Season 9 Episode 8

Episode 364


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 4th December 2005


Directed By

Ritta-Leena Lynn


GS: Glenn Spalding (Louis Dempsey)


Lynda is handed a letter from the owner, informing her of a plan to award the scorer of the winning goal in Harchester's next match with a bonus of £1M. Felix is annoyed that this is happening in the forth round of the League Cup, and Lynda is surprised when she receives a call from the press office saying all the major news organisations are aware of the stunt. Felix tells the lads to ignore what is going on press wise, and posts his team sheet for Wednesday's game. The lads rush down to the tunnel where Ryan and Eugene both leave annoyed at not being selected.



Scarlett has come to pick Eugene up, and he gets in and moans about how the selection for the million pound game is pure racism (could be right, Ryan out too) before noticing Scarlett has her car back. Scarlett makes an excuse of going to the ladies in order to leave Eugene alone in the car. She watches from inside reception and sees Eugene searching behind the mirror for the listening device, now fully knowing he is guilty. In her office Lynda receives a reply from the owner refusing to back down on his plan as she requested, and informing her of more plans - if more than one goal is scored the first will attract the winning bonus (as reported by Sky news). Scarlett has Glenn Spalding back to the house, offering a wad of cash for him to tell her what Eugene did. When he points out that he had him bug her bag Scarlett is visibly upset, believing Eugene had given it her as a present. At Studs Danny and Ryan are attempting to bribe Jay Mabbs Carlisle to fake an injury so one of them would win his place in the team. A beautiful young girl distracts them when she walks in, and when asked Gavin introduces her as his landlady's daughter, to which Cindi corrects him as “Gavin's girlfriend.” Eugene gives a look as to show his surprise that Gavin pulled somebody as good looking as Cindi. Cindi is excited as being part of the HUFC dance troop The Dragonflies, she will get to dance around the money container when it is brought out on the pitch!


Lynda leaves the club to be surrounded by protesting fans and reporters, and is forced to defend herself saying this is the work of the owners and neither she or Felix. Roger Clarke points out Steven, a fan in a wheelchair waiting on a life-saving operation and Lynda feels awful. Gavin and Cindi leave Studs to be called over by Eugene in his car, where he offers Gavin £100,000 to fake an injury for him. Gavin refuses as it's his debut, but Eugene gives the money to an eager Cindi anyway, relying on her to change Gavin's mind. Cindi drags Gavin to the Grange where she orders the expensive HUFC WAG favourite Cristal (£260 a bottle!). By the time she orders another bottle, Lynda and Alex arrive, not impressed to see Gavin out drinking less than 48 hours before a match. Cindi introduces herself to Lynda, saying she is the lead dancer in the Dragonflies and a friend of Amy Kerrigan (impressive!). Once left alone to begin her own drinking session with Alex, Lynda gives this highly patronising speech that would make Curtis Alexander proud on how she doesn't mind it when the media take a swipe at her because she's used to it, and refers to Steven as "that little boy in the wheelchair." She adds that Steven probably thinks she's a monster(!)


Gavin and Cindi stay in the Lexington Suite (whistles) where "Cind" goes on room service and orders yet more bottles of Crystal. As they lie in bed Gavin tells Cindi how scared he is that he will jinx his luck with Harchester, and refers to a youth-team mate who had twice his talent and is now stacking shelves in Tesco's. The next day Felix is annoyed to learn that Wednesday night's game against Leeds has now been moved to Saturday as a direct request from Sky. Gavin and Cindi oversleep following their night of carnage, and Gavin is stunned when presented with their hotel bill - which comes to £3,805.35! As Gavin frets over repaying Eugene the money, Cindi reminds him he won't have to, as he was never going to win the million anyway! At the club Scarlett comes to see Lynda, and she is surprised when she breaks down in front of her. After a talk Scarlett feels better, and Lynda shares that she thought marrying Jerry would solve all her problems, being a rich man. But after a while she realised it just wasn't enough, and that's what Scarlett is feeling now. Amy comes in and tells Lynda that Cindi Marshall is ill (*cough*hung over*cough*) so cannot do the photoshoot for the Christmas catalogue. Scarlett volunteers, and Lynda tells her it's only worth £50, but Scarlett is determined to do it as she's never had a job. Lynda warns her to wait and see who she'll be posing with - and it's none other than Harchester heart-throb Casper himself!


After lying to Felix about injuring his back, Gavin finds Eugene has now made the team sheet for Saturday, and realises what he has done. Outside Casper goes after Gavin, letting him know he's worked out that Eugene paid him to take his place in the team. Cass yells at Gavin for throwing away his debut, and warns him that Felix won't look at him twice now. In the boardroom Lynda has to sign off the form stating how much money the banks need to withdraw for the game. Lynda suddenly realises what she can do - and crosses out the £1M mark to replace it with £2M instead! The night before the million-pound game, Gavin takes what is left of the money and hands it to Scarlett, saying Eugene will know about it. The lads are staying at the Grange, and in Danny's room they plot on how together they could achieve the million, and how they would share it with each other. Gavin goes to Felix's room, who is not best pleased to see him. When he tells Felix he thinks he will be OK to play tomorrow, Felix informs him he is well aware he faked his injury and the trust between them is gone. As Cass takes a stroll outside the hotel he finds Gavin sobbing in his car. Gavin tells him he did what he suggested and came clean to Felix but now it's all over and Cindi will probably end up leaving him. Cass says they'll go and talk to the gaffer but Gavin refuses and says he and his brother have caused enough trouble - darn right, all this million pound goal stuff is Casper's fault!


The day of the game and the money is delivered to the club. Lynda and Amy are dumbstruck to have £2M sitting in front of them, with Lynda asking if they can forget about the game and go shopping! Ashleigh tells Felix that Casper won't last the full 90 minutes so he should put Gavin on, instead of making an example of him over the money. The money is brought to the tunnel where Lynda announces her intention to match the goal bonus with a further million pounds - half of which going to the families of the dead players, and the other half to charities of their choices. Gavin gets a phone call asking him to come back to the club to play, and shortly after the team take to the pitch Cass goes down with a suspicious hamstring injury. Gavin is called up off the bench to take his place and soon Ryan has scored the first goal for Harchester, whipping off his shirt to show his vest printed with a pound sign underneath. The ref hands Ryan a yellow card for his celebration. Harchester are in trouble before the first half is out, as Leeds score twice putting them in the lead. Lynda returns to her office during half time and the owner is not happy with her stunt. She sends a reply back daring him to fire her then!


After Franco Rossi is brought down Harchester are awarded a penalty, to which Danny steps up and scores. Lynda watches from her office as she waits for the owner to reply (which he can't as he is out romancing his brother's wife). Amy asks what happens if the match finishes 2-2 and Lynda says the owner gets his million back but the other half still goes to the families, asking her to make sure Mrs Alexander is ready. A pass from Gavin leads to a goal from none other than Eugene, and he is ecstatic to have been the latest to score, although both Cindi and Lynda are none too happy at this. The final whistle goes and Eugene has won the million (although we were told on Sky News that the first goal scorer would be the winner i.e. Ryan). At the Grange Casper is telling Scarlett how in Rome the football players are the movie stars. Before long they are snogging each others faces in public, until Cass pulls away - reminded by the fact that she is his brother's wife, although Scarlett doesn't seem very regretful. At the Lair, Lynda is on the pitch with Mrs Alexander (who has lost two sons and a grandson!) and presents her with her £1M on behalf of the other families. Next, and to the sound of booing and jeering from the crowd, Lynda reluctantly hands over the other million to Eugene, who gives a dickhead-ish speech on how he wants to thank "the power behind Eugene Rose!”. Eugene directs away to Scarlett that they are going to party tonight before kissing a wad of the cash.




·          First episode for Cindi Marshall (Jessica-Jane Clement) who previously appeared as an extra in 336: This Town Ain’t Big Enough…


Awesome!: The female Sky News reader, who has a very "Look at me, I'm on Dream Team!" air about her.


·          Quotes: Gavin shows the depth of his intelligence to Cindi: "And you called Nairobi? Where is that even?!".


Foreshadowing: When Ryan shows Cass the letter detailing the owner’s £1M offer, he replies with "What have I done?". Gavin repeats the story of his luckless former team-mate to Jason Porter in 399: Be Careful What You Wish For.


·          Continuity: Another appearance from Curtis’ mom, who has appeared more after her son’s death than she ever did when he was alive!


Additional Info: Bill Paris is the pseudonym used by writer Ben Harris when co-writing episodes. Both Ellen Taylor and Jane Hewland also used this for co-writing scripts, with Ellen as Helen Sailor and Jane as June Rothwell/Hughes.


·          Soundtrack: Ciara Feat. T.I & Jazze Pha: "Goodies",  Four Tet: "Glue Of The World",  New Order: "Crystal",  The Caesars "Jerk It Out",  The Chemical Brothers "Dont Hold Back",  Zero 7 "Give it Away."


Screencaps from 9.8’s original broadcast on Sky One on 04/12/05.


 Scarlett lays it down to


Miss Marshall makes her entrance



 Lynda and Scarlett find

 common ground

Strike(r) pose



 Cass is there for Gavin (or tries

 to be)


Lynda wants to steal (even before Mario Ruoppolo!)



 Mrs Alexander dragged

 through another HUFC farce!

The power behind Eugene Rose

*whispers* Casper


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