa Maloin speaking on TV. Asa surprisingly defends Liam, saying it was the nature of the game why he has ended up like this. Asa also admits his own truth; that he did intend to hurt Hector, but only to let him know that he was there, and if UEFA are banning Liam for what he did, they shouldn't because he is just as guilty as Liam. The next morning Lynda holds a meeting with Liam, Chloe and George, where she tells Liam she is offering him his career back. George says they will begin by threatening UEFA with the courts, and Liam asks Lynda why she's doing this. She responds that she couldn't live with herself if she didn't. Outside on the training pitch, Casper manages to hit the crossbar twice in front of Ashleigh, and is ecstatic. Inside the physio room they find Scarlett waiting for Cass, and Ashleigh leaves them alone.


Scarlett tells Cass she is going to leave, as when Jessica showed up with Lucy, she didn't feel at all threatened by the first girl Eugene ever loved. Casper tells her he wants things with Ashleigh to be serious, prompting Scarlett to declare that she did all these things, coming back, lying in court, looking after Eugene, all for him. She asks Cass why she should keep his secret anymore, and he replies that she knows it would lose Eugene his brother and wife and he has nobody else right now. He tells her if only things had been different, and she hadn't been his brother's wife. And so ends Dean/Sean/Natalie #2! Liam addresses yet another press conference at the Lair, where he informs the press that following Asa's statement, if UEFA still want to uphold his ban they will have to prove it in a court of law. Scarlett waits for Eugene in reception, where he can see she has her bags packed to leave. She is unable to explain her reasons to him, and Eugene doesn't beg her to stay, instead telling Scarlett to just go.


George comes back to Lynda and Liam where he says UEFA have agreed a deal - Liam lets the lawsuit quietly fade away and they will drop the ban, on one condition. They will still proceed with an inquiry at the end of the season. Lynda refuses but Liam wants to take the offer, as it's two whole months of football when he could refuse and still lose in the end. As they walk outside, Chloe asks Liam if he meant what he said at the (first) press conference, about wanting her back. He says he did, and it seems the two are back together despite Liam being oblivious to the truth about her and Alex (for now!).




·          Last appearance of Scarlett Rose (Lauren Gold). Sadly the end of George Fuller (Ben Nealon) too, would've been good as the club's lawyer in Season 10. Sorting out the mess left by Lynda and Dempsey once more!


Quotes: Lynda, with her comment of this season: (to Alex) "So you see the papers are right. It was my fault I started it all. I'm the woman who killed football!".


·          Foreshadowing: Gavin tells Chloe he wants Liam to be his best man, in preparation for the return of Cindi and the wedding story from the next episode.


Continuity: Gavin reminds Lynda how she herself signed him as a schoolboy. This would have been after #190 in the 1999-00 season, when Lynda first began to take an active role in the club following Jerry’s ousting. Other than shagging the star striker(s) that is!


·          Soundtrack: Green Day: "Holiday",  James Blunt: "Billy",  Sigur Ros: "Svefn-G-Englar",  Will Young: "Switch It On."


Screencaps from 9.22’s original broadcast on Sky One on 19/03/06.


 Where would HUFC be without

 George? We will find out...

An unexpected visitor for Mackay



 Now all we need is


Ashleigh's jacket doubles as an airbag (lucky for Casper's Mustang)



 She killed football, but Alex

 loves her. Not a bad day for


Scarlett won't be wooed by Cass - good, he's your husband's brother!



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