Danny “Sully” Sullivan (Danny Husbands) 2001-2007

First Appearance: 5.1 (#229) Passports Out  Sunday 16th September 2001

Last Regular Appearance: 10.32 (#419) The Final Whistle Part Two  Sunday 3rd June 2007

Duration: EP: 229 - 419 ½ SE: 5.1 – 10.32

Squad Number/Position: #5 (Centre/Right Midfield/Defender) / Harchester United Captain (2005-2007) / Coach (2007)

Last Seen: Staring broken at the Premier League trophy following his attack on Jimmy, knowing it is all over for him (but was it?)



Danny was born in 1977 in Watford, moulding his footballing skills at the local academy. He came to Harchester United’s youth team in the 1996-97 season, progressing through the reserves until Boxing Day 2000, when he made his debut for the Dragons against Charlton Athletic. It was an eventful match for Sully, coming between Eugene Rose and brother Casper left him with a broken jaw, and he was out injured for the remainder of that season.


Danny was a regular in the first team from 2001-02, and was lucky to escape the coach crash at that season's close with cuts and bruises, well enough to take his place at the UEFA Cup Final which Harchester heart-wrenchingly lost 1-0. Although a part of the first team, the next couple of seasons saw Danny overshadowed by bigger characters in the dressing room, and he often witnessed many of the club’s key events from the sidelines. These included getting caught up in Jamie Parker’s siege and Harchester's liquidation, Danny involved in the fight to get the club reopened.


The 2004-05 season saw Danny feature more prominently, beginning with the birth of his twins Jack and Erica (with the revelation that he’d had a wife in Kim all along!). A few months after their birth, Jack is taken from the club during a match by a distressed Jodie Stone, who had just lost her own baby. Sully never forgives Jodie or her husband Frank for the trouble caused, and sees they are moved out from next door at the Barrons away from his family.


Winning promotion back to the Premier League brought about a defining moment in Danny’s life, which may have had something to do with events in his life a couple of years later (see below). All but three of the squad are wiped out when Don Barker crashes his car into the team bus, and Danny with Ryan and Tyson form a personal bond from being the only survivors. Danny pays tribute to his lost team mates at the memorial held on the eve of the new season.


Now the club’s longest serving player, Danny gets the captain’s armband, which brings about a change in his home life. While Kim believes her husband is spending less time at home because of his new role, Danny is in a secret affair with Amy Kerrigan. When the liaison is exposed, Kim stops Sully from seeing the twins. Danny goes into a depression and is temporarily stripped of the captaincy. Ryan and Tyson get Amy to see him and the two decide to make a go of things. The League Cup Final sees Danny have a nightmare game, scoring an own goal and ultimately giving Chelsea the win. Harchester move past it to make the FA Cup Final, and although Danny loses the captain’s armband to Liam Mackay, the Dragons have their first FA Cup win in seven years.


The arrival of Jimmy Craig for the 2006-07 season brings the beginning of the end of Danny’s playing days at HUFC. Jimmy is never a fan of Sully, and uses the January transfer window to switch him for Sean Campbell on loan to Southend. His relationship with Amy, having survived a Christmas rendezvous with Kim, leaves Danny feeling neglected when she chooses to stay for her job. Two months into his stint with the Shrimpers, Danny is back with a knee injury. Desperate to get back on the pitch, Danny opts for a risky “quick fix” operation which Jimmy rightfully puts a stop to, and Sully is forced to face the truth that his career is over.


Danny isn’t finished with Jimmy, whom he blames for the loss of his career, and sets about destroying the Harchester manager’s chances of winning the title and being seen as a hero. Thus, Dragonslayer is born, and soon private information and details of the players and club’s business has been posted on Harchester.Net's message board, all thanks to Danny. It isn’t until the final game with the title in sight that Danny reveals to Jimmy he has been behind it all, before the manager is knocked unconscious and doused in petrol! Amy gets to Danny before he can kill Jimmy and himself, reminding him he is not a murderer. Danny knows he is now at great risk from what Jimmy will say, but he may have more important worries with a raging inferno breaking out in the club’s offices following his earlier petrol pouring leaves even more lives in danger.


In 2012, Danny Husbands stated on his Twitter page his view on Danny's present status: Sully was divorced again (most likely from Amy) and would see the kids at weekends. So whatever happened after 10.32, he had time to get married and would have been out of prison or a psychiatric hospital within five years of the fire.