Season 9 Episode 29

Episode 385


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 30th April 2006


Directed By

Mark Walker


GS: DCI Burrows (Matthew Dennison)  Duval (William Travis)  DC Jameson (Ward Parry) 

WPC (Connie Walker)


Alex is in a state of shock as Casper lies dead on the floor, and in a trance he leaves the room. In the Blue Room, Ashleigh is feeling bitter about how Casper has seemingly forgotten her (and left her with the bill), and tipsy on the Cristal, gets up and leaves. As Alex makes his way down the hall, he encounters Ashleigh coming in his direction. Instead of noticing him covered in ink, Ashleigh walks straight past, and Alex's cover is safe. He makes it to his room, where Lynda arrives shortly afterwards.



Sitting with his back towards her, Lynda doesn't see the ink all over Alex, and she tells him she wasn't entirely honest about the owner earlier (you’re a bit late now Lynda!). Alex tells her he knows it's Casper, and it’s then that Lynda sees the state he’s in. Eugene meanwhile, is banging on Casper's door, and isn't getting an answer. He enters to find his brother lying motionless on the floor, with blood flowing from his head. Eugene phones for an ambulance before trying to revive Cass, begging him to wake up. In his room, Alex has told Lynda what happened, and she tells him it might not have been as bad as he thinks, adding she will go and check herself before coming back. Lynda arrives outside Casper's room to find Eugene slumped on the floor crying, and is told by an unsympathetic DC Jameson that Casper is dead (no wonder, he's Burrows' sidekick!). Lynda takes Eugene downstairs where he says he has to phone Julie, as Casper was her only son. He tries to dial but cannot do it, and asks Lynda if she will. Lynda phones Julie to tell her the bad news.


The police and forensics comb Casper's room, with DCI Burrows leading the investigation. So he does still investigate murders and not just fraud. DC Jameson hands him the photos of the fix, showing Ryan and Eugene with Birdman. Lynda returns from her phone call to Julie and DCI Burrows comes down to Eugene. As he tells Eugene they'll need to bag up his clothes as they may have forensic evidence on them, thieving Lynda steals booze from behind the bar to give Eugene, which DCI Burrows isn't impressed by. Lynda tells Eugene she'll need to leave him for a minute, before going back to Alex. She tells Alex Casper is dead, and he's determined to tell the police what happened, but Lynda tells him not to. She takes Alex into the bathroom where she washes the ink off him.


Afterwards, Lynda tells Alex that he did nothing wrong as he didn't mean to do it, but Alex informs her that Ashleigh saw him as he left. Lynda goes to Ashleigh's room where she finds her sobbing to a female police officer, before vomiting worse than Lynda herself did after being duped by that postroom-man! The WPC is sharper with Lynda than DC Jameson, and tells her to wait downstairs as they're taking Ashleigh to sober up at the police station. As Eugene is taken down there himself, Lynda tells Alex they have to follow to keep watch on Ashleigh. At the station, Lynda is displeased to find Chloe waiting for Eugene's lawyer to arrive, and makes it clear to DCI Burrows that they will wait for Ashleigh. After a while, she comes out, and immediately Alex, led by Lynda are onto her like vultures on a dead animal carcass, even offering to drive Ashleigh back to the Grange. They get back to find the lads waiting for them, annoyed about not being told personally that Casper was dead.


While Lynda takes Ashleigh upstairs, Alex goes with the boys to discuss what to do about tomorrow's game. Instead, the lads sit around and speculate on what could have happened to Cass, and Gavin breaks down as he recalls how Casper kept him going at the Charlton game. As Lynda puts Ashleigh to bed, she presses her on what the police asked her. Ashleigh cries that she got so drunk she can't remember the last moments she spent with the man she loves. Alex and Lynda later talk about how soon the police will discover how Cass was the owner, and the letters will lead them straight back to Alex. He tells Lynda he will go and confess in the morning. As he prepares to turn himself in, Duval phones to tell Alex he is needed at the club, as the police have brought forward the reading of Casper's will. They arrive at the boardroom to find Eugene and Chloe already waiting.


Duval begins by taking us back to after Cass was shot at Christmas: in his hospital bed where Eugene asks how he could have done what he did. Cass says it was all down to their dad, and how he loved Eugene more. Eugene reminds Casper he was in the kids' home for two years after his mother died, so how could he be jealous of him. With tears in his eyes, Casper tells Eugene he is so sorry, and the two brothers shake hands. Duval appears at the door, and Eugene leaves. Duval tells Casper it makes him so happy to see him and Eugene back together, and Cass admits that buying the club was a stroke of genius. Duval says with the position Cass is in it would be highly irresponsible not to have a will, and hands Casper paper, with the pens and ink he likes.


In the present, Duval continues reading, on how Casper left the major stuff to go into trusts for his and Eugene's kids, as well as Alex's. The room is confused, and none more so than Alex himself. Casper wrote that unless Alex didn't know by the time they read this, Terry “certainly knew how to sow the seed”. We are shown Terry's funeral, where Casper sits alone and Duval comes in, to which Cass asks if Eugene came. Duval says he didn't, and sees Casper has a box in front of him full of newspaper cuttings of Alex and his achievements as a rising player. Casper asks why his dad kept all this, and Duval points out a letter addressed to Terry. Cass opens it and finds it is from Alex's mother, dated 1975. It reads that she gave birth to a son and named him Alex. She says he looks just like Terry and just knows he is his, enclosing photos to show him. Alex can't believe it, and Duval adds that Casper managed to get DNA that proves Alex is his and Eugene’s brother. Alex asks does Peter Dempsey knows about this and Duval replies he would have to ask him that himself.


Continuing with the will, Casper says it looks like Terry was writing to Alex all of his life, and the letters stopped when he died... until Alex's injury that is. Casper and Duval are shown watching the coverage of Alex's injury on the TV. Casper says he wouldn't wish something like that on his worst enemy, and says he will organise for Alex to be sent to Stedman. He also says he will start writing to Alex like his dad did, as their handwriting isn't much different. He tells Duval he will wait before actually revealing himself to Alex face to face. Duval continues, that as Casper owned the club, this now means it will go to Eugene and Alex. One final thing being, Alex must take the Rose name. Eugene is not only angry that Cass never told him he owned the club, but also he has gained an unwanted new brother in Alex. Alex tells Eugene he can have it all, as he wants no part in it before leaving the room. Lynda gets worried and announces to everyone present that Alex didn't mean that before chasing after him!


Alex encounters Burrows and co and is about to confess all when Lynda stops him, and declares she is pregnant. Lynda says she was going to tell him last night, and Alex accuses her of saying this in order to keep her claim to the club, referring to Lynda as "The First Lady of Harchester". Danny comes looking for Alex, and is told by the man that they are to go without him as he's no longer their manager! Outside the lads ask Duval if he can speak to Alex, but he replies that as Eugene and Alex now own the club, they're entitled to appoint a new Chief Executive, and it won't be him. Liam tells Danny that as captain he will have to pick the team for today. Lynda takes a pregnancy test with Amy present, before presenting it to Alex. He now believes her but still suggests she have the abortion, as turning himself in feels like the only option right now. Lynda convinces Alex to go to the game, for "Casper's sake” (yeah right). He turns up in the Goodison Park away dressing and apologises to the lads, informing them that Casper was not only the owner but his brother, too.


The game begins with a minutes' silence for Casper, as Lynda watches from the boardroom. Suddenly, Lynda gets up and glances across the many trophies lining on the side, as she replays what Alex said about her being obsessed with the club through her mind. As the team win and secure their place, a broken Eugene watches with Chloe from his house, as does a sobbing Dalmatian dressed-a-like Ashleigh from her room. The celebrations flow in the away dressing room, and even Ryan and Gavin manage to forget their differences. That night, as Lynda sits in the darkened boardroom, Alex comes in and eerily whispers that they're going to Cardiff, to which Lynda produces an equally eerie smirk.




·          Last appearance of Casper Rose (Robert Kazinsky). He goes on to land the regular role of Sean Slater in “EastEnders” from August 2006, and staying until January 2009.


Logic: How come Eugene didn’t recognise Duval from the time he was visiting Cass in hospital, when he suddenly took Lynda’s place as Chief Exec?


·          Quotes: Lynda to Alex (on the authenticity of her pregnancy test): "You should have come in with me to make sure. I mean maybe I found some pregnant woman and got her to do it for me!". Well Amy was right there with her!


Continuity: With Casper’s death and another mark added to the tally, Danny remarks on how many more this club is going to lose (thankfully no more player deaths for the rest of DT). Terry must have got the Rose family home after he and Julie divorced, as it would have been highly unlikely she would hold a wake in her home after how things ended between them (366: War Of The Roses). The time of his funeral would have been early 2003, as Alex’s injury by Liam follows in the flashbacks, and that occurred in the pre-season of the 2003-04 season.


·          Additional Info: Lynda mentions how Julie is “so far away”, which could imply she moved to Rome while Casper was playing out there. It is not stated how exactly Casper and Duval know each other, but we are left with the impression that they have known each other for many years, and Duval could possibly be Casper's Godfather.


What Was The Score?: Shay Given's best attempts to secure the Newcastle net are stopped when Tyson sends one to the back, and Harchester's place at the FA Cup Final is confirmed 1-0. He and the team dedicate the goal to Casper the friendly ghost.


Screencaps from 9.29’s original broadcast on Sky One on 30/04/06.


 A job nobody would want

The all-important peace-making scene



 The day of Dempsey's injury

The departure of Duval



 The last thing Sully needed

 was more kids anyway!

The seasonly minutes' silence



 And it's going to get a whole lot

 worse for Ash!

Queen of Harchester (again!)



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