Season 9 Episode 7

Episode 363


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 27th November 2005


Directed By

Marcus D.F. White


GS: Angie Duxbury (Pippa Nixon)  Gemma (Jo Bourne-Taylor)  Glenn Spalding (Louis Dempsey)

Jonathan Block (Victor Jenkins)


Lynda is on the phone to Adam Wainwright, the man who owns the sportswear company that sells Harchester its kits, when she spots Gemma, a documentary maker and hides in the dressing room. It is not long however before Gemma has found Lynda crouched down in the showers, and reminds Lynda she is contracted by Dragons Corp to do her interview and Gemma won’t be giving up until she has it. Lynda then e-mails Dragons Corp to tell them she won't be taking part as she finds the doc inappropriate.


At the Barrons, Eugene has ordered a limo to take Scarlett to her mothers in London. She repays him by pecking him at least twenty times with her luscious lips. When Scarlett realises she has left her phone inside Eugene tells her to take his instead, and as she is driven away Scarlett is suspicious to see Chloe arrive so suddenly. Inside, Chloe hands Eugene two water-tight confidentiality agreements before opening the door to Glenn Spalding, a man with his own private bugging company. He asks Eugene where he wants the devices and he replies all over, handing Mr Spalding keys to Scarlett's car and a designer handbag he has bought her as a present. Chloe is stunned and berates Eugene for bugging Scarlett, insisting she is not having an affair with Casper or anyone. Eugene responds that as Scarlett is a woman she doesn't have any self-control! At the club Lynda is on the phone to Angie who passes Louis on to speak to her. Lynda gently breaks it to Louis that she won't be able to come and stay tonight but will read him a story instead. As she gets through it, Louis walks away from the phone leaving Lynda on her own. Realising he has gone she puts the phone down to be met by Amy, who can see how this is upsetting her.


The next morning Mr Spalding returns to Eugene and Chloe with Scarlett's car. He points out to them where the device is (under the front mirror) and Chloe tells Eugene if he spies on Scarlett in the bathroom he might as well kiss his marriage goodbye. At that moment Scarlett's limo pulls up and she is home early to Eugene's surprise. He explains that Mr Spalding is here about the burglar alarm playing up and Chloe makes herself scarce. Inside Eugene presents Scarlett with her bag and she is delighted as there is a waiting list to receive these. Outside the club Ryan and Gavin are messing around with a ball when it hits Lynda who is just arriving, spilling coffee down her blouse. Her day gets worse when Amy hands her an e-mail from the owner informing Lynda her co-operation with the documentary is final. Lynda says she hasn't felt so controlled since, and stops mid-sentence, saying she's realised who the owner is. She takes a file from the cabinet and tells Amy she needs her to find someone, adding that she believes the owner is her ex-husband Jerry Block.


To give Scarlett time to be caught recording, Eugene stomps off to training, stopping to glare at Casper as he waves to Scarlett outside his house. When he arrives Felix yells at him that he is suspended and Eugene insists he is there to train himself. Returning home, Eugene goes straight to the bedroom to listen to what Scarlett’s said whilst he was away. He finds nothing but idle gossip between her and a friend, and bites her head off when she comes to tell him his dinner is ready. Lynda goes down to London to confront Jerry at what she believes is his new headquarters, BlockMedia. The receptionist is slightly bemused when Lynda tells her she is Mr Block's wife (not ex-wife strangely) and Lynda bursts in on a meeting demanding to see Jerry. She is taken outside by a man she later recognises as Jerry's son Jonathan, whom she hasn't seen since his school days. Lynda is confused and asks Jonathan if he is working for his dad now, to which he explains he set up this company with the money he was left. Lynda is shocked when Jonathan informs her that Jerry has died, and thought someone would have told her (being in prison at the time). Lynda returns to the Lair to find Amy going through an order they have received, only not the away kit she wanted but tracksuit tops. High on emotion from her meeting with Jerry's son, Lynda phones to speak with Adam Wainwright and screams at his secretary when he stalls her again. Amy snatches the phone from her and suggests Lynda goes home. Instead, Lynda goes out to the empty stands where she breaks down crying over Jerry being dead.


Scarlett goes to speak to Chloe about Eugene's behaviour, and Chloe sees Scarlett has brought her 'bugged' bag along. Chloe does all she can to avoid discussing anything. Lynda arrives for work the next day to find Amy has set up a new meeting for her - a visit from Angie and Louis, to make her feel better after yesterday. As Lynda and Louis bond again, Angie tells her it's the first time she's seen her smile since she got out (If Angie had been the owner it would have been fantastic). Amy then comes in and says the people from the documentary are back to which Gemma barges in on the family reunion. She sharply tells Lynda if she messes them around once more she'll see her in court. Lynda is forced to take a crying Louis out to the car so Angie can drive him home i.e. Manchester. Lynda returns to the boardroom baying for Gemma's blood, and purposely makes the interview more difficult by responding with one-word-answers. Ever more frustrated by Eugene and Chloe's secretive behaviour, Scarlett now contacts Liam to try and speak with him about it. At the Grange Eugene barges in on one of Chloe's meetings and demands she tell him what her conversation with Scarlett was about. Chloe begs Eugene to stop this as it isn't fair to keep asking her to lie to Scarlett - to which Scarlett overhears and accuses them of having an affair before running off crying!


Alex finds Lynda drinking in the Blue Room and she tells him of learning Jerry died a year ago. He tells her it's understandable to be upset, as he was a massive part of her life and she wouldn't be here without him. Alex takes Lynda up to her room where they are shocked to find Gemma waiting with her camera crew inside. Eugene and Chloe wait for Scarlett to come home, and Chloe suggests they check the bugs to see if they can hear where she is. They hear Scarlett crying and then a scream before the sound of a car crash, and Eugene is horrified. Gemma tells Lynda she thought she of all people would understand the stress of making this documentary, as she too is a working mother. Lynda realises she could help Gemma out and explains how she is her Adam Wainwright, having stalled her for days, before agreeing to do the interview. Eugene arrives home from visiting Scarlett in hospital, where she has only minor injuries, to find Chloe has called Glenn Spalding and had all the bugs from the house removed. The Phoenix From The Flames doc goes to air later in the week, and we are made to watch the Lynda arriving/match day/Liam & Gavin/morning Mrs Block scene again for the third time. The team watch the doc in Studs and are stunned to hear Lynda admit she hasn't had sex for three and a half years! We also see Lynda playing football with Louis, and falling over whilst doing so. She says if she'd never come here she wouldn't have had her son, met so many amazing people, and wouldn't have fallen in love - with football.


Scarlett arrives home having been staying at her mom's. Eugene tries to convince her that his problems were down to the trial stuff not going too well right now, but Scarlett doesn't know if she can believe him. The day after the documentary Lynda arrives at work to find the place swimming in flowers. Amy tells Lynda they are all for her because of the show, and that she has taken some important messages - Vogue wanting to do a cover, Richard and Judy and Parkinson all want her on their shows. After receiving a message from the owner, Amy brings in a delivery he has left for Lynda - diamond earrings. Lynda replies that she'd love to thank the owner for the earrings in person. The man from the garage brings Scarlett's car back home. There, he tells her they found some sort of hi-tech listening device to which Scarlett is confused. It is then the man tells her that someone has been recording her and Scarlett realises what has been going on with Eugene, and how Chloe also knew. That night Lynda is preparing to meet the owner for dinner when the away kit finally turns up, prompting her to kiss the delivery man! Lynda waits at the Blue Room and Alex turns up, only sits alone as she waits for the owner. After a while Lynda realises he isn't going to show and decides to leave, telling Alex there really is only one man she should have been with all along - and drives to Angie's house where she goes to Louis' room and lies down in bed beside him.




·          We get the first glimpse of recurring player Ben “FutchFutcher (Ben Walshe) (#6 defender) training with the first team. This is also the first of 4 episodes this season to be written by Rebecca Hobbs, who has more than 20 credits as an actress, writer and director working in her native New Zealand, Australia and the UK.


Best Known For: Victor Jenkins joins the long list of behind the scenes crew members to feature in an on-screen role - he was DT’s casting director from the beginning of Season 8 to the end of the series. Since then he has been a casting director and associate on some big projects such as "Robin Hood" (2007), "Moving Wallpaper" (2008-2009), "Garrow's Law" (2009-2010) and "Strikeback" (2010).


·          The Best: Lynda’s past being explored, with return appearances (although for the last time) of Angie and Louis, not to mention meeting Jerry’s son. Parky wanting a football special featuring Lynda, Sven and David Beckham!


Quotes: Gemma (to Lynda): "So would you say you bleed purple?"  Lynda (snarls): "I don't know - why don't you cut me and find out!" (holds out wrist).


·          Continuity: The Phoenix From The Flames documentary features a montage of past DT characters, including the 2004-05 team at the Cardiff play-off, Danny Rawsthorne, Billy O'Neill, Luis doing his back-flip and Fletch.


Additional Info: Liam and Chloe are now living apart following him learning the truth of the Eugene deal. Amy's dad (see 369: Unleash Hell) is a jeweller. It remains a mystery why it was decided to kill Jerry off-screen, for his character never to crop up again for any reason.


·          Soundtrack: Damien Rice: “Eskimo”,  David Gray: "Alibi",  Guns N Roses: "Welcome To The Jungle",  Moby: "18",  Mylo: "Drop The Pressure",  Röyksopp: "In Space",  Sigur Ros: "Svefn-G-Englar.”


Screencaps from 9.7’s original broadcast on Sky One on 27/11/05.


 Jerry had a son?!

We didn't want to believe Jerry was dead either, Lynda!



 The bag!

Ange wasn't impressed with Gemma



 Chloe has to save Gene again

Lynda opens up to Gemma



And Lynda remembers she has a son!

 Scarlett learns what kind of

 man she is married to



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