Season 9 Episode 27

Episode 383


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 16th April 2006


Directed By

Riita-Leena Lynn


GS: Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston)  Duval (William Travis)  Ian Finch (Sam James) 

Maggie (Nadine Lewington)


As the team head in for half time, Eugene spots Casper with Duval, and tells him of the ref being bent and Ryan's involvement. Eugene tells Casper he needs to get himself onto the pitch to sort this out. As he sits next to Chloe in the box, Ryan is laid into for the team being on their way out of the FA Cup, and how this has screwed up both Eugene and Gavin's chances for Germany. Ryan begins to feel unwell and dashes off, only to bump into Lynda and for her to start on him over the Eugene business. Suddenly, Ryan collapses and with the help of a steward Lynda accompanies him to the medical room.



In the away dressing room, Casper approaches Alex about putting him on, but it's not until Ashleigh reminds Alex of the amount of cover Rossi has given to Sully that he realises how much they need Cass. He puts him on, and as they head out for the second half, Cass smugly wishes Ian Finch luck. Before long, Harchester are 1-up when Gavin "the 20 year old" scores. Ryan learns he suffered an anxiety attack and will be fine. Lynda forces him to tell all, and he says that ever since he saw England go out to Brazil four years ago the World Cup is all he's thought about. Lynda tells Ryan he has betrayed not only his team and fans, but the game, and if Harchester don't win today she will tell everyone that it's his fault. What with you still owing all those fans their money Lynda, are you sure you’re the best person to take the moral high ground here? Into 2 mins of stoppage time, Casper equalises the score to 2-2, which takes the match into extra time. When extra time finishes without a goal, it's into penalties for the two teams. Alex and the lads huddle round, with it being decided that Liam will take the first, followed by Hector, Casper, Tyson and finally Gavin.


Liam and Hector both score theirs, as do two of Charlton's until Darren Bent's is saved by Alex O'Mare. Casper and Tyson both slot theirs in, as do the next two Charlton players, until it is Gavin's turn. He easily nets it, sending Harchester to the final of the FA Cup against Newcastle next month. As the team and the Dragons' side of the stadium celebrates, Ryan promises Lynda he is going to change after this. Ryan joins the lads in the dressing room as Lynda and Alex are reunited outside. When Lynda and Ryan then go to approach Ian Finch, they almost miss him leaving the stadium. Finch tells them to have a player accuse him of throwing a match in front of his officials has pushed him too far, and he's taking his name off the list Monday morning. Lynda and Ryan are confused, and bring up the £100 grand Jimmy was supposed to be paying him. Finch tells them he doesn't know anyone called Jimmy, or even have a brother, before angrily leaving. Gavin is told by Chloe that Cindi didn't turn up to the game, so he asks to borrow her car, adding that as she's now his agent she should let him. Chloe happily hands over the keys.


Outside the Valley, Lynda and Ryan now believe Ryan was simply about to be conned and had a lucky escape overall. The team come walking out and Casper cheekily asks Lynda if Dragonscorp paid her bail, to which Alex replies a mate of his helped him out (yet another “huh?” There’s a lot of them in the second half of Season 9). Gavin arrives back in Harchester and finds Cindi partying the win away in Studs. He tells her he wants the wedding to go ahead tomorrow as planned, even though she has now cancelled everything. As long as they have their words to each other and witnesses, they don't need anything else. The next morning Gavin appoints Chloe to take charge, as everything is in total chaos. At the Grange, Ryan hands Lynda £100,000 of his dirty fix money to help her continue to pay back the fans (from her own stupidity). He adds this is the beginning of his promise to turn his life around, which also includes binning his booze cabinet and even considering selling Studs. He then bumps into Ashleigh at reception, and apologises for what happened last week. Seeing the wedding cake pass them, Ryan asks Ashleigh if she'd consider marrying him, as he wants to settle down with a real woman. Flattered, she replies thanks but no thanks.


Chloe goes in to Cindi and her mother, who are getting ready, and shows Cindi some of the exclusive designer wedding dresses she has picked for her to choose. Cindi asks Chloe why she's doing this for her, as they've clearly never been friends. Chloe replies that's true, and Gavin is the real reason she's doing this, as after the game yesterday he is looking like her most valuable client. She reminds Cindi that they are the two people who have the most to gain from a happy and successful Gavin Moody, which Cindi agrees with her on. Hankin appears outside Studs, and to Ryan's shock he informs him that he knows all about Ryan being in the ref's room at yesterday's match, and a source has informed him of further details that Ryan was involved in a fix due to his worries of not being able to impress Sven while he's out. Ryan immediately assumes "the source" is Gavin, as he witnessed the altercation with Finch. At the Grange, Cindi is escorted down the aisle by her dad, and joins Gavin at the alter. When the minister asks if anyone has any reason for why they shouldn't be joined in holy matrimony, Ryan comes barging in announcing he does, before walloping Gavin!


The room goes into hysterics, and with Ryan yelling the whole fix out loud, it takes Lynda to throw a bucket of water over Ryan to shut him up. Alex and Lynda take Ryan upstairs where Alex is made aware of the fix while Lynda dries Ryan off! They establish that they need to find Birdman, and SuperLynda(TM) announces whenever this club has a problem it will always be down to her to sort it! They go back to Studs where Ryan shows Lynda and Alex the Groondsparc website where he watched the game with Jimmy and Marek. When Ryan notices the exact same game from before playing on the screen, they realise it is an old match and both Jimmy and Marek already knew the result. Ryan realises there's another way of finding Jimmy, and goes outside to the bins where he threw away his address book (or the "chickionary"). Danny and Amy arrive (in his West Ham pool car) and Ryan tells them he's looking for Jimmy's sister's address, as he bedded her around the time of the last World Cup*. At the Grange, Gavin is seeing off his mom when Hankin appears, ready as always to rub it in. Having obtained the info from Ryan himself, Hankin taunts Gavin over what he knows about Ryan, a banned player being seen with the ref at a game he wasn't playing in.


Gavin returns to the room and tells Liam and Chloe that his parents have gone back to Doncaster, and a still-Miss Marshall that he proved to himself that he can let what happened between her and Ryan go. He had the chance to tell Hankin what he saw but didn't, as it would only make him feel good for five minutes. Ryan and Danny arrive at Maggie's (Jimmy’s sister) address, where, as expected, she is none-too-pleased to see Naysmith (although nothing to do with her brother's beating). Before they can get onto the subject of Jimmy, Maggie takes control and reminds Ryan he hasn't tried to contact her for two years and now he wants to see her. She coolly tells him no and shuts the door. From their hotel room, Gavin and Cindi decide to tie the knot, with only the receptionist Claire and a hotel cleaner acting as witnesses (and poor Cindi's mother living in Harchester too!). They are both unable to control their laughter as the minister refers to Cindi by her full first name, Lucinda.


Back at Studs, as Amy continues to link websites from Groodsparc, Lynda notices that the word, under anagram, transforms into ‘Dragonscorp’. The three are confused, as this means that the owners of Harchester United have tried to frame their star player for match fixing…




·          Leigh Cranston makes his final appearance as Paul Hankin in this episode, having appeared on a recurring basis since he was first seen outside Scott Lucas’ mother’s house in #160 back in Season 3.


Best Known For: Having previously appeared on "Family Affairs", Nadine Lewington landed her breakthrough role on “Holby City” shortly after her DT appearance (and later alongside Duncan Pow), with the regular character Maddy Young from 2007-2009.


·          The Best: The penalty shoot-out. Excellent to see a new way of the show adding to their matches, nine years into the series. Hankin’s final bow. Gavin and Cindi’s (first) reception - what a punch from Ryan (“You bastard!”). Maggie. Sadly only around for one episode.


Logic: *As Ryan searches for Maggie’s number, he tells Danny and Amy that they went out "around World Cup time" (which would be 2002), yet when he meets Maggie again she says it’s been two years, with him sleeping with her and then not contacting her afterwards. It is more likely she and Ryan went out in 2004, at the time of Euro 2004, as Ryan would not have been living in Harchester during the 2002 World Cup, and Danny was present when this happened as he remembered Jimmy.


·          Quotes: Lynda (to Alex) on Amy: "You know what, she should have been running this football club all along. She's much more competent than me" to which Amy smiles at.


Foreshadowing: When Lynda says if this gets out about the match fixing attempt, the club could be chucked out of the FA Cup, and Alex adds if that happens he will kill Ryan [see 384: Replay and 385: The Precious].


·          Continuity: Ryan tells Lynda of how he now understands where Curtis was coming from and wants to turn his life around.


Additional Info: Among the women Danny recalls Ryan pulled with his ‘Widowmaker’ coat were “Horseface”, Maggie, and another girl who was fit but had a lisp.


·          What Was The Score?: Harchester win on penalties 5-4 against Charlton at the Valley, sending them to the FA Cup final (387: Salt Of The Earth).


Behind The Scenes: The day after this episode, and during the week of DT’s cancellation being announced, Clemency Burton-Hill, (Georgina Jacobs in Season 1) in her other occupation as a journalist, wrote an article for the Guardian’s website in which she discussed her time with the show.


Screencaps from 9.27’s original broadcast (@8pm) on Sky One on 16/04/06.


 "We're gonna try something

 new here lads"

Naysmith saved in the 90th minute (well, penalties)



 Cass is angry enough without

 hearing Ryan propsed to Ash!

Hankin has one last go



 Naysmith scared to see a girl?


Maggie won't give Ryan that chance again



 Wedding venue of the year

Getting closer to the truth



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