Season 9 Episode 6

Episode 362


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 20th November 2005


Directed By

Harry Hewland


GS: Katrin Hahn (Sandra Darnell)


Ryan is experiencing a recurring dream, in which he is told by Lynda that Sven is coming to watch him play this coming Saturday. He is next hassled by reporters outside the Lair, asking him whether he is good enough or whether he should even be alive. Coming out of it, Ryan finds himself in the middle of the road in the path of an oncoming car. Freaked out by this, Ryan goes to Ashleigh, who in turn contacts an unsympathetic Felix (what's new there). When he says he can't sleep at home Ashleigh suggests Ryan stay in the room next to her, before Felix accuses her of wanting Ryan to come into her room during the night!



At the Hahn’s, Katrin is happy to have Ryan stay, and fulfils his request to lock the door from the outside. Felix gives Ryan a dressing down for approaching "his" Ashleigh and tells him not to do it again for something like this. The next day is Ryan's 22nd birthday and he arrives at the offices to be gushed all over by Amy, who hands him his fan mail and a special card from her. Ashleigh enters the physio room to find Katrin waiting to speak to her. To Ashleigh's shock, Katrin informs her she is in fact moving to Harchester and as she is the only one she knows here besides her husband, was wondering if Ashleigh could show her around. On the training pitch, the session is interrupted when Lynda and Amy bring a birthday cake out for Ryan and a camera crew accompany them which doesn't please Felix surprise surprise. Inside Ashleigh is giving Katrin her guided tour when they encounter Chloe and Scarlett who are waiting to speak to Felix over his two-week-banning of Eugene. Katrin suggests they have a get together that evening to properly get to know each other. Scarlett says she can't as Eugene doesn't like her to go out (which the other women make no comment at) so Katrin says they'll come to her, as she’s the manager's wife and must organise. Lynda and Amy get back to the offices to also be invited to Katrin's snatch, whilst Felix is awkwardly told that he and the other husbands will baby-sit.


In the showers Casper and the lads are winding Ryan up over his upcoming meeting with Sven, and Ryan appears to take a fall injuring his lower back. Ashleigh examines him and even Felix notices there is no bruising, but walks away accepting that Ryan may be injured for Saturday. Ashleigh knows Ryan is faking it because of his worries and watches as Ryan sprints away completely fine. Knowing that Ryan looks up to Cass, Ashleigh approaches him about possibly curing some of Ryan’s fears whilst out celebrating his birthday. This transpires to the lads blindfolding Ryan, abducting him from drinking alone at the Blue Room and taking him back to Studs. There, they tell him they all clubbed together and have brought Studs for him as a birthday present. We are told Chelsea just wanted rid so the "lawyers" gave them a good deal. Ryan freaks out and storms downstairs while Casper goes after him. Cass reminds him that Viv's "dead" so it's all right, but Ryan is adamant that someone up there wants him to pay. Cass persuades him to come back upstairs so Ryan can watch them lose a fortune to him in poker to prove him wrong.


At the Roses’, the women toast themselves with wine, and Chloe chokes when Katrin remarks on how wonderful it is that they are all friends. She then says she ran a book club for the wives at one of Felix’s previous clubs but thought they could start with movies and whips out Fatal Attraction. Lynda says it's one of her favourites as Ashleigh looks uncomfortable. Ryan attempts to lose Studs in a bet but Casper isn't having it and makes the other men fold, as Gavin sulks that he had two aces. Danny reminds Ryan that if he hadn't broken his leg he wouldn't have had time for the affair with Chels, and if he hadn't had the affair he would have been on the coach, i.e. Ryan is lucky when he's unlucky. Ryan has had enough and goes to leave, until Cass persuades him to stay for another game where this time they'll use dares instead of money. Ryan tells Casper if he wins Cass has to sneak into Eugene's house and get into bed with him and Scarlett! And Cass tells Ryan if he wins Ryan must spend the night at Studs. Fatal Attraction ends, and the lights are switched on to reveal Eugene sitting with the girls! They get on to discussing the film and Katrin gives her take that cheating is wrong whilst keeping her glance firmly on Ashleigh who is squirming in her seat. Ashleigh can take no more and is about to come clean to Katrin when next to her sees Amy in floods of tears. Amy weeps that Felix was so kind to her when she first started the job and.. and... she shlept with him!! Amy runs out and Lynda goes after her as Chloe suggests they get Katrin home.


Lynda comforts Amy, who is convinced she will lose her job over this. Lynda tells Amy she isn't going to fire her and lets her into a secret. Apparently the night before they signed the Rose brothers Felix took Lynda out to dinner and made a pass at her, but nothing else happened. Lynda says if it had she would be feeling as bad as Amy does now, not knowing that Ashleigh (who hears the whole thing) is Felix's actual lover and how she must be feeling. At the poker game Cass gets three of a kind and is ecstatic to think he has won, until Ryan shows his hand and Cass suddenly looks like he's about to be sick. Katrin pours Felix's expensive wine collection down the sink as Chloe watches on smirking. She leaves Ashleigh to it and soon Felix walks in. Katrin tells him she knows and Felix assumes Ashleigh has informed her about them. During a fantastic bi-lingual, Katrin refers to Felix cheating on her over and over again, and smashes one of his wine bottles to the floor. The two go full on as Ashleigh comforts one of their young sons who comes out scared at the argument.


Outside the Barrons, Danny hands Cass keys to Eugene's house, which Scarlett gave to Kim. They tell Casper if he doesn't go through with it then it's a forfit - to which Gavin decides Cass must go on national television and admit Eugene is a better player than him. Nothing would be worse for Cass and he creeps inside the house and up to the bedroom where Eugene and Scarlett are sleeping. He climbs onto the side of the bed and takes a picture with his phone as proof of him going through with it. The capture-sound wakes Eugene and he chases Cass out of the house with a baseball bat. Cass injures his leg whilst fleeing Eugene and outside the lads manage to drive away as Eugene's tag goes off beeping. Ashleigh phones Felix who is in bed, telling him she's at the hospital with Casper. He arrives there and tries to apologise to Ashleigh over Katrin, saying if he left her she'd never let him see the children again. Ashleigh throws it to Felix if that is why he slept with Amy behind her back and made a pass at Lynda? At his house Ryan is unable to sleep, and all he can imagine is being back at the poker game with the lads chanting that it's time for "Dead-man's bed!" (yikes!). Instead he decides not to sleep and goes downstairs making strong cups of coffee and practising his skill with a ball to keep him awake.


Felix arrives in the morning to tell Ryan about Casper pulling out and warns Ryan if he ever fakes an injury again he will spend the rest of the season in the reserves. He then yells at Ryan "Today... you play!". During the first half of the game against Arsenal, Amy fetches Ashleigh on the grounds Lynda wants to speak with her, only to find it is Katrin. Katrin lets Ashleigh know she is aware of the affair she is having with her husband, but yet Felix loves her, unlike the others. She adds that she is pregnant and Ashleigh was wrong to believe Felix when he told her they no longer slept together. She tells Ashleigh she's going home and can have Felix, adding shockingly (see Quotes below). Ashleigh sobs as Katrin walks away, and outside the final whistle blows with Ryan scoring the winner for Harchester. He returns to the dressing room to hear his team mates sing "Naysmith for England". That night Ryan decides he has to get over his Studs/Viv phobia and spends the night in what was Viv's bed! Ryan wakes up the next morning with a phone call from Amy, asking why he hasn't answered the taxi at his house. Ryan realises that he was sound asleep for the first time without any nightmares and realises he has overcome his problem. The taxi is sent to Studs and Ryan looks out proud at his new home.




·          Harry Hewland makes his directorial debut for the show, having written on 5 episodes during Seasons 7 and 8.


The Best: Cass sitting with the blonde Bunny-Girl on his lap. Katrin! Should have been made a regular, and thankfully will be back.


·          Logic: Ryan finds a photo of Viv and Chelsea together on what was Viv’s bedside, yet in 332: Blame Viv removed all pictures of Chelsea and stored them away.


Quotes: Cass (to Eugene as he lies next to him on the bed) "Wasn't snoring was I?!".  Katrin (to Ashleigh): "Goodbye. In German that means till I see you again... but I hope I never do. I will have the termination and you will always know it was because of you!". Ouch.


·          Foreshadowing: Lynda tells Felix Ryan is the club's first international on a World Cup prospect in 20 years [DT80’s].


Continuity: Ryan lists losing his dad, breaking his leg and missing that season, not to mention how any relationship with a girl has gone, to show how unlucky he is, despite Cass' nickname for him.


·          Additional Info: Ryan was born in November 1983. At the girls’ night, two other women are sitting with Katrin, although it is not known whether one is Kim Sullivan as her husband certainly isn't babysitting that night! Harchester have lost the last seven of their eight meetings against Arsenal (this clearly stretches back to the 2003-04 season).


What Was The Score?: Ryan wins the match 1-0 against Arsenal.


·          Soundtrack: DJ Shadow: “Side Two”,  Magnet: “Where Happiness Lives”,  The Killers: “All These Things That I've Done.”


Screencaps from 9.6’s original broadcast on Sky One on 20/11/05.


 Girls' Night In? Sounds like

 Heaven to Chloe

Party Time!!



 Oh Amy!

Stupid little blonde? It's a good thing Katrin doesn't meet Cindi!



 Don't forget to turn the camera

 sound OFF!

Katrin knows how to handle her husband's lovers



Can Ryan get over the memory of Viv and Chelsea?

 Ashleigh pays for getting

 involved with Felix



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