Season 9 Episode 28

Episode 384


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 23rd April 2006


Directed By

Marcus D F White


GS: Birdman [Jimmy] (Martin Maynard)  Duval (William Travis)  Marek (Noel Le Bon)


Flashback two days before the Charlton game, and Casper calls for Ashleigh following her liquid-night-in with Ryan. After seemingly walking away to wait for Ashleigh, Cass walks back to her door and listens to her tell Ryan he can come out now. Gutted, Casper drives Ashleigh to the club for training, where he ditches her and heads straight up to Duval. There, he makes it clear that he wants Ryan Naysmith destroyed (eek) and sets out to Duval how he wants it done: Ryan will try and fix a game and will get caught, resulting in him being banned for life. He leaves it up to a choice-less Duval to get things started.



Before long, Dragonscorp have set up the website ‘Groonsparc’, and Duval is talking to Jimmy, who, along with Marek, probably came from the same acting agency in which Casper and Duval hired Amy. Duval explains the plan to Jimmy, who worries about Ryan remembering how he dated his sister a couple of years back. Duval suggests he use it, as it could gain Naysmith’s confidence. The next day, Jimmy and Marek watch as Ashleigh leaves Ryan at Studs to head to London with the team. The plan goes into action, with Ryan paying off Marek when things get heated, and Jimmy explains his proposition to Ryan as Marek listens from a device inside the car. Duval is not happy with the way Casper is going about things. He reminds Casper that when he bought the club last summer, he promised him the games would stop and he would do no more damage to the business. Cass, more concerned about being woken up by Duval, agrees that Ryan will live to fight another day, and Duval tells Jimmy, who is sitting in front of him, that the plan is off.


After Dempsey drops him, and he confronts Ashleigh on the coach about Ryan, Cass heads to the back to make his call. He tells "Miles" (either Jimmy or Marek's real name) that the plan is back on and he wants Finch put on as ref, adding that these people cannot treat him like this as he owns them. Marek delivers the spiked tea, and soon Ryan and Eugene are handing over the money to Jimmy. A photographer Cass has set up takes shots from a distance, and when Eugene's mates show up he immediately gets on the phone to Casper in the away dressing room. When Alex smashes Casper's phone, he leaves to call the photographer back, and during the first half Duval arrives at the Valley with the photos. When Casper sees that Eugene is captured in the photos of the fix, he knows he cannot use them through his love for his brother. After leaving the away dressing room with Duval, Eugene comes to Cass and tells him of Ryan's antics, prompting Cass to go and plead with Alex to put him on for the second half. Once on, Casper's game gives the match a clear improvement for the Dragons, and they end up winning 5-1 on penalties.


The next day is Gavin and Cindi's wedding, and once Ryan has stormed in, decked Gavin and shouting aloud about the fix, Duval takes Casper upstairs to decide what they do next. Casper thinks he’s screwed Ryan with Hankin, but Duval says he can sort it as Hankin is a greedy man. As Lynda, Amy and Alex discover that Groonsparc is an anagram of Dragonscorp, and that the owners of Harchester United have tried to frame Ryan for match fixing, Alex realises it comes back to him. The owners put him at the club for a reason, and Amy adds that the Rose brothers are also connected. When Felix arrived, the first thing he had to do was sign the Rose brothers, and he even got a specific bonus for it. Lynda and Alex know they must follow this lead, and after training the day before the Semi-Final against Newcastle, they question Cass and Eugene on whether they know anything of interest connected with the owner. Eugene holds back on receiving an anonymous letter before signing, and Casper, as usual, denies everything.


Duval is rattled by Lynda's persistence, and tells Casper that it would be best if he revealed himself now, as this is damaging not only the club but the team. Duval takes Lynda out to the stands where she is confused to find Casper waiting for her. There, Casper explains to Lynda how it was the night of the crash that it all came together in his mind. He knew he could pick up the club for virtually nothing and rebuild the team. He hadn't seen or spoken to Eugene for four years, and with the World Cup looming he needed his game. So he hired Felix, paying him an extra bonus for signing both him and Eugene. Lynda thinks this is a joke, and reminds Casper that whoever owns the club has millions of pounds in the bank. Casper picks up a sports bag and pointing out the Velcro strap, tells Lynda his grandfather (Julie's father) invented it. His grandfather left him everything on the basis that he'd give Terry nothing, as his father only married his mother for her money, which Cass' grandfather always knew. It takes Casper to bring up how he can afford to lose ten million pounds when Lynda upset a few Russians over a player before Lynda starts to be convinced. No mention of Hannigan though! She then asks how he could be behind everything that's happened with Alex when he's so young, and Casper replies that he can explain the letters…


At his house, Eugene finds the letter he received before signing for the Dragons, which reads 'Sign for Harchester, it will be the best move you ever make'. Eugene lets himself into Casper's but his brother is not home. Leaving, Eugene knocks an envelope onto the floor and the photos of the fix spill out. Eugene takes the photos into the club where he yells at Alex that Casper better have a good explanation for this. Tyson and Hector walk in and Alex demands they hold Eugene in the dressing room until he gets back. As if Eugene couldn't take them! Casper is at the Grange where he has invited Ashleigh to dinner. She knows he is planning something, but gets a surprise when he asks her to marry him! She reminds Cass that if they hadn't have ended up working together they never would have seen each other again, to which Casper responds sometimes you just know. The wait for Ashleigh's answer is interrupted by Eugene phoning from the dressing room showers. He asks Casper what was going on with the pictures of Birdman and Ryan in his house, and Casper hurriedly tells him to come to his room at the Grange and he'll explain everything. He leaves Ashleigh to make her decision, and the two share one last look before Casper leaves.


Alex goes to Lynda in her room and tells her Casper had pictures of the match fixing. Lynda is strangely apprehensive, and suggests to Alex that it would be best if he stopped looking for the owners. Alex is confused, and thinks Lynda doesn't want to help him anymore, walking away hurt. Alex spots Casper entering his room, and thinking that it's his other bruv, Cass opens the door to be pushed back inside by Alex. Alex tells Casper he knows about the photos and wants to know whether Cass knows who the owner is. Knowing he is caught out, Cass takes great pleasure in letting Alex know that he not only knows who the owner is, but he is the owner! Alex is stunned, and doesn't believe Casper - until Cass shows he knows about how Sheffield Wednesday couldn't afford to send him to Stedman. Alex then spots a letter on the table, with a jar of ink and 'Dear mom' written on the page in the owner's handwriting. Alex tries to come to terms with what he has just learnt, picking up the jar of ink in his hand. Casper won't leave off though, and gleefully taunts Alex about how nobody else would have had him as manager and he should be thanking him!


Alex flips and throws the table over, prompting Casper to grab hold of Alex, and Alex to slam the jar of ink against Casper's head. The jar shatters, with ink covering the two men, and Casper falls to the floor, bleeding from his head. Alex looks down at Cass and can see he isn't moving, or responding to him as he calls his name.




·          Quotes: Casper tells Duval if only Alex knew all he'd done for him, and Duval responds "He'd probably give you a hiding". More than that Duves!


Foreshadowing: Before Alex enters Lynda’s room to inform her of Casper having the fix-pics, she is seen holding her stomach (see 385: The Precious).


·          Continuity: We see Lynda’s return to the club and her meeting with Felix from 357: Phoenix From The Flames.


Soundtrack: Arctic Monkeys: "Curtains Close" and "Mardy Bum”,  Will Young: "Evergreen."


Screencaps from 9.28’s original broadcast on Sky One on 23/04/06.


 Birdman in the boardroom

"Hmmm... maybe we could photoshop Eugene out of these?"



 After the postman business,

 Cass being the owner should

 be no great shock to Lynda

Bloody hell Ash! Marriage proposals from two rich footballer's in the same week!



 If only he'd waited for the

 whole truth...

Cass cops it



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