Season 9 Episode 25

Episode 381


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 9th April 2006


Directed By

Maurice Hutchinson


GS: Duval (William Travis)  FA Official (Vas Constanti)


The team gathers in the Players' Lounge to hear the result of the FA inquiry against Ryan and Gavin. The FA finds Ryan more responsible than Gavin for the fight, and he is banned for the next five matches, seriously harming his World Cup prospects. Gavin himself is banned for just one game, and both Ryan and Casper go for him. Liam steps in to protect him and two security guards, accompanied by a brooding man hold Casper back. The man announces he wants Ryan and Gavin in his office now, the office which "used to be" Lynda Block's. Duval explains he is a representative of DragonsCorp, and tells Ryan he believes the ban is justified, even if he doesn't play again this season.



Duval tells an annoyed Ryan that he and Gavin will sit with each other at the Aston Villa game on Saturday and turn the bad publicity the club has been receiving around. Casper and Ashleigh go "home" to her room at the Grange, where it is clear they are now a fully fledged couple. Cass confides in Ash that the only reason (other than the family reunion that is!) he came to Harchester was because of Ryan, and how he thought Lucky could greatly improve his chances for Germany this summer. But now with the whole world hating Harchester, Cass' hopes that he had for this season are almost all gone. That night Amy tells Alex she is going to visit Lynda, but he makes excuses to still avoid going to see her. Alex then tells Amy the police believe Lynda came up with the Lenny plot after nearly defrauding the club a couple of months ago, when the club paid her £1M for no apparent reason. Amy, having never learned the end to the Hector saga, says she isn't sure what Lynda was doing there, but is still going to support her now.


At the Barrons, Ryan watches from his car as Cindi visits Gavin at the Mackay's. She congratulates Gavin on escaping a harsher punishment with the ban, showing that she clearly misses him, before leaving. Cindi goes home and gets into bed (with pink satin sheets!) but after a while she feels someone else's presence in the room. She sits up and is horrified to find Ryan sitting at the end of her bed. Ryan is scarily calm, and lists to Cindi all of the bad things he has done in four years in Harchester. He says that getting away with what he has is nothing compared to being brought down by one stupid fling, and asks Cindi how she feels about being the one who brought about it. Cindi somehow manages to get away from Ryan and flees to the Mackay's again, where Gavin and Liam speed off to sort Ryan out. Chloe phones Alex and he arrives there to find Hector holding off Gavin and Liam from pounding Ryan. All Ryan can say is that Gavin and Cindi (whom he refers to as a slag) finished him, and Gavin wants to continue the circle of reporting Ryan to the police. Alex tells him no, that you don't go to the police on your team-mates, before pinning Ryan down and warning him he will take him apart if he ever goes near Cindi again.


The next morning Amy watches as Sky News reports "Linda" Block's court appearance lasted all of five minutes as she was remanded in custody to Harchester Women's Prison (just like going home ah “Linds”?) and her bail set at half a million pounds. Amy tells Alex upon seeing Lynda she swears she's lost a stone, and he's damaging them both by staying away. Mr. Duval arrives, and Alex asks him whether DragonsCorp will be paying Lynda's bail, to which he is told straight away no. At training, Liam and Gavin get the lads wound up that Ryan needs to be taught a lesson, and after Alex leaves them alone in the dressing room, they follow Gavin into the showers where he punches Ryan to the ground. Ryan asks Sully and Tys if they are just going to stand there, and Danny replies that Ryan has been bailed out once too many already. Hector comes in just as the "fight" is finishing, and sees Ryan on the floor. Alex finally goes to visit Lynda at the prison, where she is just so happy to see him, and doesn't want to talk about Lenny or anything else. When Alex questions her about the money the club paid her, Lynda realises he is doubting her innocence now and walks away from him.


Gavin waits for Cindi outside the club, as she is being taken home by her mom. She sees his hand and learns what he did to Ryan. The two clearly miss each other and Cindi is in tears as Gavin goes back to his car. At Studs Ryan tells Hector he cannot understand how Sully and Tyson could just watch Gavin beat him after knowing them for years. Hector sympathises with Ryan, but reminds him that after Ryan already slept with Cindi and then broke into her house, what else could Gavin do? On the day of the game, Duval gives Ryan his agenda - to first pose with Gavin for photographers to show they've "made up" (yeah right) and then to sit and watch the game with him. Ashleigh is assigned to cover Ryan's bruises from the beating. The Harchester Supporters Association has organised a boycott of the Villa game, and the Lair is half empty with fans. As the game kicks off, Ryan is the subject of chanting and abuse from fans, of which Gavin tells Chloe she doesn't want to know what. After missiles are hurled in Ryan's direction, he gets up and leaves the box, telling Gavin he is going to see Clyde. It is only afterwards that Gavin realises the significance of Ryan's words, and dashes off to find him, leaving Chloe bemused.


Gavin rushes to the door of the gantry and climbs up onto the roof. He sees Ryan sitting way out on the gantry, but is too far for him to reach him, so goes to get help. As Gavin goes and fetches Ashleigh from the bench, Ryan begins talking out loud to Clyde, on what would have been his birthday. He says he called Mandy earlier who was a bit upset and mentioned starting up a charity game in Clyde's memory. Ryan asks Clyde how bad it had to get, before standing up and screaming out his name. Ashleigh makes it up to Ryan just as Eugene equalises the score against Villa. Ashleigh tells Ryan to think about what he's doing, and what his dad would think when he hears his son has killed himself. This gets through to Ryan and he steps down. In the physio room afterwards, Ashleigh tells Ryan she is taking him back to her room at the Grange where she can look after him. Alex goes back to see Lynda at the prison, where she is at first unwilling to make eye contact with him. Alex tells her he knows he was wrong, and believes she was innocent one hundred percent. He promises Lynda they'll find a way out of this and she breaks down crying.


In her room, Ashleigh works on Ryan's latest set of bruises, and she tells him the lads will get over this Cindi business, and how Eugene will probably rob an old lady tomorrow! Ryan goes over to the fridge and pulls out bottles of booze, while Ashleigh informs him she doesn't drink (even with booze already sitting in her fridge). Ryan asks her to drink with him to help him feel better and she cannot resist. Before long they are ordering drinks from the bar downstairs, and Casper learns from Amira on reception that Ashleigh returned to her room with Mr. Naysmith (which could only mean one thing!). Hearing the commotion going on inside Ashleigh's room, Casper believes Ashleigh and Ryan are getting off together! Ryan shows off his new barman skills to an impressed Ashleigh, and they spend the night doing nothing more than making drinks to get pissed by.


The next morning Ashleigh is awoken by banging on her door, and tells Ryan, who has slept beside her, to hide in the bathroom. She opens the door to Casper, who is clearly interested in what story she will have prepared. Ash manages to brush him off and he walks away to wait downstairs for her at breakfast. Back inside, Ashleigh turns to Ryan and asks him what they did last night?




·          The Best: Who else but Cindi would have a bed like that? Eugene’s goal celebration with Rossi. The use of past characters being mentioned by current characters who never knew them, i.e. Ashleigh, Chloe and Gavin all involved with dialogue surrounding Clyde.


Quotes: Alex (to Duval): "Excuse me but how do we know you are who you say you are? I mean around here you could be the cleaner!".


·          Logic: One would think that Ryan revealing to Cindi that he’d killed a man and got away with it would finally bring him to justice, as no-one else present or still alive in Harchester was aware of what he’d done. Gavin, or even Cass, could have really taken Ryan down with this but Cindi never mentions it again.


Foreshadowing: Ryan tells Ashleigh he couldn't hit Sully unless it was really bad. Something as bad as what he does between 411: Dragonslayer and 419: The Final Whistle - Part Two maybe?


·          Continuity: Alex reminds Amy that Lynda killed a man and let someone else take the blame for six months (Prash and Fletch: #228242: Judgment Day). Ryan shares his badboy list with Cindi; sleeping with another man's wife (Viv and Chelsea: 327: Last Exit To Harchester331: The Long Kiss Goodnight), blaming another man for it (Clyde: 332: Blame) and killing a man and getting away with it (Steve: 297: The Call-Up298: The Usual Suspects).


Additional Info: From the sounds of things, Mandy Connelly is still under the impression Clyde was sleeping with Chelsea, as she is still on speaking terms with Ryan. With his age being mixed up with that of Tim Smith’s in 333: Coupe De Foudre, Clyde’s birthday in this episode would have been his 23rd.


·          What Was The Score?: An equaliser from Eugene finishes the match with Villa 1-1.


Soundtrack: Arctic Monkeys: "Knock The Door And Run",  City Smoke: "Underwater Lover",  RJD2: "Ghostwriter",  Rob Dougan: "Clubbed to Death",  The Prodigy: "The Way It Is."


·          Behind The Scenes: Following on from her topic that a ‘Major Announcement’ regarding the show would be made on the site on Easter Sunday, April 16th, the usually quiet Tuesday morning on forums was interrupted on 11th April when Jane came on and announced what fans had been fearing for nearly two months, that Season 10 would be the last ever series. And by that afternoon, Jane’s official press interview with the Guardian was up online (and proved a fair bit controversial!).


Screencaps from 9.25’s original broadcast on Sky One on 09/04/06.


 HUFC mystery owner? No, but

 he knows who is...

Do you think she requested 'Barbie Pink' to the designer?



 The team know Ryan seriously

 overstepped the mark...

...and let Gavin deliver his punishment



 Lynda fears she's lost Alex's

 belief in her

Ryan calls out to the best mate he probably had



 Ryan and Ash now on the

 wrong side of Cass (not good)

Not again Ashleigh!



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