Season 9 Episode 9

Episode 365


Sky One Transmission Date:

Sunday 11th December 2005


Directed By

Stephen Woolfenden


GS: Paul Hankin (Leigh Cranston)  Marlon Baldon (David Gyasi)


As he comes off the pitch following his win (in more ways than one), Eugene tells Chloe he wants to surprise Scarlett with a new car, and for her to organise it. Paul Hankin is hot on the Eugene story but is told to get lost by Chloe. Outside the Lair Hankin overhears Gavin and Cindi leaving, and how she is disappointed he didn't get the million pounds. Hankin is onto another idea and tells his paper about how "poor Gavin" was robbed by ‘football's bad boy’ Eugene. Gavin and Cindi fall for Hankin's lie that Lynda cleared it for them to do an interview, and soon he is twisting Gavin's words for a good story.



The next morning Scarlett opens a delivered parcel and a dead mouse falls out, in response to Eugene’s win. Eugene then notices the cover of the paper featuring contrasting pictures of himself and Scarlett posing next to her new car, whilst Gavin and Cindi stand next to his ten year old Citron. Eugene is furious at being slagged off for accepting what he believes to be his money, and storms out to the Barron's gates where a crowd of journalists have gathered. Eugene waves the dead mouse around, yelling that he too was poor when he was seventeen, only unlike Gavin he'd had a much harder life, listing growing up on benefits in Peckham and getting beaten up everyday for being small! Eugene yells that he won't be giving Gavin a penny of the money and Hankin has what he wanted. Gavin goes into the dressing room for training and is immediately wound up by his team mates for falling for Hankin's lie. Amy then comes in and tells Gavin he is wanted in the boardroom by Lynda and Felix. Before going in, he phones Cindi, worried that they are about to fire him over the story. It proves not to be however, and Gavin returns to the Players' Lounge to tell the boys he was given his pro contract. Cindi has already got in touch with Hankin however, and at her house she tells him the club have fired Gavin. She then spills to Hankin that Eugene should be the one to be fired after he tried to bribe “her Gavin” into giving him his place in the team!


Liam sets up a meeting with Chloe and she takes Gavin on as her new client. During the meeting however, Lynda phones and informs Chloe of what Cindi has said, and switching on the TV they find Sky Sports News reporting about how Eugene bribed Gavin. A press conference is called where Lynda and Felix do their best to defend the players and the club, until Hankin hits them with the bill from Gavin and Cindi's night at the Grange. He questions how if Gavin hadn't taken Eugene's money could he afford to pay the bill on youth team wages. The group leave the press conference with Lynda furious, and when she comes across a snivelling Cindi she wastes no time in firing her from the Dragonflies as Chloe watches on smirking. Amy then informs Lynda the FA want to speak to her regarding the matter. Back in the boardroom, Lynda says if the allegations are proven founded the FA will impose punishments, probably bans of three to five matches. Felix says that cannot happen as that’s all of the Christmas fixtures. Lynda says there is a way around this - if Eugene agrees to give up the money and donate it to a good cause. He refuses and Chloe tells him it's the only option as otherwise his relationship with Harchester will not survive this. Eugene is furious and blames Scarlett for being ungrateful about her car, taking a metal club (which is just lying around in the living room) and smashing the car windscreen in front of her.


As Chloe and Gavin sit in the stands, she tells him she may be able to save his career at Harchester, only tells him he has to give Cindi the slip as she's already cost him this contract and cannot be left to make that his career. Alex goes into Lynda as she's just emailing the owner reminding them of the corruption the £1M goal has caused at the club. She asks him how many others in the first team asked youth teamers to fake injuries, and is left to head to Studs for her answer. Ryan denies he did anything (what’s new there) but Danny comes clean, saying he wanted to put something down for the twins’ school fees. Lynda realises that most of the first team probably tried it too (except Liam and of course, Casper) and walks out disgusted. At the Rose’s, Scarlett is packing ready to leave Eugene. When he tries to stop her she informs him she knows all about him bugging her and how it's his behaviour both to her and in general that has driven her away. Gavin goes home to the digs to find Cindi in tears begging him not to leave her, to which he tells her he isn't going to.


Eugene goes to Lynda the next morning and tells her she wins, and can have the money, as Scarlett has left him. Lynda says there is a way they can still save off the ban, and holds a press conference with Eugene announcing he will be giving the money to the people that really need it. As the team watches in the Players' Lounge, Eugene speaks to Scarlett directly saying he was always scared Casper would take her. At that moment Amy walks in with the life-size cut-out of Cass and Scarlett, plus the catalogue they posed for. Seeing the state his brother is in, Cass tells Amy they can't keep the current Christmas marketing display and will have to do another shoot - this time featuring Amy herself as the new model! Lynda tells Eugene that it looks like they will avoid a formal hearing with the FA, but to get Paul Hankin to write a good story about the club for a change she'd like Gene to pose with Steven, the boy needing the operation on his heart (Monster, Lynda!). As Gavin signs his professional contract, Eugene poses for pictures with Steven. When Steven asks if he will sign the catalogue Lynda has handed him, Eugene agrees, and is enraged to see Scarlett on the cover with Casper! As Cass and Amy do the photoshoot, Eugene bursts in and smashes a chair across the room, accusing Casper of picking up his wife.


Chloe visits Cindi at the digs where she presents her with a cheque for £5,000, saying it's for her to leave Gavin. She adds that Harchester will run Gavin's life for the next three years, and as Lynda has banned Cindi from the club that makes things very difficult for them. Cindi is confused and Chloe manipulates her into not cashing the cheque yet, but to think about it. When Gavin arrives home he presents Cindi with a new dress and expensive necklace for her to wear when he takes her out that evening. Cindi realises it's going to be much harder to break up with Gavin than she thought, and after getting dressed up in the gear he has bought her, goes to Chloe demanding a bigger paycheque. She tells Chloe that she'll deserve some compensation for breaking up with Gavin, and Chloe reluctantly hands over a further £5,000. Marlon arrives to see Eugene, and says he is on his side over Scarlett leaving him. Eugene blames it on the million pounds he won, and once Marlon sees it in front of him he is determined to get his hands on it. Alex calls for Lynda who is working late again, to show her a cheque the lads handed him to add to the charity fund, clearly all having attacks of the conscious. A message then arrives from the owner apologising for the stunt, which Lynda is pleased to see. Eugene talks to Marlon about how he's basically screwed either way with or without the money. Marlon suggests there could be a way he could have both the love of the fans and the money, and says he knows some boys that would relieve Eugene of the money if he asked nicely. Eugene catches Marlon's drift and smiles.



  • The Best: The beginning of the rivalry between Chloe and Cindi. Scarlett standing up to Eugene.


Additional Info: Gavin lives in a shared digs (like the Baker’s ran in Seasons 1-2, and Mrs Quinn in DT80’s), with Cindi's mom as his landlady and referred to by Hankin as a "gloomy Midlands terrace.” As a youth team member he is on £90 a week. Cindi is a beauty technician. Gavin’s three-year professional contract should take him up to the 2008-09 season with the Dragons.

  • Forshadowing: The ol' dead mouse in the envelope trick must have been a favourite with DT's writers - Jason Porter gets the same treatment in 418: The Final Whistle Part 1.


Soundtrack: Craig Armstrong: "This Love", Gorillaz: "Every Planet We Reach Is Dead", Whigfield: "Last Christmas."


Screencaps from 9.9's original broadcast on Sky One on 11/12/05.


 Why else would the press be

 interested in Gavin?!

Oh come on Lynda - they are footballers!



 Scarlett walks out on Eugene

Eugene's plea to Scarlett (on national television)



 And Chloe thought Cindi would

 be no match

Marlon has plans for Eugene (or Eugene's money)



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