Season 9 Episode 4

Episode 360


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 6th November 2005


Directed By

Maurice Hutchinson


GS: Katrin Hahn (Sandra Darnell)  Harry Redknapp (as himself)


We are made to sit through the Liam/Felix scene again before Felix tells a moping Ashleigh to get every member of the playing and coaching staff to the club. The players are not happy about being dragged in on a Saturday night, and feel Felix's wrath upon arrival. He tells everyone present that all their jobs are on the line and on Tuesday they will have a training match, taking Gavin and saying if he performs better than Ryan, no matter how many England caps he has, he will take his place on Saturday. And that goes for coaches too, with Ashleigh and Alex each taking a team and being their coach.



Chloe comes downstairs to find Liam waiting for her. He presents her with everything he has learned about the Eugene deal until Chloe cannot deny how he was brought in on it. Liam then throws his wedding ring at Chloe, only hours after putting it on for the first time. Liam turns up late for the meeting and Felix demands he is fined two weeks wages (despite never using him for anything!). Liam hands Felix a cheque for £150,000, his signing on fee and tells him he isn't staying where he isn't wanted. Felix says it's one problem off his hands and leaves Ashleigh and Alex to it. They go into the boardroom and put every player's name into a trophy cup to pick out at random. Ashleigh is pleased when she gets Ryan, and Alex picks out Gavin, asking who he is. Ashleigh takes her next card and suggests Alex fold now, as she has Eugene. By the end Alex has a fairly decent defence but Ashleigh has both Rose brothers and the only International the club has. They wish each other luck and Ashleigh heads back to her and Felix's room at the Grange, only to find him and his things gone.


The next day at training, it isn't long before the Rose brothers are testing Ashleigh's patience. She then tells Ryan she wants to build the team around him. Liam meanwhile is visiting St. Mary's Stadium at Southampton with Chloe. Everything seems in order and Liam wants to join. Outside, when Liam makes it clear he isn't coming back to Harchester, Chloe asks if he’s really going to divorce her after six hours of marriage. Liam tells her he doesn't know, and Chloe admits she isn't sorry about what she did - putting him into a Premiership side. Amy gets her hands on Ryan’s file and before long he is confronting Ashleigh for saying he has become a weaker player. She defends herself by saying his body statistics do not lie. Outside on the training pitch, Alex suffers a setback when one of his best players is struck down by a skin infection, and following her confrontation with Ryan, Ashleigh's side are keen to take the piss out of her. When Eugene storms off to train himself Ashleigh herself heads in to the physio room where she throws darts at a board plastered with photos of Sully, Ryan and Felix. Strangely no Casper though. Amy comes in and tells Ashleigh Felix has been in touch and wants to see her, at his house. Amy adds he has now moved into the Barrons and Ashleigh heads over there.


Arriving, she is answered at the door by an unknown woman and Felix comes through and introduces his wife Katrin! Inside, meets Felix's two young sons, and when she gets a minute alone with him she realises he was the one who leaked her report to Ryan. Ashleigh asks whether it was over the Casper thing, and Felix has the nerve to accuse her of betraying him. Chloe shows up at the training ground to speak with Alex, and says the man he needs is right under his nose - Liam. Alex won't have it though and Chloe says this isn't about his ability, it's about what Liam did to him (ending Alex's career). Chloe reminds Alex all he has to win this game is a bunch of kids, and plants the seed that in order to one day be managing a place like Harchester, he needs to be seen to be winning. Liam is surprised when Harry Redknapp points out Alex waiting for him at the Southampton training ground. Alex goes to speak to Liam about the game but it soon turns into them settling old scores, first over Alex's injury and then how Chloe asked Alex to come here.


Ashleigh returns to her room at the Grange, feeling down over Felix and notices the dress laid out on the bed. She's gets glammed up like on the night of the party, wig included and calls for Casper. Cass takes Ashleigh inside after she asks him to tell her what they really did. After detailing the night of the crash, Ashleigh breaks down saying she's tried but she just can't remember. And how she's screwed if she doesn't win this game tomorrow, as Casper and Eugene refuse to play with each other and Ryan hates her guts. Alex takes his team to the Grange where he reminds them this is where the first team stay nights before games. As they sit down to dinner, Alex gives his speech on how he isn't expecting miracles as they are up against much stronger players, but the most important thing is to be able to hold their heads up after ninety minutes. To everyone's surprise Liam turns up ready to play with them. Casper puts Ashleigh to bed and tells her if there is going to be a next time between them, they will both know what they are doing.


The next day Cass drives Ashleigh to the club in his black Mustang. Her attitude has softened towards him but they still can't afford to be seen together, and Ash leaves the car first, barefoot. Ashleigh's team use the Away dressing room, but the team are still refusing to give her an easy ride. Ryan gets bolshy with her when she says he will be their playmaker today, now knowing what she wrote in his files. Alex's team use the Home dressing room, and as the team head out Alex gives Liam the captain's armband, adding this changes nothing between them. Lynda, Felix and Amy are outside to watch the game, and Lynda says she's heard Felix's wife is in town. Felix suggests she come round to meet her and Lynda replies distantly it would be great. Chloe has also come down to watch, and is surprised when Liam walks right past her, blanking her. The game kicks off, and Liam gets to show his potential, running rings around most of Ashleigh's side. Before long Alex's side are 1-0 up after a pass from Liam to Gavin scores. Ryan is furious and things get worse when Ashleigh tells him he is being taken off. He storms off in a huff with Ashleigh and she leaves the game temporarily.


The half time whistle goes and Ashleigh's side return to the Away changing room, bitching about her. They are slightly surprised however when she walks in in her party gear. She berates them that just because she is a girl and has breasts they think she doesn't know what she's talking about, and they are the ones throwing this game away. Ashleigh manages to win them round whilst making her half time team talk, and tells them they are going to be on their own for the next half, as she's their fitness coach not manager. While the lads head out Ashleigh finds Ryan in the Players' Lounge. They get into an argument as he tells her she knows nothing about football(!) and she that his body has slowed down when it shouldn't have. Ashleigh stops however when she realises Ryan is in a lot of despair. She tells him it's understandable that his skills have decreased, after breaking his leg and being out for a season, then the crash, but assures him that they can work to get it back. To keep up their ball domination, Cass tells Eugene they have to team up or lose it. Before long their skill has worked and a pass from Casper makes a goal for Eugene, to Alex's anguish. A further goal from Casper leaves Alex looking as if he is about to cry.


The final whistle goes and Ashleigh's team have won, whilst both Liam and Alex believe their side was robbed. Ashleigh tells Felix she sent Ryan home and he says he wants to see both coaches in his office. In the showers Gavin congratulates Liam on marking Ryan out of the game before half time, adding he must have made the team after that. Outside Chloe waits for Liam and he tells her he took her advice as an agent, not because they're together. She asks where this leaves them and he replies that he doesn't know, before driving away. At the offices, a smiling Alex tells Ashleigh he's looking forward to working with her, as he's been given his contract. She congratulates him before going into Felix. There, he reminds her that she of course had the stronger team, but she reminds him that she still won. He agrees and tells her that was all, and Ashleigh leaves, cheering outside that he still rates her no matter how many times he's cheated on her since coming to Harchester (Ooops! That's still to come!).




·          The Best: The Harry Redknapp scenes at Southampton. Lynda observing Ashleigh during the training match, clearly admiring her determination as a fellow female in football. Ashleigh throughout, from her handling of her malevolent team to giving her half time team talk in her party gear, wig included. The beginning of the pairing up of Liam and Gavin.


Quotes: Ryan's southern-mocking accent at Ashleigh: "Pretty lady here wants to talk about foot-bawl!" and another on Ashleigh’s coaching decision(s): "Subbed by a girl!".


·          Logic: Is it just me or does Felix + Katrin + 2 children + Ashleigh = Ian Coates + Ingrid + 2 children + Helen Jensen? The same can be said about Eugene and Scarlett (Warren Masters and Mandy).


Foreshadowing: Lynda’s disinterest at possibly meeting Felix’s wife. It’s a shame we don’t get to see Amy’s face during this either.


·          What Was The Score?: What looked so promising for Alex’s side ended with two goals from the Rose brothers, winning the match for Ashleigh 2-1.


Soundtrack: Craig Armstrong: "Rise",  Damien Rice: "Cannonball",  Hard-Fi: "Hard To Beat",  Ian Van Dahl: "Inspiration",  JC Chavez: “100 Ways”,  Scissor Sisters: “Take Your Mama.”


·          Behind The Scenes: Midweek after this episode aired (9th November 2005) Jane reported back to that four episodes into the new season, DT was on top of the primetime Sunday night ratings. This news is important to remember, especially with events to come during April 2006 and onwards.


Screencaps from 9.4’s original broadcast on Sky One on 06/11/05.


 Felix is not impressed with

 Ryan's "2 Lucy's"

Shown around Southampton by Harry Redknapp!



 At home with the Hahn's

Mackay upstaging Dempsey



 Ash is determined to win the

 boys' respect

Ash is still determined to win the boys' respect!



The return of the Rose magic

 Ryan is still struggling



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