Season 9 Episode 3

Episode 359


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 30th October 2005


Directed By

Joss Agnew


GS: Annabelle Davis (Alexis Peterman)


After a round of successive defeats, Ashleigh voices to Felix her annoyance at the Rose brothers' continued behaviour, but just gets yelled at in front of everyone. Storming off to the physio room she meets Alex Dempsey, who informs her he has a meeting with Lynda about the job of First Team Coach. Ashleigh goes out to Felix who is being interviewed by Sky Sports and furiously berates him for bringing in someone new to do her job. She is taken up to the boardroom and explains to Lynda how Alex has a letter that has been signed by her, leaving Lynda confused as she never sent for Alex.


Lynda calls Amy into the boardroom and asks whether she typed the letter, adding the signature is hers but she didn't write it. Ashleigh speaks up and believes Casper is behind it all (she's right too) and goes off to find him. Lynda and Felix suspect Alex may even be a stalker and Lynda tells Amy to get rid of him. Alex gets what's going on and leaves. At the Grange, Chloe and Liam meet with her lawyer concerning the charge against her and the upcoming trial. Liam says Chloe will plead guilty but she is adamant it will be not guilty. The judge would be more lenient on her if she pled guilty but Chloe won't have it, as she is too scared of losing Eugene, who Liam rightfully blames for all of this. Ashleigh goes to the Barrons where Cass is outside in his boxers hitting golf balls onto Eugene's roof in order for him to come out and break his curfew. Ashleigh accuses Casper of being behind all of the Dempsey shenanigans at the club, before a furious Eugene comes storming out of his house yelling he is going to bang Casper up! Ashleigh turns to Cass and says the real reason he is doing this is that he's scared Eugene will score more than him this season, and he's right to be.


At their house, Liam asks Chloe what exactly Felix said to her when he signed him, as he appeared to be in a rush but hasn't used him at all yet. Chloe chickens out of discussing it with Liam and says she just wants to be alone right now. Lynda is drinking at the Blue Room Bar when Dempsey walks by and questions why she called him to the club just to treat him like that. Lynda plays it cool and says there was a misunderstanding and walks away. Alex goes after her and tells her he travelled halfway across the country for this, reminding her they also met during his playing days so why would he fake the letter? Lynda agrees to hear him out and they sit down for a drink together. Alex tells her of his injury two years ago that ended his career as a player, but he had his coaching badges to keep him going. Lynda asks Alex straight out whether he forged her signature. He shows her the envelope of the letter he received, which has the Harchester United stamp, and asks her could he have forged that too? Lynda also notices that the handwriting is identical to the letter she received from the owner welcoming her back to the club.


The next morning Lynda questions Amy about how the letter welcoming her back came to arrive in her tray. Amy tells her it and any other letters are already there by the time she has to sort them. Lynda says it must be hand delivered then, as her letter had no stamp and she wants to find the owners and give them a good telling off for what they did to Alex. Amy shows Lynda the morning paper which covers the Ashleigh story on its front page. Lynda calls Ashleigh and Felix up to the boardroom and tells them they are going to get back into the press for football related reasons, adding that she has offered Alex Dempsey a month's trial. At the press call Ashleigh ends up being undermined again when Casper shows up with the team to unveil them all dressed in short black skirts, adding that “it really isn't easy for women in football.” Alex is introduced to the team by Felix, just as Ashleigh is laying into them for not being up to scratch and taking the mick. After Alex has taken the boys inside, Felix lets Ashleigh know he holds her responsible for the "feminine rally" that went on earlier. Ashleigh informs him it's because Casper is undermining her whilst he refuses to punish him. Felix tells Ashleigh to go home and she is horrified at being dismissed for the day.


Lynda is shocked to discover a contract of employment for Alex dated weeks ago sitting in her tray. She tells Amy to shred it before getting on the phone to Dragons Corp. In a comical scene she yells on a messaging service to whoever the owner is that she will not be spied upon at work, and how she (of all people) will report the owner to the police if her signature is forged again. Liam arrives on the training pitch and comes face to face with Alex, where there is a frosty reception. Liam asks once again if there's anything Felix wants him to do, and will he be in his plans for Saturday to which Felix tells him unhelpfully that he won’t. Ashleigh waits in her car for the players to come out. When she sees Casper she gets out and knees him twice in the balls, leaving him squirming on the car park ground. He yells at her that she's the one with the problem and taunts her as she speeds off. Liam storms into his house at the Barrons and takes out Felix's non-interest in him on her. They argue over Eugene (once again) and Liam tells Chloe maybe it would be good for her to lose her job as she's not very good at it! Lynda comes out of her office to find Alex thanking Amy for helping him stay at the club, with her adding she was only doing her job.


Annabelle arrives at the Barrons for afternoon delight with Casper. Afterwards he gets to the real reason he got in touch, to question her about how Ashleigh ended up at the party. Annabelle assumed she was just a gatecrasher, but Cass won't leave it, leaving Annabelle to get pissed off at him clearly being more interested in Ashleigh than her. The day of the game and Liam mysteriously asks Chloe to wear the dress she was in the first time they met. At the offices, Felix sharply tells Casper that until his attitude improves (i.e. his pestering of Ashleigh) he will not be in his plans, and drops him for today's match. Lynda watches as a bouquet of flowers is delivered personally for Miss Amy Kerrigan, and sees her discreetly tear up the accompanying card. Casper enters the Players' Lounge and kisses Annabelle quick enough for Paul not to notice as he turns around! Annabelle takes off her long coat and Cass is surprised to see her in the dress Ashleigh wore to the party!


Liam takes Chloe outside the house and when she opens her eyes finds the garden decorated to the style of a wedding. She tells Liam they were getting married in four months as it's all arranged but he tells her he doesn't want to wait, especially with the trial coming up. At the club Casper sends Annabelle out to watch the game with Paul, arranging to meet her in the toilets in ten minutes. Sitting in the stands, Lynda notices Amy whispering to a man in front of her, and sneaks back inside to read what the card said. The half time whistle goes as Lynda, having found the teared pieces of paper in Amy’s bag, puts them back together to reveal “Sorry to have made your job so difficult for you – D”. Lynda then goes through Amy's address book in her phone to find a number for this ‘D’, which she is just about to ring when Amy walks in and catches her. Lynda sheepishly tries to explain what she was doing, until Amy speaks up and says the card was from her boyfriend "David". Lynda feels terrible and apologises profusely. After she leaves however, Amy gets straight on the phone to D (Duval) and receives the same answer machine voice as Lynda when she called Dragons Corp.


Casper eventually manages to separate Annabelle from Ashleigh's dress, leaving her in the cubicle in just her bra and panties! The final whistle goes and Harchester lose to Manchester City. Cass goes to Ashleigh's room at the Grange and shows her the dress, which she still refuses to acknowledge came from her. Casper bluntly explains how he got it from Annabelle and whilst she doesn't know where it came from, they both do. He throws the dress at her and leaves, and Ashleigh walks back inside to reveal Felix sitting there. He yells at her that the dress she described as belonging to a cheap slapper cost him €1500. Felix accuses Ashleigh of sleeping with Casper which she now finds hard to deny, and he storms out leaving Ashleigh crying. Liam comes walking down the hall wanting to talk with Felix, and couldn't have picked a worse moment. Felix loses it with Liam and tells him all about Chloe having them over a barrel with Eugene, and how if they wanted him for the Liverpool game they had to take Liam as well, whom he never wanted.




·          First appearance of Alex Dempsey (Jamie Lomas). Writer Huw Kennair-Jones returns to the series, having written from Seasons 3-5 and left after 260: Forsaking All Others, going to work as a story producer on “EastEnders" and "Holby City" in between. By the series finale, he had become Series Producer and written on a total of 17 episodes.


The Best: Alex, always was one of my favourite managers. Annabelle deserted half dressed in the ladies (pink bra and panties that would make Christine Thorsvelt proud) – good thing Cass left her with her long overcoat!


·          Logic: Alex mentions he thought Lynda contacted him to help someone like herself, i.e. kids. However, in 385: The Precious he says Lynda’s pregnancy meant he was “becoming” a dad.


Quotes: Felix’s “Schleeper!” at Ashleigh.


·          Foreshadowing: "David" certainly isn't the name of Amy's boyfriend! (369: Unleash Hell).


Continuity: Alex reminds Lynda they met years ago when he played for Sheffield Wednesday.


·          Additional Info: Felix and Ashleigh were at PSV and Ajax respectively before coming to Harchester, straight from the 2004-05 season by the sound of things; Katrin meets Ashleigh for the first time in the next episode.


What Was The Score?: Harchester suffer their third and fourth successive Premiership defeats since the Liverpool game, this week first losing 1-0 to Middlesborough and then 2-0 to Man City.


·          Soundtrack: James Blunt: “You're Beautiful” (whoever chose the music in Season 9 was a fan of his),  Kaiser Chiefs: “Everyday I Love You Less And Less”,  Kings Of Leon: "The Bucket",  Scissor Sisters: "Filthy/Gorgeous",  The Bravery: "Fearless."


Screencaps from 9.3’s original broadcast on Sky One on 30/10/05.


 Cass is getting to Gene (and


Nobody messes with Lynda! (Except for the owner)



 Face to face again

Cass' pride gets a kicking



 What did Amy do for Alex?

Getting married here?!



 Who is Amy really working for?

€1500 on a dress?! Think I'd cry too.



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