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31 December 2012

Getting Character Tenures sorted with pages open for each regular character. Should be completed in January - first added are Gary "Peggsy" Peggs (Luke Waite) and Denise Wilkinson (Joanna Monro) - who was missing from the list along with presently Julie Alexander (Julie Smith) and Zhao "Bruce" Qiang (Jon Yang).


Happy New Year to all the site's visitors - 2013 will continue with profiles for regular, recurring and guest characters, finishing Season 3 summaries and getting S4-6 open, plus attempting to get interviews anywhere I can!


27 December 2012

Karl "Fletch" Fletcher (Terry Kiely) profile is now up.

In regards to the details concerning Fletch's years before 1997, this information was confirmed either on screen in the show (particularly in Seasons 2 and 8, War of the Roses and Dream Team 80's) or from other online character profiles for him, which have featured information contributed by DT producers/writers themselves.


22 December 2012

3.29 (#169) summary added in Season 3.


19 December 2012

3.28 (#168) summary added in Season 3.

S6-10 A-M Guest updated.


17 December 2012

3.27 (#167) summary added in Season 3.

Season 6-10 Guest Character profiles A-M updated.


13 December 2012

3.26 (#166) summary added in Season 3.

Updated Guest Character profiles A-M.


11 December 2012

3.25 (#165) summary added in Season 3.

Updated A-M Guest Character profiles.


06 December 2012

3.23 (#163) and 3.24 (#164) summaries added in Season 3.

Begun to add the missing details for the remaining Season 6-10 characters in A-M Guest Character Profiles.


03 December 2012

Added September and October 2012 Update Archives.

3.22 (#162) summary added in Season 3.