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25 June 2017

1.56 [#56] Wednesday 22/04/98 review added in Season 1 Episode Guide. As with 1.55's review, it is sourced from a written account of this episode, so without screencaps.

08 June 2017

1.55 [#55] Tuesday 21/04/98 review added in Season 1 Episode Guide. Based on written account of this episode, so no screencaps available for this or 1.56 set to follow.

02 June 2017

In Press Articles (Media) new press articles of Season 2's launch in September 1998 (TV & Satellite Week) and the final ever episode in June 2007 (Inside Soap).

26 May 2017

A correction has been made in Season 1's episode guide. What was previously thought to be 1.56 was discovered to actually be 1.52.

More in-depth reviews of the real 1.56, and 1.55 will be added in due course as details of these episodes, which remain unseen since their original week of airing in April 1998, have recently come to light to us here at Diehard.

23 May 2017

2.19 [#83] Tuesday 03/11/98 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

20 May 2017

Updated Training in Kit Gallery with pieces from Season 8 and DT80's.

13 May 2017

Susan Porter (Cloudia Swann) character profile added in DT80's Characters.

07 May 2017

2.16 [#80] Thursday 22/10/98 review added in Season 2 Episode Guide.

01 May 2017

A 'War Of The Roses' complete with sound is now up in Missing Episode Downloads!