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31 December 2010

Site's search engine now up and active - will make it a lot easier for readers to find exactly what they're looking for.

Happy new year to all of Dream Team Diehard's readers! A LOT more to come in 2011!


28 December 2010

8.3 [327] Last Exit to Harchester now up in the new look Season 8 page.

Timeline, Character Tenures, Recurring Character Tenures and Character Tenures A-M all updated for 8.3 stats.

Also realised I needed to add an 'update note' to each of the above pages, so it will be much easier for readers to know what has been added especially to the bigger pages on each update.


24 December 2010

Continued with homepage's new graphics, and felt episode pages looked a bit bare so given sharp new appearance to Season 7 (Season 8 will follow suit).


22 December 2010

8.2 (326) Out review up.

Timeline, Guest Tenures A-M and N-Z updated to 8.2.

And just in case I'm not back on before Christmas, I want to wish all of the site's readers a great Christmas!


19 December 2010

To celebrate the beginning of the Season 8 reviews I've given the homepage a new look - feels a lot more sophisticated and real now!

Season 8 has officially begun - 8.1 (325) Down is now up.

Timeline, Recurring Tenures and Guest Tenures A-M updated for all of 8.1's stats.


18 December 2010

Season 8 page now open in the Episode Directory.


10 December 2010

Guest Character List [A-M] and Guest Character List [N-Z] now open in Tenures. As with the other new features, they only cover Season 7 so far.


09 December 2010

Adding some new features in Character Tenures, beginning with Recurring Character Tenures and Recurring Team Player Tenures. An alphabetical list of what in time will be a full guest star list to appear in DT will follow shortly.


05 December 2010

The last two episodes of Season 7 - 7.31 (323) Thrown To The Wolves and 7.32 (324) A Matter of Life and Death - are now up.

Character Tenures and Timeline regarding the characters who depart (both on and off screen) in these episodes also updated.

So that completes Season 7. And I can now concentrate on getting the search engine added to the site, which has been niggling at my mind for a while!


01 December 2010

7.30 (322) Les Mains Sales is up. Anyone who can tell me which directors did 7.28-7.30 would be much appreciated.