Season 9 Episode 24

Episode 380


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 2nd April 2006


Directed By

Peter Hoar

GS: Brian Jenkins (Tony Pritchard)  Buckman (Michael Buckman)  DCI Burrows (Matthew Dennison) 

Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston)  Lenny Clarke (V/O) (Michael J. Jackson)  Georgie Bingham (as herself)


Amy fetches Lynda from the stands as Gavin and Ryan storm off into the tunnel. After nearly coming to blows again, Ryan is pinned against the wall by a police officer and Ashleigh warns him if he's arrested he can kiss goodbye to the World Cup. Instead of obeying Ashleigh's orders and waiting outside Alex's office, Ryan walks right out of the club. Amy shows Lynda the boardroom scattered with cheques and envelopes, and explains she had to speak to the owner to know why he did all those things to Felix. She says she found Lenny with two bags and the boardroom as it is now.


After explaining to Lynda who Lenny is, Amy goes with Lynda to the postroom to find out more. They get there to be told by Buckman that Lenny was made redundant, and upon seeing his photograph on an old pass, Lynda rushes to Lenny's home. The final whistle for the Charlton game goes, and Alex goes up to Gavin and explodes at him for his on-the-field antics, telling Gavin after disrespecting the fans and his team mates in such a way, he is gone at the end of the season. Alex gets on the phone to Ryan, who refuses to come back to the club when told. Hannah comes in and tells Alex they need someone from the club to join Brian Jenkins, the Chairman of the Supporters Association, at the press conference next door, as she can't find Lynda. The team sit in on the press conference, and Casper seems particularly eager for the owner to make his appearance. As Brian Jenkins makes his speech, thanking Mario Ruoppolo for selling an £80M club to its fans for only £2.5M(!), Lynda and Amy arrive at Lenny's address. Inside his cluttered room, Lynda finds a DVD copy of “Sommersby”, and dozens of papers used to practise forging the owners' signature. Lynda is horrified at what she has let happen, and runs outside to be sick in the street! Luckily Amy is there to hold her hair back. In the car afterwards, Lynda is nearly hysterical, asking how she could have been so stupid as to not wonder why the owner would sell an £80M club for just £2.5M.


Alex leaves the press conference and learns from Hannah that Lynda still hasn't returned. He asks how he can send a message to the owner, and Hannah tells him Amy deals with all that. Alex goes through Amy's draws until he finds her address book, and DragonsCorp listed under DC (not D this time). Alex phones the number and gets the "Hello Amy, please leave a message" answer service. He yells at who he still believes to be Mario that after selling the club for nothing, he could have at least faced him instead of disappearing as he has. Gavin arrives home and is not in the mood to talk to Cindi. Instead he announces to her that he shot Ryan's dog, leaving her confused. Ryan sits in the dark at Studs holding Jaws' lead. Hector comes in and says even though he doesn't like dogs, he will miss Jaws, which makes Ryan feel a little better. Amy sits with Lynda in her room at the Grange, and Lynda is blaming herself for not realising someone would forge the owner's handwriting. Amy tells Lynda they really need to go to the police, but Lynda is too scared.


The next morning, Brian Jenkins arrives at the club with his group of supporters, and in front of the cameras makes an appeal to two rich businessmen to come and invest in the club. Lynda and Amy are taken aback to arrive and find Mr. Jenkins and co waiting for them, and stalling, Lynda learns that Alex has heard back from the real owner. The owner has sent Alex a message saying he has never bet on him and has no idea what he's on about, and to make Lynda to contact him immediately. Alex tells Lynda the servers have been down, and she dashes to check her messages, where she finds several from the owner demanding she tell him what's going on. Lynda is further shocked when Amy walks in with the now-Detective Chief Inspector Burrows, the man who busted Fletch for Prash's murder. Amy tells Lynda she had to contact the police. In the dressing room, the lads learn Ryan has called the police over Gavin killing Jaws, and fear this will do more damage to the club, and their World Cup prospects. DCI Burrows is questioning Lynda about why she waited so long to report the stolen money, when Brian Jenkins bursts in and says he's heard Mario Ruoppolo is a character in an Italian film! DCI Burrows adds he knew he'd heard of “Il Postino” somewhere. Brian asks Lynda to tell him straight on whether they own the club or not, and Lynda anguishly has to tell him that they do not.


Within hours, furious fans are protesting outside the club, blaming Lynda for the massive fraud and loss of their money. Lynda holds a hastily organised press conference where not even Alex sits with her for support, as she is forced to tell all to the sniggering press. The team watch from the Players' Lounge as Lynda also adds that she has e-mailed her letter of resignation to DragonsCorp. Casper, obviously, is not amused, and states that to get the club the desperately-needed good publicity it needs, the lads should pay two weeks' wages to help pay the fans back. On the Ryan situation, he adds only one man can put it right - i.e. Gavin. Gavin still insists that what happened with Jaws was an accident, but even Liam doubts him, pointing out that if he could pick birds out of the sky, how could he miss Jaws right in front of him? Gavin caves in and admits he is sorry, to which Casper reminds him it's Ryan who needs to hear it. Ryan and Hector arrive back at Studs to find Cindi waiting outside. She cries to Ryan that she thinks Gavin has left her and needs him to tell her what happened.


Lynda watches on the news as more irate fans tell of how much money they've lost, and Brian Jenkins comes on yelling the club have stolen not just their money, but their dreams. Amy comes in and reads Lynda a message from the owner, saying he won't be providing her with a further £2M to pay back the fans, as he has already spent £10M bailing Lynda out over Hector. Gavin goes to Studs where Hector tries to stall him from coming in, as Ryan is dealing with Cindi. Gavin overhears them arguing as pushes his way in. He asks Cindi if it's true she said she wasn't with him when she got with Ryan, and Cindi cannot deny this. Gavin turns to Ryan, and says he came to apologise for what he did to the dog, as he didn't deserve it, but Ryan is scum and Gavin hopes the FA ban him and he loses out on the World Cup! Gavin storms out and Ryan chases after him, encountering Georgie Bingham from Sky News at the bottom of the stairs. She asks him for his view on the fans' stolen money, and Ryan shouts at her to f*ck off on camera!


The next day Cindi goes to Chloe and blames her for all of this mess, and reminds Chloe she was the one who paid her to leave Gavin, so needs to take some of the responsibility. A desperate Lynda tries to get Casper to buy from her the car and earrings the owner gave her (bit ironic that huh?). Following Cindi's words, Chloe asks Gavin to allow her to represent him at the FA hearing, adding there would be no charge. She then accompanies Gavin to a meeting with the players in the dressing room, where they put across how they want Gavin to take the blame for the sending’s off, in order to save Harchester from severe punishment and give Ryan and Cass a chance at being selected for Germany. Alex walks in on Lynda as she is organising the sale of her house (again, huh?), and warns her that the police came to see him today and think she is a suspect in the theft of the money. Alex stands by Lynda, and says he knows she didn't do it, and before long they are in bed together - Lynda gets laid for the first time in three and a half years!


As they lie in bed afterwards, Lynda gets a call from Lenny, who says he never wanted her to take the blame for this, before hanging up. Lynda learns Lenny called from East Midlands Airport, and dashes downstairs to order a taxi to take her there. Suddenly, DCI Burrows appears and suggests Lynda was off to join Lenny at the airport, before telling her she should come with him. Ryan and Gavin meanwhile, wait outside the FA headquarters, and Gavin is called in first, with Ryan left hoping he will do as the team wishes.




·          The Best: The creation of the 'Mental Block: Is This The Stupidest Woman In Britain?' banner with Alison King’s face painted on. The reuse of Detective Burrows, who was seen investigating the murder of Prashant Dattani in 229: Passports Out.


Quotes: Lynda: "Oh Amy. Mario Ruoppolo... is Lenny Clarke. I've been duped by a Postroom Man!!".


·          Continuity: On the walls of Lenny's room are pictures of past and current HUFC players and key club events, including Clyde Connelly (2002-2004), Lee Presley (2003-2005) and Frank Stone (2004-2005), a shot of the trophy being lifted by Luis at the 1999 FA Cup Final [#140], and a photo of the squad from the 2002-03 season. Dennis Wise is seen watching the game with his young son, having previously “dated” Georgina Jacobs in Season 1 Episode 20 (about to be revisited in Clemency Burton-Hill’s upcoming Guardian interview after 382: Birdman).


Additional Info: Sommersby - a 1993 romantic drama film directed by Jon Amiel and starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster. Il Postino, a 1994 Italian language film directed by Michael Radford. Gavin and Cindi have since moved into the Barrons from her parents’ digs since he proposed in 366: Tis The Season To Be Jolly. Lynda tells Alex how she is selling her house, said to be worth half a million (in Lynda’s opinion). This must be where she lived in Manchester between June-August 2005, in between being released from prison and being asked back to the club.


·          What Was The Score?: Having drawn 0-0 with Charlton, the Dragons will face them again in a rematch at the Valley.


Screencaps from 9.24’s original broadcast on Sky One on 02/04/06.


 Taxi to the insane asylum for

 Mrs Block

Or maybe the back of a police car with old mate Detective Burrows!



 The fans and media blame

 Mental Block...

The team wonder how Mental Block will get out of this one...



 Brian Jenkins just wants to get

 his hands on Mental Block!

Rumbled! (and they really weren't doing anything this time!)



 "Casper, have you seen the

 classic car the owner gave


Ryan and Gav await their (playing) fate


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