Season 9 Episode 5

Episode 361


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 13th November 2005


Directed By

Mark Walker


GS: John The Groundsman (Mark Roper)  Phil [Stadium Manager] (John Forgeham)


Liam is eager to see whether he will at last make his first team debut. Felix tells Casper and Eugene they will be playing together today in order to get a good score. When Amy hands Liam and Gavin copies of Felix's team sheet, Gavin is thrilled to have made the bench, whilst Liam is enraged to find his name isn't there at all following all the work he’s put in. He goes to the physio room and demands Felix tell him what is going on. Felix puts it to Liam bluntly that he is not a Premiership player and doesn't possess the fitness to play football at this level, which is why he won’t select him.



Now more determined than ever, Liam storms out to the pitch without changing and begins sprinting down the sidelines. Cass and Eugene sit in Felix's office in silence. The 'thinking session' between the two soon turns into a typical Cass smirking/Eugene Gangsta speak and after Cass walks out, flicking Eugene's ear, Gene notices he isn't wearing his lucky earring. Lynda is forced to accompany the family from Hong Kong who won the free visit to the Lair competition, and taking them out to the pitch she encounters John the Groundsman pointing Liam out to her. The family are left slightly bemused at Liam whilst Lynda tries to find out what’s going on. Ashleigh whines to Felix about his wife's presence in Harchester and he tells her she's only back in town for a couple of weeks. Lynda asks them to sort Liam, and Ashleigh asks Casper straight out if he's behind it - for once when he is not. She has to learn from Gavin why Liam's doing this, and Felix explains to Lynda why he won't be blackmailed like this just because a player disagrees with him.


At reception, Scarlett arrives with Eugene's earring and ends up alone in the same lift as Cass. As if things couldn't get worse the lift shuts down when they are halfway into their journey, and Scarlett begins to show signs of claustrophobia. With Liam still sprinting around the sidelines, Lynda brings in Chloe who informs her that she is in fact Liam's wife now not girlfriend! Chloe is irritated when Felix holds her responsible for Liam's behaviour, following the whole Eugene/Liam deal. Chloe tells them there's two ways Liam will stop running - first Felix apologise and say he was wrong (which he immediately refuses to do) or second his body doesn't allow him to carry on any longer, which knowing Liam could be a long time. Alex suggests they end this now and he wrestle Liam to the ground. Chloe warns him if he does she'll have him for actual bodily harm to which Lynda gets all tough and warns Chloe not to make an enemy out of her. Especially not with that trophy in Felix’s office! Stuck in the lift, Cass makes things worse for Scarlett by telling first of lift tragedies and then about how remarkably thin the cables holding them up are. Scarlett begins freaking out and Cass has to hold her until she pulls away still hyperventilating.


Lynda and Ashleigh see Phil the stadium manager about how much longer they can keep the fans locked out until they take control of Liam. Alex comes in and after receiving an unnecessary comment from Ashleigh about knocking, tells them that Casper has disappeared. He then sneaks outside and removes the water bottles after noticing they are prolonging Liam's 'task'. During Felix's team talk the lads are more concerned about Liam, and Eugene heads off to find his wife/earring’s whereabouts. Casper and Scarlett are forced to begin stripping off (naughty!) in the intense heat of the closed surroundings. Scarlett gets onto the subject of why the owners went to all this trouble to buy him and Eugene, when suddenly they realise someone outside is trying to call the lift. Eugene goes to Amy and asks if Scarlett left anything for him, to which she tells him she hasn't been up here. Eugene says her car is in the car park but she's nowhere else. They then hear shouting from inside the lift and Eugene thinks Casper is trapped in there alone. He bursts into the dressing room gloating that the lads follow him. When they arrive Gene slyly points out he's found Casper. When Amy tells them it could be an hour before the lift engineer gets here, the lads hear a woman's voice from inside the lift. Eugene realises its Scarlett and freaks at the thought of her being in there alone with Casper! He storms out and Alex goes after him. Unable to keep up with his limp, Eugene gets on his bike and speeds away.


Liam is still running and Ashleigh tells the others it's beyond serious now, as Liam is about to put himself out of the game if he keeps this up. Chloe jumps into action and attempts to chase him down on the pitch, as Phil comes out to Lynda and says if they don't open the gates now they could be looking at a hefty fine. Lynda says they'll have to go ahead but keep their players upstairs and Charlton in the Away dressing room. Watching from the Players' Lounge, the lads notice the water bottles have been taken away, and Danny attempts to take a couple out to Liam but is stopped by Alex. Danny passes Gavin the bottles and as he sneaks down to the tunnel he overhears Lynda and Phil with the police, planning on taking Liam down to the ground. Gavin reports back to Danny what's going to happen but Ryan and Tyson have lost interest and just want to get on the pitch and play. Danny is annoyed that they have forgotten the old team sprit, and reminds Ryan of everything they did for him last season. Ryan gives in and the lads discuss what they can do. As the police prepare to jump at Liam to Chloe's anger, the team suddenly rush out and begin their 'warm up' by running with Liam. The police say they will have to wait until he runs past again but Lynda tells them she cannot risk the injury of the other players, leaving them back at square one.


Eugene arrives back on his bike, with the Brummie lift engineer. Cass apologises for getting Scarlett caught up in his and Eugene's feud, and she asks him why exactly they hate each other. We are kept waiting longer for the answer however, as the power gets cut off by the engineer in the hope of the generator moving the lift up. The stadium is filling up as the team continue to run with Liam. Ashleigh says they stop on her signal as she's now worried for Liam's heart. A distraught Chloe directs her anger at Felix for this, saying all Liam wanted was to prove himself. Unable to run anymore, Liam collapses to the ground as the paramedics rush to him, and Danny holds a sobbing Chloe back. Scarlett is panicking more than ever in the lift and Casper holds onto her to calm her. The lift doors open and Cass and Scarlett look as if they've been making love in a sauna - right in front of Eugene! Gene storms off and gets on his bike speeding away as Alex yells after him, again. Felix orders Casper to the dressing room where he is completely unaware of what went on with Liam. As the team head out, Felix goes into Liam who is conscious but under sedation on the physio bench. There he holds out his hand and the two shake, gaining a new acceptance for each other.




·          Best Known For: John Forgeham has worked as an actor since the early 60’s and has over 90 credits to his name, a notable one being Frank Laslett in "Footballers' Wives" from 2002-04. The lift engineer was previously seen harassing Lynda in the form of a journalist in #195.


The Best: John the Groundsman making Chloe take her heels off before stepping on the pitch, as they'd ruin the terrain! Bad enough with studs apparently. Tyson nicknaming Liam "Nationwide".


·          Logic: Casper discusses how different Scarlett is from the usual type Eugene went for, listing them as "Rude Girls off the Estate". In 367: War of the Roses, the only girl teenage Eugene is seen having any interest in is Jessica Hibbs, who isn’t much different from Scarlett to be honest.


Quotes: Ryan (on Gene’s lucky earring): "I've heard about lucky boots but, sweetheart that's taking it too far!"  Eugene: "Shut up you Chief!".


·          Foreshadowing: Casper tells Eugene he could batter him to death with a football shaped trophy on Felix's desk [384: Replay]. If only Alex had used the trophy he would have been spot on. Cass and Scarlett think they have it bad in the lift – imagine what it will be like in 419: The Final Whistle - Part Two.


Continuity: Danny reminds Ryan of everything they did to protect his secret when he was screwing Chelsea.


·          Additional Info: The team currently sit third from bottom in the table. Chloe says Liam is only twenty-five (he would have been born late 1979).


What Was The Score?: In the next episode we are told Charlton scored, and with Harchester’s bad luck of late it’s most likely the Dragons lost.


·          Soundtrack: Editors: " Munich,  The White Stripes: “Blue Orchid”,  U2: “Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own.”


Screencaps from 9.5's original broadcast on Sky One on 13/11/05.

 You're going to do what?!

Brotherly Love (again)


 Trapped in a lift with Cass -

 really a woman's nightmare?

Now Chloe is trying to mess with Lynda (not good)


 Scarlett's come round to the

 idea by now...


Sully gives Ryan some home truths


 Chloe lets Felix know she

 holds him responsible

Liam has Felix's respect... but was it worth it?


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