Chloe Tyler/Mackay (Julie Healy) 2005-2006

First Regular Appearance: 9.1 (#357) Phoenix From The Flames  Sunday 16th October 2005

Last Regular Appearance: 10.5 (#392) Amadeus  Sunday 26th November 2006

Duration: EP: 357 - 392 ½ SE: 9.1 – 10.5

Position: Football Agent / Wife of Liam Mackay (2005-2006)

Last Seen: Handing Jimmy her wedding ring to give to Liam, so he’ll understand she has left town.



Highly sophisticated, Chloe Tyler spent her first eighteen years living in Melbourne, before spending a year studying law at Sydney University. Itching to begin a professional career and put her talents to use, she travelled to London early in 2000 and started as a football agent's PA. She had a natural gift in this profession, surpassing her boss as a better communicator with the clients, and it was Chloe they followed when she started up her own agenting business. The 2001-02 season was an exciting time for Chloe, at still only 21 she began representing her most talented, yet troubled player, Charlton Athletic striker Eugene Rose. Shortly afterwards, she was introduced to Partick Thistle Midfielder Liam Mackay, which brought more than just the chance to represent someone she saw as a future star - he brought the chance to fall in love.


Chloe had more ambition for Liam than he did for himself, and in 2005 she was attempting to secure Eugene a much needed move to Harchester United. As he is about to sign, Chloe spies Casper Rose at the club, and realises they are signing both brothers in secret from the other. Chloe uses this as an opportunity to get Liam a Premiership move, telling Lynda Block she will keep the news of Casper's signing from Eugene. With Lynda seeing Chloe’s dealings first hand, she is instantly suspicious when Eugene is arrested for burglary no sooner than he’s signed. Chloe has given Eugene a false alibi which lands her in hot water with the police.


Liam arranges his and Chloe’s wedding as a surprise, but the wedded bliss lasts for only one day as Felix puts him straight on the real reason he’s on Harchester’s books - his wife! It takes Liam a few months to come to realise Chloe did it to get him the break he deserved, and the two reunite at Harchester’s Christmas party. When Felix is accused of attacking Amy, Chloe comes to his rescue, giving Paul Hankin the story of Amy’s affair with Danny Sullivan to discredit her.


When Liam causes the end of Asa Maloin of Chelsea’s career, Chloe begins to understand Alex Dempsey more, Liam having done the same to him years earlier. Alex, now Liam’s manager, has Mackay arrested for the tackle, and Chloe’s response is to sleep with Dempsey twice! Chloe realises how much Liam means to her when he escapes two attempts by UEFA to impose a lifetime ban. Other highlights during her first season with the club are bagging hot ticket Gavin Moody as a client, and unintentionally buying his fiancée Cindi an expensive pair of party shoes when she tries to make her leave Gavin.


Chloe suffers a run of bad luck entering the 2006-07 season, meeting her match in Tony “bloody” Franks, who keeps Euro stars Miguel Lopez and Pavel Kovac out of her reach, plus losing Eugene to her home country when he leaves to be with his daughter. Chloe plans her most ambitious move yet upon Lynda’s departure, setting her sights on the Chief Exec role. This ultimately causes the end of Chloe’s time in Harchester, as a clash of personalities with Alex leads to the public revelation of their sleeping together.


Liam is crushed by Chloe’s betrayal and ends their marriage, leaving her broken hearted. Knowing that Liam will never forgive her as truth is the one thing he values most, Chloe gives new manager Jimmy Craig her wedding ring for Liam to see she is gone and can move on with his life. Chloe goes back to London and she and Liam later divorce.